Code 7 Digital


  • Rotting Christ - Triarchy Of The Lost

    Lovers - Released: 28 August

  • Panzerfaust - The Suns Of Perdition

    Chapter 11 - Released: 28 August

  • Solomon Kane - Die By The Sword

    1986/1991 - Released: 7 August

  • Mos Generator - I 've got room in my

    wagon - Released: 4 September

  • Shindig issue 105

    Out Now!

  • Forteresse - Metal Noir Quebecois

    (remaster cd) - Released: 7 August

  • Expander - Neuropunk Boostergang

    (LP AND CD) - Released: 21 August

  • Jack Nitzsche - Jack Nitzsche (LP)

    Released: 14 August

  • Honeybus - The Singles 1967-170 (LP)

    Released: 14 August

  • Ancient Rites - The Diabolic Serenades

    (CD and LP) - Released: 24 July

  • Jack Rabbit Slim - The Best Of...

    Released: 3rd July

  • Mountain Witch - Extinct Cults

    Released: 3rd July

  • Permanent Clear Light - Cosmic Comics

    Released: 3rd July

  • Green Seagull - Cloud Cover

    (CD and LP) - Released: 31 July

  • Mos Generator/ Void Vator - Covering

    Queen (Split 7 inch) - Released:24 July

  • Mosiac - Harvest (CD)

    Release: 24 July

  • Osi and The Jupiter - Appalachia

    (Vinyl plus cd) - Released: 31 July

  • Pig - Stripped and Ripped

    Released: 17 July

  • Angelic Upstarts - Bullingdon Bastards

    (VINYL ONLY) - Release: 10 July

  • Old Funeral - Our Condolences

    Released: 26 June

  • The Colour Collection - Ne Decide Pas

    Pour Moi - Released: 12 June

  • Fellwarden - Wreathed In Mourncloud

    (CD and LP) - Released: 26 June

  • Electric Moon - You Can See The Sound

    Of... - Release: 12 June

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Nech Records

Nech records is an independent label with quite an eclectic roster, based in Paris, France. Originally a world music label created by Patrick Papazian in 1995 and specializing in Armenian music (lithurgic / traditional / folk and classical) the label quickly became a reference in France in the genre. Naturally inclined towards traditional armenian artists with eastern oriental sounds (the Djivani Saz and Pelul duo) yet also on the look out for new artists with a progressive and contemporary creative vision, Nech records eventually widened its horizons by the signing of Deleyaman in 2001. An alternative band blending such sounds from darkwave to world with an international line up with an unclassifiable musical style. Another original and ecentric project of Nech is the creation of COAD (the Chamber Orchestra of the Armenian Diaspora) in collaboration with the conductor Christian Erbslöh. Today, Nech records is an indie “alternative” label in the true meaning of the word. The different artists of the label are found in genres as diverse as world, alternative, darkwave and classical. Furthermore, Nech has signed various licence and distribution contracts and its latest releases can be found on most music download stores worldwide such as iTunes.

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