Code 7 Digital


  • The Deviant - Rotting Dreams Of Carrion

    (LP and CD) - Released: 4th Dec

  • Absolva - Live In Europe (LP and CD)

    Released: 4th Dec

  • S - Zabijanie Czasu i

    Released: 4th Dec

  • Samehada Shiriko and Dynamite

    Newretrock (Vinyl) - Released: 11th Dec

  • Winstones - Sunshine City ( VINYL)

    Released: 11th Dec

  • Various - The Right To Rock

    Released: 4th Dec

  • Icarus Peels Acid Reign - Shallow Oceans

    (CD) - Released: 4th Dec

  • Wizz Jones - Wizz Jones

    Released: 4th Dec

  • Various - Kraut! Vol 3

    Released: 4th December

  • Svabhavat - Black Mirror Reflection

    Released: 30 October

  • Iskandr - Gelderse Poort

    (LP plus CD - Limited) - Rel: 23rd Oct

  • Atrium Carceri - Mortal Shell

    (Soundtrack) - Released: 2nd Oct

  • Fleur - Fleur (CD and LP)

    Released: 2nd Oct

  • Bobby Bare - Sings Shel Silverstein..

    Plus - (8 cd box set) - Released: 9 Oct

  • Dan Penn - Nobody's Fool (VINYL)

    Released: 9th Oct

  • Sinn Sisamouth - Groove Club Vol.4

    (LIMITED VINYL) - Released: 13 Nov

  • Green Seagull - Cloud Cover

    Black Vinyl - Released: 30 Oct

  • Shindig! Issue 107

    Out Now!

  • Bryony Williams - State I'm In

    (VINYL ONLY) - Released: 30 Oct

  • Sun Dial - Mind Control -The Ultimate

    Edition (2 CD SET) - Released: 2nd Oct

  • Wayfarer - A Romance With Violence

    (CD and LP) - Released: 16 Oct

  • Various - The Bakersfield Sound

    Released: 11 Sept

  • UxB - Westworld Crisis (LP and CD)

    Released: 4 Sept

  • Scope - Scope

    Released: 4 Sept

  • Jorge Trasante - Investigacion Musical

    Desde Las Raices - Released: 7 Aug

  • Shindig!106

    Released: In stock

  • Code 18 - Human Error!

    Released: 4 Sept

  • Muslimgauze - Emak Bakia

    Released: 4 sept

  • Various - Kraut! 1968- 1979 volume 1

    Released: 11 Sept

  • Uada - Djinn (CD and LP)

    Released: 25th Sept

  • Zola Jesus - Live At Roadburn 2018

    (LP and CD) - Released: 18 Sept

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Club 88

Club 88 records features:

Mitch Woods' Big Easy Boogie CD/DVD 8801
Pianist/vocalist Mitch Woods brings together an unsung inner circle of
Rock'n'Roll royalty, the original members of the Fats Domino band.
"the Big Easy version of the Buena Vista Social Club"....New Orleans Times

Mitch Woods classic first release, originally on Blind Pig Records:
Steady Date CD....A Whitman Sampler of American swing, jump, bump and
boogie..." --College Media Journal
"Paced by the barrelhouse piano playing and strong, shouting vocals of
Woods, the Rocket 88s kick out a finger-snapping, foot-tapping infectious
blend of boogie woogie and up tempo rockin' blues".....Boston Globe

Keeper Of The Flame CD 9043.....Blues 'n' Boogie duets with the Great
American Blues Masters
John Lee Hooker
James Cotton
Johnnie Johnson
Earl King
Lee Allen
"Keeper of the Flame" has to be one of the most uplifting recordings to have
vibrated my woofers in a long time....It has the power to charm and to
entertain, the power to inspire and to motivate...Definitely do not miss
out."....Blues Review