Code 7 Digital


  • The Mings - Can't Win (LP only)

    Released: 12 June

  • Old Funeral - Our Condolences

    Released: 26 June

  • The Colour Collection - Ne Decide Pas

    Pour Moi - Released: 12 June

  • JMO - Dandoula Tala

    Released: 3rd July

  • Fellwarden - Wreathed In Mourncloud

    (CD and LP) - Released: 26 June

  • The Gates Of Slumber 0 Live In Tempe

    Arizona (CD and LP) - Released: 12 June

  • Electric Moon - You Can See The Sound

    Of... - Release: 12 June

  • Bell Witch and Aerial Ruin - Stygian

    Bough:Volume 1 - Released: 26 June

  • Last Call At Nightowls - At The Dusk

    Released: 8 May

  • Repugnant - Epitome Of Darkness

    (Limited Red Vinyl Repress) -Rel: 22 May

  • Ashtar - Kaikuja (Cd and LP)

    Released: 15th May

  • Blaze Of Sorrow - Absentia

    Released: 1 May

  • Shindig! Issue 102

    In stock

  • Greenmachine -D.A.M.N (extremely limited

    CD and LP) - Released: 19th June

  • Old Tower - The Last Eidolon (cd and LP)

    Released: 24 April

  • Old Man Gloom - Darkness Of Being

    (CD and LP) - Released: 22 May

  • Old Man Gloom - Light Of Meaning

    (CD and LP) - Released 22 May

  • The Wizard - Subterranean Exile

    (LP and CD) - Released: 24 April

  • Dark Forest - Oak, Ash and Thorn

    (LP and CD) - Released: 24 April

  • Live Burial - Unending Futility

    Released: 3rd April

  • Savak - Rotting Teeth In The Horses

    Mouth - (LP ONLY) - Released; 10 April

  • Sigiryia - Maiden Mother Crone

    (LP and CD) - Released: 24 April

  • Mooon - Safari (LP and CD)

    Released: 3 April

  • Mamas Boys - Official Bootleg Album 1980

    Released: 3 April

  • Stonewall Noise Orchestra

    Deathtripper - Released: 24 April

  • Various - Electric Holyland (LP)

    Released: 20 March

  • Caustic Wound - Death Posture

    (Also VINYL) - Released: 10 April

  • Velnias - Scion Of Aether (LP and CD)

    Released: 27 March

  • Wombbath - Choirs Of The Fallen

    (LP and CD) - Released: 6 March

  • The Breadmakers - The Breadmakers

    (LP ONLY) - Released: 6 March

  • The Long Tall Texans - Headless

    (Ltd 10 inch) - Released: 6 March

  • Jack Rabbit Slim - Killer Dilla(10 inch)

    Released: 27 March

  • Sarah Close - And Now, We're Shining

    (also LP) - Released: 20 March

  • Octopus - The Boat Of Thoughts (LP)

    Released: 6th March

  • Brinsley Schwarz - Live Archive: Vol 3

    Released: 27th March

  • Nick Haeffner - A New Life Awaits You

    - Vol 1 - Released: 6th March

  • Fotocrime - South Of Heaven (also on LP)

    Released: 13th March

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