Code 7 Digital


  • Rotting Christ - Triarchy Of The Lost

    Lovers - Released: 28 August

  • Panzerfaust - The Suns Of Perdition

    Chapter 11 - Released: 28 August

  • Solomon Kane - Die By The Sword

    1986/1991 - Released: 7 August

  • Mos Generator - I 've got room in my

    wagon - Released: 4 September

  • Shindig issue 105

    Out Now!

  • Forteresse - Metal Noir Quebecois

    (remaster cd) - Released: 7 August

  • Expander - Neuropunk Boostergang

    (LP AND CD) - Released: 21 August

  • Jack Nitzsche - Jack Nitzsche (LP)

    Released: 14 August

  • Honeybus - The Singles 1967-170 (LP)

    Released: 14 August

  • Ancient Rites - The Diabolic Serenades

    (CD and LP) - Released: 24 July

  • Jack Rabbit Slim - The Best Of...

    Released: 3rd July

  • Mountain Witch - Extinct Cults

    Released: 3rd July

  • Permanent Clear Light - Cosmic Comics

    Released: 3rd July

  • Green Seagull - Cloud Cover

    (CD and LP) - Released: 31 July

  • Mos Generator/ Void Vator - Covering

    Queen (Split 7 inch) - Released:24 July

  • Mosiac - Harvest (CD)

    Release: 24 July

  • Osi and The Jupiter - Appalachia

    (Vinyl plus cd) - Released: 31 July

  • Pig - Stripped and Ripped

    Released: 17 July

  • Angelic Upstarts - Bullingdon Bastards

    (VINYL ONLY) - Release: 10 July

  • Old Funeral - Our Condolences

    Released: 26 June

  • The Colour Collection - Ne Decide Pas

    Pour Moi - Released: 12 June

  • Fellwarden - Wreathed In Mourncloud

    (CD and LP) - Released: 26 June

  • Electric Moon - You Can See The Sound

    Of... - Release: 12 June

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