Code 7 Digital


  • Rotting Christ - Triarchy Of The Lost

    Lovers - Released: 28 August

  • Panzerfaust - The Suns Of Perdition

    Chapter 11 - Released: 28 August

  • Solomon Kane - Die By The Sword

    1986/1991 - Released: 7 August

  • Mos Generator - I 've got room in my

    wagon - Released: 4 September

  • Shindig issue 105

    Out Now!

  • Forteresse - Metal Noir Quebecois

    (remaster cd) - Released: 7 August

  • Expander - Neuropunk Boostergang

    (LP AND CD) - Released: 21 August

  • Jack Nitzsche - Jack Nitzsche (LP)

    Released: 14 August

  • Honeybus - The Singles 1967-170 (LP)

    Released: 14 August

  • Ancient Rites - The Diabolic Serenades

    (CD and LP) - Released: 24 July

  • Jack Rabbit Slim - The Best Of...

    Released: 3rd July

  • Mountain Witch - Extinct Cults

    Released: 3rd July

  • Permanent Clear Light - Cosmic Comics

    Released: 3rd July

  • Green Seagull - Cloud Cover

    (CD and LP) - Released: 31 July

  • Mos Generator/ Void Vator - Covering

    Queen (Split 7 inch) - Released:24 July

  • Mosiac - Harvest (CD)

    Release: 24 July

  • Osi and The Jupiter - Appalachia

    (Vinyl plus cd) - Released: 31 July

  • Pig - Stripped and Ripped

    Released: 17 July

  • Angelic Upstarts - Bullingdon Bastards

    (VINYL ONLY) - Release: 10 July

  • Old Funeral - Our Condolences

    Released: 26 June

  • The Colour Collection - Ne Decide Pas

    Pour Moi - Released: 12 June

  • Fellwarden - Wreathed In Mourncloud

    (CD and LP) - Released: 26 June

  • Electric Moon - You Can See The Sound

    Of... - Release: 12 June

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RepoRecords is an independent label, founded in 2000 and so far we have a big variety of CDs and DVDs in our catalogue. We started out as artists and got experience in managing ourselves. We worked with several Labels worldwide, but so far we haven't found a really perfect and artist friendly label. That is why we have founded our own label. A label run by artist for artists! As a label we are really flexible and try to fullfil all our artist wishes as much as possible.

We are promoting the music on our label mainly in the goth-, metal- and electroscene. Nevertheless our distribution is not limited to these scenes, we are bringing our cds in all the cd shops in Europe or even worldwide!

Groups on our Label:

The Birthday Massacre
Funker Vogt
Fusspils 11
Underwater Pilots
The LoveCrave