June- and we are enjoying some pretty fine weather with another 3 month hot spell boasted by the red tops for the Summer of 2019. We’ll see!

So without waffle, we’ll dive into some June highlights to tempt you to part with hard earned cash ( hopefully), don’t forget for more info on all our releases check out Decoded, and for vinyl you need to visit the Code 7 vinyl site.

First up we have some prime reissues of classic YOB releases via Roadburn Records. Available on CD and Vinyl both releases showcase the band at Roadburn Festival 2010 and 2012.

Profound Lore bring us the new Abyssal album “A Beacon In The Husk” a bnad that are recognized today as one of the most notable bands within the dark/ ambient, death metal movement. Available on Vinyl and cd. Consummation- The Great Solar Hunter – are one of Australia’s most promising Death/ Black metal acts. CD only on this one.

Svart highlights include the debut solo outing from Jasmin Saarela ( Jess and The Ancient One’s). The album by Jess by The Lake- Under The Red Light Shine is out on the 7th June Cd and Vinyl.
The transcendent spirit guides of deep psych rock move further onwards into deep cosmic AOR disco for the latest Death Hawks album- Psychic Harmony. Cd and 2 variants of vinyl make this a must have.

Fans of cult TV and Gerry Anderson will be searching out the much sought-after soundtrack to Space Precinct – available for the first time to retail. 4CD set!!!
Debut album proper from UK punk band Riskee and The Ridicule who have been storming the UK scene for the last 2 tears. Body Bag Your Scene is out at the end of June via Bomber.

The Lee Riders was recently greeted with a splendid Shindig review..which is a perfect fit for this rare 1972 Country Rock/ Southern Country Funk gem, which gets an extremely limited cd reissue. Out via High On The Pygtrack.

More from Australia..this time Perth, Western Australia- superb ultra limited mini LP of space/ psych rock..think Melvins crossed with Fu Manchu and Hawkwind- Apollo80- Lizard! Lizard! Lizard!

That’s it..click over to Decoded to check out more with some handy little links to buy too. Beats staying in and watching Netflix.

See you next month.