April has arrived, RSD has arrived ..we hope you all get what you queued for..and didn’t have to pay the scalpers on ebay. Support your local record store..trust us you’ll miss them if you don’t.
Don’t forget to check out Decoded for a full list of our April releases and some handy links to but too. All Vinyl titles can be found on the Code 7 vinyl site.

First up this month is the long awaited fourth album from London’s alt. country pioneers The Rockingbirds. Available on LP and CD.
Next up from Lab we have the debut mini album from KING NO-ONE—one of the most successful bands in their genre- say the TMRW- selling out red hot show after red hot show- say CLASH Magazine.

Lars Frederiksen ( RANCID) AND HIS Old Firm Casuals release Holger Danske on the 5 th April..showing the ever growing street punk/ Oi scenes the way it should be done. Don’t miss this one!

The epic collaboration between Oranssi Pazuzu and Dark Buddha Rising is finally unleashed this month. Waste Of Space Orchestra “Syntheosis” available on cd and LP—this is cosmic metal at its best. Out via Svart. Also from Svart is the seventh album from Sabbath Assembly – A Letter of Red- which on this album owes more to the galloping hard rock of the 70’s . Cd and Vinyl on both.

Profound Lore unleash 3 titles this month – first up is Dead To A Dying World- Elegy, the US band that have become a real force in the dark metal/ blackened post metal movement. For fans of Agalloch, WITTR, Godspeed etc. Fans of early Emperor, old school Dimmu, and the overall sound of mid 90’s Norwegian BM – will find much to enjoy with Slit Throat Requiem by Gardsghastr. Out April 26th. Finally progressive Post Metal outfit Vaura brings out their most introspective and sombre “Sables” an album of experiments in brooding Kosmiche music and avant garde new wave. All out on cd and LP.

Camilla Sparksss is Barbara Lehnhoff the other half of post punk bnad Peter Kernal – Brutal is the second album – out on On The Camper records 5th April.
Finally a new release from Cineploit – Entrance Totrance by Thelema – limited vinyl – 200 only. For fans of Cinematic soundscapes/ Ambient .

Well good luck on the 13th. Check the rest out on Decoded.

Brexit looms! RSD looms! Its all go..never a dull moment in our Septred Isle.

We’ll cut straight to the chase with some highlights from our March new releases.

Don’t forget more info and some handy direct links to buy / pre-order are to be found on our Decoded site and don’t forget for all things vinyl- the Code 7 vinyl site will provide all.

KINGS DESTROY- fourth album Fantasma Nera will be released by Svart on vinyl and CD with limited bonus 7 inch!

One of the UK’s original Psychedelic bands of the 90’s gets an extremely limited vinyl issue for the first time ever! OMNIA OPERA – Nothing is Ordinary- triple vinyl set ( Sound Effects) but hurry!

Superb limited 7 inch from THE VENUS REACTION- Crashing up- features Glen Matlock ( Sex Pistols) Ed Graham ( The Darkness) – 500 only – clear Vinyl.

Mega Dodo bring the fourth long player from UK psych band The Honey Pot. Available on vinyl and cd with a bonus track.

60’s and 70’S Psych legend TWINK has 10,000Words in a Carboard Box finally released as a limited 7 inch via Misty Lane. 300 Copies only! Same goes for The Mods- I Give You An Inch- limited to 300 copies only!

Alt Lounge Cover Girls- THE LOUNGE KITTENS latest offering Have Another.. is out on MCD on the 15th March ..watch out for the girls at a Festival near you this summer.

Electro – Dub master HIGH TONE have a new album Time has Come- High Tone have sold more than 300,000 discs and have stayed true to their musical identity , their roots and core audience. This is their 10 album. CD and Vinyl available.

Profound Lore bring us one of the most anticipated death metal releases of 2019 – Posthumous Humiliation by PISSGRAVE. A nauseating slab of death metal terror unlike anything on the scene today. CD and VINYL.

Armalyte satisfy the industrial and Goth scene with a great remix album from PIG plus the first new material in over 20 years from CHILDREN ON STUN. Both limited cd pressings.

Until next month- Stay Safe.


February here already..sales are just about over, HMV maybe is not done for, Brexit looms, what more can be said.

Somethings however don’t change and we welcome our latest batch of February highlights to these pages to lighten your day with the glorious sounds that hopefully will soundtrack your months to come.
Don’t forget to check out the below releases in more depth on Decoded and on the Code 7 Vinyl site too.

First up we bring you the second album of Black Metal mayhem from VANUM – Ageless Fire will be released on the 15th Feb via Profound Lore which promises to be one of the American BM highlights of the year.

If Apocalyptic Gothic Death Pop is your thing then you’d worse than check out the first album in over 10 years from Finlands Cleaning Women entitled Intersubjectivity – available on both CD and Vinyl via Svart.

Denmarks finest Occult Rock export return on the 22nd Feb with Hellfire Ocean Void- the new 8 song album from Demon Head. Available on both CD and Vinyl.

Jarring Effects start the year with SOCIEDADE RECREATIVA and their second album hip hop, dub and tropical bass music called Sociativa. Out on both CD and LP.

Fans of La Monte Young, Tony Conrad, and Terry Riley will be pleased with the new recorded works of John Krausbauer . Paralleled follows previous albums on Fabrica Records, Debacle.

There’s a brand new reissue and the first time on vinyl with original artwork from REFUSED – the legendary Everlasting- originally released in 94 on CD by Stratrec- now Startracks.

PABLO MATISSE- which features members of The Soundtrack of Our Lives, Division Of Laura Lee and Affordable Hybrid. This is the bands debut album blending 90’s hardcore and Husker Du post punk.

Eisenwald unleash Animist by WERIAN- superb atmospheric black metal and doom with the psychedelic experiences of desert rock and jazz fusion! Available on Cd and DLP.

Finally- with only 100 copies pressed on Mean Aztec Bastard coloured vinyl- the debut vinyl only LP from Cambridge based psychedelic noise rock power trio BANSHEEVA is not one to sleep on!!

Until next time. Stay safe.

Happy New Year to you from Code 7 Towers.

Well, I take it you made it over to the other side and your festive season was to be expected- not to mention finding out those out those precious items you purchased throughout the year could be found in abundance at half marked price in the Christmas sales. A very painful realisation if you are record collector too – when that £100 limited box set that we all rushed to buy appears at knock down prices. So let’s make 2019 the year of making the term Limited – what it should be-Limited. You never know it may just catch on!

Anyway lets crack on and look at some of the highlights from our January releases- please checkout Decoded and the Code 7 vinyl site for more info and direct links to purchase the releases..

First up a brace of releases from Sireena with the long awaited New Nektar album Megalomania- available on both CD and Vinyl.

The Moby Grape co-founder Don Stevenson has a brand new album featuring gold Grape friends Jerry Miller and Peter Lewis- expect Folk, Blues, Rock and Jazz. It’s a great record that captures the spirit of the early US West Coast. CD only on this one.

Zappa fans can enjoy Fido Plays Zappa- Atlantis and Elsewhere. Celebrating their 15th anniversary- the Swiss Rockin Teenage Combo- presents a Live double album culled from over 40 hours of recorded material. Available on DLP and 2CD sets.

Prog fans can rejoice as Plane Groovy release the first new GRYPHON album in over 40 years on 180 gram double vinyl. This really is limited with only 300 copies for the world. Do not hang about!

Roadburn release the vinyl counterpart to last years December release by Cave In featuring Stephen Brodsky and Adam McGrath- this vinyl set includes a bonus 7 inch too.

The long awaited debut full length album from occult trio – The Sabbathian- who take their roots from Candlemass and Black Sabbath. Available on 2cd set with bonus tracks and LP- both on Svart.

Soulseller bring the up and coming French blues rock outfit KOMODOR- this mini cd and LP features guest appearances from the entire BLUES PILLS crew.

Black Metal fans take note as Deathcults- Cult Of The Dragon is finally getting the deluxe vinyl treatment with a superb gatefold LP , 12 page booklet, gold foil print and limited to just 400!

Progaor continue to release some great mid 80’s metal and these 2 HELIX reissues are no exception- Breaking Loose is limited to just 1000 cds and contains unreleased bonus tracks , likewise the same goes for White Lace and Black Leather.

Suffolk’s stoner rock band have been belting out their unique brand of stoned sludge since 2011 and True Misery ( CD and LP) is the long awaiting 3rd album following albums on Heavy Psych Sounds, Wickerman and Big Riff Records.

Finally Edinburgh based JUNIPER GRAVE grace us with their unique brand of Witch rock/ Occult / Doom with “Of Hellions and Harridans” (CD and LP- Wasted State). Check them out and support your local scene.

We wish you all a very Happy New Year. Stay Safe and welcome to the new world a head. Until next month…

December -some of you hate it, some of us love it. Bring the snow, the frost, the chaos! Embrace the cheer and most of all buy some music…you’ve nothing else to do- surely?

For more information on Code 7 releases check out the Decoded site and for all vinyl releases check out the Code 7 Vinyl site. Links are provided for an easy purchase should you be too lazy after your Xmas turkey.

You are The Cosmos fly in with the 3rd volume of Twelve String High, a superb collection of 22 bands and their 12 string guitars. Limited to 500 worldwide.
Mystery pull back the stage curtains on a 2018 remixed edition of their very first album Theatre Of The Mind, available on cd digi pak with bonus track. Prog fans don’t miss out.

Plane Groovy have pressed another beautiful vinyl edition limited to just 300 180 g copies of the 2011 Cosmograf album “When Age has Done Its Duty”.

2 great releases tapping into good old Garage/ Psychedelia / Beat – first up from the stable of State Records comes the new one from The Embrooks- 10 original new songs, 2 covers – one from The Hollies and The Lost Souls- which dovetails nicely into Lion’s deluxe digi pak edition of possibly the finest unknown American group of the mid 60’s. Vinyl coming in 2019!

Fans of The B52’s , X, Shopping and Sauna Youth take note that the DIY punk scene is alive and well with Neurotic Fiction- and their debut Pulp Music. 300 copies only on lovely black wax and from those good chaps at Specialist Subject.

Industrial alumnus Chris Connelly (Revolting Cocks/Ministry/ Pigface/ KMFDM) has a new solo album Bloodhounds out on the 7th December via Armalyte Industries. CD edition comes with a timely mini poster of Christ. You know who he is right?

Fresh from their Shindig streaming exclusive and great reviews comes the first ever instrumental album from 2007 ( previously only available as a download)from L’ira Del Baccano- Si Non Sedes Is-MMVII. Available across 3 formats as limited DLP Purple/ Green burst variant, standard black DLP and CD. Fans of Stoner Doom/ Psych/Progmetal. Investigate!

Soulseller reissue the timeless masterpiece of avantgarde metal by Ved Buens Ende- Written In Waters..its been a long time sold out classic and this band approved reissue is the one to add to your collection. Limited black vinyl and cd…on and limited red! Don’t hang about waiting for your sprouts to boil for this one.

Have a good one. Pull a cracker for the one you love. Happy Christmas. A Great New Year.
From all at Code 7.

It’s official Summer is over. Yes over..finally. Autumn welcomes us with gales and floods galore..the last quarter to Christmas is well underway ( altogether now..Yawn), but we plough on regardless keeping the music alive and hopefully free from artificial flavourings and other commercial rehashes that plight our racks today. Let’s not get the feeling that “we’ve all been had” even though you can feel it in the wind and in the wallet with yet another mindless box set with a huge price tag only to be over stocked months later and to leave you holding the Christmas turkey and crying into your beer!! Ask yourself when is limited really limited and what is that number before its just a mass produced item. Rant over.

Here are some highlights from our November new releases. Remember for more information about all Code 7 releases check out Decoded and the Code 7 Vinyl site for all vinyl listings plus some nifty little links for you to purchase too.

First up are some great reissues from Roadburn, GODFLESH- Streetcleaner live at Roadburn 2011 is a superb 2 LP set and has never been officially distributed before, previously only available at the Roadburn Festival. BONG- have a 3 cd set and a 3LP box set of live performances from the various Roadburn festivals from 2010, 2012 and 2014.

Network Releasing has a splendid 6 cd set containing all the music plus for the first time the incidental library music as used in the Patrick McGoohan masterpiece THE PRISONER. Not to be missed!

Vinyl specialists Plane Groovy have 2 exclusive vinyl releases for the first time on vinyl on 180 g – THE SYN- Syndestructible featuring Steve Nardelli, Chris Squire ( YES), Jeremy Stacy ( Noel Gallaghers HFB, King Crimson, Paul Stacey ( The Lemon Trees, Oasis) and Gerard Johnson ( St. Etienne). As Crimson biographer wrote “Arguably the album could be regarded as a successor to Fish Out Of Water”. Also out on vinyl for the first time is When Age hads Done Its Duty- by Cosmograf.

Svart finish the year with a psychedelic masterclass and the first album in 5 years from the Wisconsin group VANISHING KIDS. Also out is the third album from Witchthroat Serpent- Swallow The Venom. This is their strongest to date from the French Doom Metal outfit. Occult metal trio THE SABBATHIAN release their long awaited debut full length on CD and LP.

Six years after the landmark Atra Mors album EVOKEN- the godfathers of US Death/ Doom return with their most triumphant albums in their career- Hypnagogia . Out on Profound Lore ( Vinyl and CD).

You are The Cosmos release 3 superb albums but in extremely limited numbers so youa re going to have to be quick. Keep an eye out for Wandermoon by Soft Hearted Scientists- first time on vinyl, limited to 270 copies.

Curt Boettcher- Misty Mirage limited to 450 copies, and finally John Howard – Can You Hear Me Ok? Limited to 300 copies.

One to check out is the debut album from Finlands’ Kuparilinna. Vinyl only and another limited pressing. One to investigate if Psychedelic folk rock is for you.

Mega Dodo continue the psychedelic though process with OCTOPUS SYNG- the third album from Finlands’ finest psychedelic weirdos- available on CD and limited vinyl.

Wrapping things up we have a 300 LP edition of Are We Having Fun Yet? By The Galileo 7, a fine slice of Garage Power Pop to put everything in order. Until next month. Take Care.


Code 7 Oct Intro

Autumn is drawing in but Summer is hanging on despite hurricanes and the fact that long trousers haven’t been worn since May here at the Code 7 offices!!
We do fear that things are about to change, but we can’t complain this year ..can we??

It’s October release time so I need to remind new comers to this site and the treasure chest of music within to check out Decoded for more information on our October releases and for vinyl editions check the Code 7 Vinyl site. Links to certain retailers should provide a quick purchase solution too.

First up Burning World Records have some great represses coming in October, The Angelic Process – the first ever repress of the CD originally released on Profound Lore back in 2007. Now is your chance to pick up an affordable copy! First time on CD for Chelsea Wolfe live at Roadburn 2012, aswell as a welcome repress for Elder – Live at Roadburn back in 2013.

The reissues continue with Svart and some welcome releases many on cd for the first time from Finland’s doom metal merchants Dark Buddha Rising.

Skepticism release Stormcrowfleet- the 1995 funeral doom classic with a new mix . Available on both CD and LP .

Profound Lore bring us Hissing – hailing from Seattle they have been recognised as one of the more promising ,avant- garde death metal/ noise bands out of the US- cd and LP are available .

Not forgetting Akitsa are one of the most celebrated and acclaimed cult BM bands of today. The new release Credo is their best yet!

HalfNoise- release Flowerss on Vinyl via LAB Records- be sure of plenty of interest as it’s the incredible critically acclaimed project of Paramor’s Zac Farro. Plus Zac will be playing live at Rough Trade East on the 8th November- which is  a Thursday!

2 great releases from Sulatron- Tigris and Euphrates by Sherpa and UFO over Lappland the self titleddebut  from the Swedish psychedelic spacerock wilderness. Not to be missed!
Vinyl releases from Plane Groovy include Chris Difford( Squeeze) Francis Dunnery ( It Bites) Henry Priestman ( The Yachts, It’s Immaterial, and The Christians) all superb 180 g vinyl audiophile pressings.

If its Industrial then following on from Armalyte’s critically acclaimed “Brutalism” retrospective of Cubanate’s early works Darker+Cut sees the original C-TEC albums remastered and re branded for a new millennium plus Cyanotic reissue a deluxe version of their Tech Noir classic T2. Both out on Armalyte.

Check out the latest titles from Cryochamber and Cyclic Law for your autumn ambient soundscapes – just the ticket!

Finally for a full look at our October releases check out Decoded.

Until next time.


Welcome to September- Summer looks like its finally moved on from these shores, but no one can complain this year, its been a belter!

Here are some highlights from our September releases to whet your appetite and go on the hunt for. Full info can be found on Decoded with some simple links to make that journey pretty straight forward. All vinyl titles can be found on the Code 7 vinyl site. Same rules apply.

Profound Lore brings us Bliss Signal – Experimental electronic ambiance for fans of Tim Hecker, Prurient, Fennesz and Deafheaven. Limited amounts on cd so don’t miss out.
Gevurah – Sulphur Soul – for fans of Watain, Deathspell Omega and Marduk- Canadaian black metal at its finest. Finally on PL- Infernal Coil- Within a World Forgotten, will be recognized as one of the most promising new extreme metal bands out of the US, for fans of Portal, Wolves In The Throne Room, Impetuous Ritual.

Ex- Chords front man Chris Pope continues to release some of the finest records of his career (and we strongly urge you to check them out) with Nowhere Land which is a follow up to the acclaimed Take On Life. Chris Pope and The Chords UK will be touring at the tail end of 2018 too in the UK and USA. Check out the Pope albums too.

Members of The Defiled, Amen, The Ataris have got together to form the new band Lowlives who release their debut mini LP on 21Sept via Death Culture Records. Its limited so ensure you snag a copy and hopefully a lot of you will have caught them at this years Reading and Leeds Festivals this August bank holiday.

Finalnds Superfjord release All Will Be Golden and vinyl and Cd – think Pink Floyd, Spiritualized and The Grateful Dead!! Death Metal legends Abhorrence are still vulgar and still brutal but 28 years later the line up is the same as 1990! The new EP Megalohydrothalassophobic is out on cd and vinyl.

Twin Earth release All Heed The Black God- the debut album from Saint Karloff- fans of Uncle Acid, Witchcraft and Black Sabbath will unearth untold evils in the Sabbathian riffage!
The Mixture- The Perfect Relationship- keep an ear out for Lenny Kaye, P.P Arnold and Steve Craddock who guest on this great debut . Out now on Pink Fruit.
Superb album from Firesides Kristofer Astrom- which collects together non album tracks previously released as EP’s. Some of his best material ever. 2 LP set out 7 September.

Finally Acid Folk outfit Us and Them- release their second album On Shipless Ocean- is an album that ebbs and flows, light translucent moments drift into rich dense textures, that evoke an autumnal stillness on a crystal- clear day. The cd features two bonus Tracks.

See you next month.


Website intro August 18.

So we finished fourth—not bad for our young team. We got the hot summer, we got the semi finals..we got Trump..what more could we ask for!

New release time here at Code 7, so lets dig into a few highlights for August, don’t forget to check out the Vinyl site and Decoded for more information on these releases.

Specialist Subject deliver the brand new album from Exeter’s Muncie Girls, set for release on CD and Vinyl on the 31st August. The band have a UK tour from 22nd Sept- 3rd Oct with The Hard Aches.

Canadian Progressive Rock band Mystery release their first studio album in 2 years following last years live double Second Home. Released in a deluxe digipak with 24 booklet. On tour in Europe and North America in 2018/ 019.

Massachusetts based death metal force Innumerable Forms have completed their anticipated devasting debut LP-“ Punishment In Flesh”. Featuring members from Power Trip, Iron Lung, Mammoth Grinder, Sumerlands, Magic Circle and Genocide Pact. For fans of early Finnish DM of the early 90’s. Out Aug 17 on Profound Lore.

Finnish progressive outfit Wigwam have a batch of reissues out via Svart on both CD and LP whilst Ghost World release their second which is part 90’s alternative fuzz guitar bliss , part vintage pop Americana, Big Star style. Svart also reissue some superb Finnish Jazz by the likes of Day is Over, Edward Vesala Trio.

Legendary NYC Garage band The Vipers gets a domestic vinyl release over here with their seminal Outta The Nest album. Not to be missed.
Finally fans of Space Rock, Psych, Stoner Rock should check out the releases by Yuri Gagarin, Me and My Kites, Pretty Lightning, I Captain, The Dead Ends, Melofy Fields, Hollow Earth , The Steams and Puta Volcano..bank account allowing.

For plenty more releases and more info on the above check out Decoded and the Code 7 Vinyl site.

Happy hunting and enjoy the rest of Summer 2018.

The hottest summer for 12 years, a World Cup..England doing well ( at the time of writing this)..but hey..take a look at some great releases from Code 7..here are a few highlights. For more info check out Decoded and for vinyl releases the Code 7 vinyl site.

Eastersnow Records release the first Theatre Of Hate album in 30 years..if the latest Spear of Destiny record is anything to go buy, this should be a must! Released on 6 July on CD and Vinyl.

Remember Velvet Crush well their 4 album gets a the vinyl treatment from You are The Cosmos, extremely limited to only 450, a true testament to 90’s guitar rock , recorded and produced by Matthew Sweet.

From the same stable another limited vinyl reissue plus bonus 7 inch from Jacobites and God Save Us Poor Sinners.

Psychedelic spacerock rockers Sun Dial are back with Science Fiction, a compendium of space soundtracks on Sulatron. Cd only limited to 500 copies!
Mega Dodo release a superb 180g limited vinyl press by Icarus Peel’s Acid Reign- The Window On The Side Of Your Head..for guitar freaks out there you need to check this out..the sound is deep, groove ridden and loud. Plug in and trip out!

Lion Productions provide a trio of superb vinyl reissues starting with Pussy- Invasion, Ptarmigan’s self titled album – quoted as being the best folk/ progressive/ psych album ever made and finally Index- Originals vol.1- a comp of the 2 self released holy grails of psychedelia from 67 and 68. All extremely limited pressings so grab one while you can.

Nicholas Merz ( Darto ) releases his first solo album entitled Limits of Men on Aagoo on July 6 , the album features his Darto band mates Hiroshi Matsubara, Jeffrey White and Michael Blackbird. For fans of Neil Young and The Velvets.

If you are after a something slightly different check out Neil McKeown and Rick Wilson- Listening For The Place. Wide ranging soundscapes set to the poetry of Neil McKeown. Rick has toured and recorded extensively as drummer with avant rockers The Work. Limited cd pressing.

Sound Effect Records release a great batch of Stoner, psychedelic rock, acid folk- watch out for Naxatras , The Imajinary Friends, 3rd Trip, Agusa, Alien Mustangs and Me and My Kites.

Simon Steenslands – A Farewell to Brains- long out of print avantgarde masterpiece is available again remastered by Morgan Agren in April 2018.

Finally a few highlights on the metal front with the debut album from Gorgoroth- a true Morwegian Black Metal masterpiece- reissued an a variety of vinyl and cd formats by those lovely people at Soulseller Records.

Germany’s Eisenwald reissue the first 2 Alda albums on limited digi packed cds. As the reviews said if you ever liked Agalloch, Wolves in The Throne Room or even old Ulver- you need these!!! Cascadian BM at its finest. Finally Pillorians Obsidian Arc is available to retail in a new repress together with Tardigrada- EmotionaleOdnis.

That’s your lot for this month, don’t forget for more info check out our facebook page for daily posts and Decoded and the C7 vinyl site.


It would appear Summer is slowly creeping up on us and together with the hottest early May Bank Holiday weekend in 40 years we should all keep our figures crossed for our promised national treasure of a great Summer- storms abating!

Anyway enough..let’s get down to some of our June highlights.
Boss- A- Tone release a killer comp of 60/ 70’s rare groove and popsike on “La DiscotequePsychedelique” featuring Pawnshop/ Black Velvet, The Ghost, Dani Martin and so much more-this one is on limited vinyl so don’t spend too long dithering.

Desert Rock Stoner legends Sons of Alpha Centauri release there first album in a decade on the 1st of June, we will release the limited Euro colour variant on milk white vinyl which includes a free cd too.

One for all the post prog heads as Kyros( who were Synaethesia between 2012- and 2015) release Vox Humana on just 300 copies of 180g audiophile vinyl via Plane Groovy.

Demons Run Amok release the new Brains album “No Brain, No Pain” on cd so if Horrorpunk / Psychobilly is your thing order up accordingly .

Growing indie label Specialist Subject release the debut album from Essex Indie rock band Don’t Worry on both cd and vinyl on the 22nd June- first vinyl pressing on red vinyl and limited to just 300 copies. Expect a full UK tour in July.

Mr Bison have in the course of a few years established themselves as one of the most exciting bnads in the Rock/ Stoner/ Psych genre and Holy Oak ( released on the 8th June) firmly cements their ever growing reputation . Released on CD and Vinyl.

Instant Classic bring Alameda 4 out on the 15th June – a label to investigate for all things Jazz, Krautrock, Psychedelic and soundscapes. Out on LP and CD with different musical contents on both formats.

Finlands Svart bring out 3 releases. Urarv..the new project spearheaded by Bjorn AldrahnDencker of DHG / Deathtrip and Thorns fame. Pelagos- Finnish Psychedelic Rock release their debut Revolve - out on CD and Vinyl. Finally self loathing heroin rock band Shitty Person – a band takes pleasure in burning down everything you love releases Judgement again on cd and vinyl. It sounds like drugs, has lots of swearing and will probably make you feel terrible.

London based The Kumari – a band gaining some strong traction in the press release their song enthused garage/ psych/ rock self titled debut. One to watch out for!

Please also check out other highlights from our June releases in Decoded- with links to buy too .

That’s all for now. Support your local record store . Stay Safe.


Well, did you get the record you wanted? How early did you all have to queue? Not played the release? Just filed it away with its shrink wrap intact? Of course you did!!
Well there is no let up with the releases post RSD ..want more…..

Portland Oregon’s Soft Kill deliver their second release for Profound Lore- Saviour- one of the most anticipated post punk/ dark rock releases of the year. On the dance front Svart release Dance For Your Life a superb collection of rare underground Finnish Funk and Disco covering the years 1976 to 1986. Get yer dancing shoes on!

Free jazz fans rejoice with the long out of print Hot Lotta- featuring sax master Peter Brotzmann as well as Peter Kowald/ Edward Vesala and Juhani Aaltonen..limited edition cd and vinyl…don’t miss one! The fifth album and first with new vocalist by Witch Mountain also surfaces for doom fans to behold . Available on Cd and Vinyl.

Big News from Eisenwald as Uada unleash Cult Of A Dying Sun. The first pressing features a limited edition die cut slipcase. The metal world is already lauding great praise for this band.

Aagoo Records bring us a new Philippe Petit release on the 4 May with help from friends Lydia Lunch, Jad Fair, Eugene S. Robinson and Charlie Finke. The album On Top, promises a great avant garde, experimental, transformative intimate and emotive album.
Wand and Darto release a limited edition split 7 too, so don’t sleep on that one!
Prog lovers are well looked after by 2 superb limited edition vinyl releases from the fine folks at Plane Groovy- first up is Robert Reed – Sanctuary III and then we have Martin Gordon- Thanks For All All The Fish.

The Uk’s favourite psych/ Acid Folk label Mega Dodo releases the second full length long playing album by Us and Them entitled On Shipless Ocean. An album laced with their unique brand of light psychedelic folk.

Finally in our round up of highlights H42 bring us more superb Desert Rock with Legends Of The Desert ( Desert fEst 2018) a limited edition Azur blue vinyl release featuring Fatso Jetson, Yawning Sons, Waterways and Mario Lalli. 200 copies only..wow!! Rattlesnake are a power trio from Brooklyn NY and Dirt in My Eyes/ Picture Pefect is the debut 7 inch also on H42. Check it out you will not be left crying in your beer –it’s a pure 7 of hard 70’s retro rock.

That’s it..enjoy May, check out our vinyl releases on the Code 7 vinyl site and more info on each release on Decoded. Support your local record shop and buy a decent hi fi to play your vinyl on.


April..the month of RSD and the hustle and bustle of that early morning queue to secure that copy that probably you will never play and leave in the shrink wrap. Those guilty please raise your hands now! Our belief of course is that every week should be record store day with thousands of releases being made available each and every Friday down at your local music emporium. Support these shops pop in and have a good route around. Don’t forget to check out Code 7’s RSD titles on the RSD list- Mallory Knox, The Open Mind, Gordon Jackson and Mike Raven..all very tasty and extremely limited.

In the meantime, normal life must continue and that means our latest new releases for April 2018.

Finlands Svart Records unleash more releases and highlights this month are SATAN IN LOVE – a cd and vinyl comp of rare Finnish Synth Pop and Disco covering the years 1978 to 1992. The Jazz and Pop Liisa series draws to a close wit the final batch of titles..a superb series if you like your Jazz and Progressive music from the archives of Finnish radio.

You are The Cosmos makes available on vinyl John Howards Kid In A Big World – one of the great lost gems of 1970’s singer song writers in the vein of Bowie, Elton John and Syd Barrett. Very limited so don’t miss it. First time on vinyl too for Wales Folk- Psych greats Soft Hearted Scientists- Take Time to Wonder In A Whirling World originally released in 2007.

First time on vinyl too ( and remixed and remastered ) for 2 FIRESIDE classics Fantastic Four and Get Shot ( this one on RED vinyl too).

Kirk Brandon and Co release their brand new album TONTINE , it’s the first new SPEAR OF DESTINY album in 3 years. Plus we have the Pledge Music mini album from SONIC BOOM SIX- Cardiac Address.

Progressive music fans take note the highly sort after debut album from WOBBLER (long sold out) gets its first release on CD in a new remixed and remastered form. Hinterland has never sounded better and really captures the sound the band were aiming for back in 2004/ 05.

Mega Dodo continue their great releases with the Aleister Crowley concept record Star Sponge Vision on both cd and vinyl plus the latest single from Swedish duo Us and Them..a must for Fruits de Mer freaks.

On The Camper Records unleash the fourth and long awaited album by infamous indie rock band Peter Kernal on both CD and Vinyl. If you don’t know this band check them out.

This year is the 80th anniversary of the famous Ace Café and those great guys at Western Star Records are providing the official celebratory double cd- disc one covers 24 tracks based on the 2 wheeled variety whilst Cd 2 covers the 4 wheeled one with 22 tracks of the finest Rocabilly, Rock n Roll and Psychobilly around.

New label to watch on the Code 7 roster is German based H42 Records who have a superb selection of limited 7 inch vinyl out in April namely MosGenertaor, Avon, Shivas Nat and Spiritual Beggars.

Don’t forget to check out our online Decoded site for more info and more highlights plus the C7 facebook page. Have a good month.

Welcome to our March 2018 highlights, with Record Store Day approaching the choice of available records must be hard to stomach..don’t forget that all these releases are available from all good record stores and online retailers. More info can be found on our online magazine Decoded too.

First up we have a brace of superb vinyl releases from PLANE GROOVY- its worth noting that these are all extremely limited with less than 100 units making their way to retail..so don’t hang about and snap them up!
So check out The Zombies- Still Got The Hunger, ( Plane Groovy PLG043 – re released 16 March 18). Limited vinyl pressing and follow up to 2011’s Breathe Out , Breathe In.

Robert Reed offers his own take on the Doctor Who Theme ( Plane Groovy PLGS08) . This extremely limited blue coloured 7 won’t last long either so jump in your Tardis and track one down!

PROFOUND LORE release Bestial Hymns Of Perversion by OF FEATHER AND BONE, on both cd and vinyl on the 23rdMarch . We are promised one of the most unrelenting death/ grind albums of the year. For fans of Incantation, Autopsy, Disma and Bolt Thrower.

Exeter based indie label SPECIALIST SUBJECT release the much talked about and acclaimed new JEFF ROSENSTOCK album POST-on vinyl and cd for Europe. Written in the days after the 2017 Presidential inauguration. “The sound of a cautiously optimistic New Year” say Pitchfork. Also look out for the new 12” from queer, all Irish Irish indie rock group Pillow Queens..first pressing on limited blue vinyl.

Finnish ultra radical and scandalous performance group/ proto noise band SPERM have a great box set of their 4 LPS released across 2 cd sets and a lavish uber limited 4 LP box set entitled 50th Erection I- COLLECTED WORKS 1967-1970. Also from Finland’s SVART RECORDS are new albums from Finnish Prog rockersSAMMAL- SUULIEKKI- this being the 3rd release from and MALADY who release their second TOINEN TOISTA.

JELODANTI RECORDS offer this superb compilation on vinyl of the post punk/ no wave / avantgarde band GOZ OF KERMEUR WHO WERE ACTIVE FROM 191- 2000 . This hand made limited edition on double vinyl will be one to treasure . The band played over 150 concerts throughout Europe, New York and Canada whilst sharing the stage with the likes of The Young Gods, John Zorn, Ornette Coleman, Napalm Death, The Ex, and New Model Army.

Rockabilly fans should watch out for a limited pressing on red and black coloured vinyl of the 2011 debut GRAVEYARD JOHNNYS- SONGS FROM BETTER DAYS ( BOMBER) out 2nd MARCH whilst Electro Dub fiends rejoice as HIGH TONE release a superb double vinyl REMIX set on MARCH 30TH via JARRING EFFECTS.

American reissue supremos LION PRODUCTIONS bring out limited edition pressings of TRUTH AND JANEY-TOPEKA JAM LIVE 1974, an album of all previously unreleased material. Only 500 pressed! Also on Lion are 2 releases from DASZU- astounding post punk recorded from 1979- 1983. Think THIS HEAT, POP GROUP, A CERTAIN RATIO..and then some. What are you waiting for investigate!

SULATRON have repressed the much sought after Psychedelic/Spacerock/ Krautrock gem that is DARK DAYS. If you didn’t pick this up first time around then don’t miss this CD repress.

SIREENA bring us a vinyl release of the short lived band featuring JIM MCCARTHY (RENAISSANCE and THE YARDBIRDS) and ex members of RAW MATERIAL and MANFRED MANN’s CHAPTER THREE. The band is called SHOOT AND THE LIMITED VINYL REPRESS IS OUT 3RD MARCH.
SOULSELLER continue on the GORGOROTH reissue trail with ANTICHRIST- the iconic second album released initial of 2 decades ago. An absolute essential album finally presented on CD and various limited editionvinyl issues with original artwork.

LIBERATION LONDON reissue the ANDI SEX GANG comp “ACHILLES IN THE EUROZONE” ON THE 2ND March previously an exclusive band website release.

Finally but not least check out the new CYCLIC LAW and CRYOCHAMBER releases this month for all fans of dark ambient, ambient soundscapes and dark jazz and drone.

Happy Hunting and thanks for reading. More info to be found on Decoded and the Code 7 Vinyl sites. Support your local record stores .



Valentine’s Day already?
As Shakespeare once intoned in Twelfth Night; "If music be the food of love, play on...”

Good advice we feel ; so here are our February releases:


Claudio Simonetti’s Goblin performed "Dawn of the Dead" before a live audience in Helsinki, May 2017.

This landmark event is now available on LP as a Limited one-time only Vinyl pressing.
Svart Records limited RED and BLACK Vinyl LP's will be hitting independent mail orders and high street Indies this weekend.

The UK allocation of these was just x 100 of each colour LP…Support independent stores and go get yourself one....and may we wish you Good Luck in your pursuit of a copy!


INSECT ARK features renowned musician Dana Schechter who has also been involved in such bands as Michael Gira’s Angels Of Light, Bee And Flower, Zeal & Ardor, and Bay Area cult math-rock band Gifthorse (which also featured LEVIATHAN’s Jef Whitehead on drums back in the day). Ashley Spungin has likewise been involved in such acts as Tarus alongside Stevie Floyd of Dark Castle and Purple Rhinestone Eagle.

Comprised of Dana Schechter (bass, lap steel guitar, synthesizers) and Ashley Spungin (drums, synthesizers), Insect Ark’s intensely visual music weaves interludes of fragile beauty with crushing passages of swirling doom, spinning like a backwards fever dream. “Marrow Hymns” is a wordless song, a hypnotic voice that screams and whispers from a place deep in the furrows, from the bones, from the blood.

Defying easy categorization, INSECT ARK’s uncommon sound is in part the amalgamation of these two women’s passions: Schechter’s sinister bass lines and unconventional use of lap steel guitar (and her complete omission of electric guitar), and Spungin’s lucid, exacting drumming and synth work with her own hand-built analog noise pedals (Ormus Electronics). Formed in 2011 by Schechter as a solo project, from its inception INSECT ARK has been about creating work that transports, both physically and psychologically. Spungin joined in 2015 for touring support of “Portal/Well”, and over the next year, INSECT ARK became something much greater than the sum of its parts. Both women have roots firmly in making work with no borders – they are DIY makers, multi instrumentalists, gearheads, and visual artists. Spungin studies live sound, studio recording, programming and analog electronics; Schechter composes music for film and is a video maker/animator for film/TV. A full-length video counterpart for live shows is to come shortly, integrating sound and visuals to build immersive sonic landscapes that echo in the empty spaces where the earth divides, offering the listener - and the band themselves - utter sensory submersion.

"Marrow Hymns" is a must for fans of : Swans, Earth, Sunn 0))), Bohren And Der Club Of Gore, and Thrones


The creation of a mysterious entity from The Netherlands known as The Specter, who, through the vessel of OLD TOWER, creates alluring yet meditative otherworldly synth music that transports the listener to a long forgotten age of memory’s past. OLD TOWER is a reflection of The Specter’s personal inner world and experiences in real life, a dimension and a metaphor for the world that everyone experiences, but cannot see or do not want to feel; the solitude and darkness that resides in us all. OLD TOWER is a resistance towards modernity and the shallow values which our society is built upon.

The visions that are formed when consuming the sounds of OLD TOWER are that of mystical desolate landscapes, majestic ancient ruins, deep dark decrepit dungeons, murky chambers, and ghostly moonlit forests. Meditative audial spells dedicated to the eternal...For fans of early Mortiis, the ambient side of early Burzum, and Tangerine Dream....


Long before Death and Black metal took over the extreme metal scene in the 90’s, denim-clad teenagers were making a racket across basements and rehearsal spaces across Finland. The Finnish speed and thrash metal genres were at their most vital from 1987 to 1991, and Svart Records' "REAL DELUSIONS - THE FINNISH SPEED AND THRASH METAL EXPLOSION 1987 - 1991" is the definitive compilation collecting together both the biggest hits like Stone, Airdash and Prestige and the most remarkable underdogs from the demo scene of the time, such as Necromancer, Oppression and D.I.E.

Grab your Nike Hi Tops, Black Levis and Bullet Belt - This is the real deal!

SEVEN THAT SPELLS - "The Death And Resurrection of Krautrock: OMEGA" - (Sulatron) - CD – OUT FEB 23RD.

From the prog-vintage style sleeve art to the band and album titles, it's fair to say that SEVEN THAT SPELLS new album "The Death And Resurrection of Krautrock: OMEGA" "(the final part of a trilogy) is a grandiose project. And sure enough, the big bold tracks of OMEGA will take you on a trip all around the cosmos, with krautrock pulsations as your guide.

ERALDO BERNOCCHI & CHIHEI HATAKEYAMA - "Solitary Universe" - (Aagoo) - CD And Photo Book – OUT FEB 2ND.

Aagoo is very pleased to release “Solitary Universe,” a photo book and full length CD by Eraldo Bernocchi and Japanese ambient guitar player Chihei Hatakeyama—five gorgeous, stretched out compositions that will make you feel like you’re trying to catch smoke, or watching fog swirl then disappear across a body of water. The recording is just two treated guitars, and will be coupled with a photo book by visual artist and graphic designer Petulia Mattioli and Yasushi Miura, a Japanese musician and photographer whose work is based on the concept of using easily available tools, like a Nintendo DS, or iPhone, or freeware programs, for example.

THE BLACK WATCH - "The Gospel According to John" / "Sugarplum Fairy, Sugarplum Fairy" - (Eskimo) - Both Out Feb 2ND.

L.A. Dream Pop stalwarts THE BLACK WATCH Eskimo Records releases are now available in the UK.

First up is 2017 album "The Gospel According to John" - Hailed by many as the Los Angeles' stalwart bands masterpiece ; drawing comparisons with the likes of The Pale Saints, Slowdive, The Cure and Robyn Hitchcock the album features concise, brilliant songwriting and unreal guitarscapes ; catchy and literate as anything.

Followed by 2014's "Sugarplum Fairy, Sugarplum Fairy" - This was the critically touted LA dream pop band’s 13th LP. On this one the band were moving in the same sonic circles as MBV, XTC, The Psychedelic Furs, Revolver/Rubber Soul...

“TBW doesn’t have the following it deserves. If the Beatles were shoegaze…” — Blurt

POWELL ST.JOHN - "The Sultan Of Psychedelia” - (Lion Productions) - LTD LP - Out Feb 2ND.

Unquestionably one of the true founders and innovators of the acid rock sound. A listen here will leave no doubt as to why he has earned the title “Sultan Of Psychedelia”.

Archival recordings of pure rootsy psychedelia by the obscure but iconic 1960’s Austin, Texas musician/songwriter who not only wrote the timeless rock classic 'Bye, Bye Baby,' but also four songs on the legendary first two 13th Floor Elevator albums, "Psychedelic Sounds” (1966) and “Easter Everywhere” (1967).

Aside from his songwriting relationship with The Elevators, Powell’s musical credentials include stints with The Waller Creek Boys and a young Janis Joplin, the early Austin psych band The Conqueroo, and Mother Earth with Tracy Nelson. Over the years, Powell’s songs have been recorded by such artists as Boz Scaggs, Janis Joplin, Doug Sahm, The 13th Floor Elevators, Mother Earth and Roky Erickson. Boz called Powell a fantastic songwriter, Roky referred to him as a first-rate harmonica player and Tracy said he was “the most significant and profound and the least appreciated artist of the era.”

The twelve songs on this, the first ever vinyl album of Powell’s music, are a mesmerizing mix of psychedelia with basic blues influences, soulful harmonica, brilliant electric guitar that fuses trembling vibrato, effects and fuzz, some “Elevators type” jug and even some Spanish influence on at least one song. The lyrics are masterful strokes of acid-inspired, thought-provoking storytelling. The legendary Roky Erickson joins Powell on track nine, 'Right Track Now.' Other artists participating on this album include: John Ike Walton and Ronnie Leatherman of the 13th Floor Elevators, Mary Ann Price from Dan Hicks & His Hot Licks, and Frosty Smith, drummer for Lee Michaels, Rare Earth and others. Appropriately, 'Kingdom Of Heaven,' one of the all-time LSD anthems, starts the album.

Limited vinyl pressing of 500 copies on Lion Productions ; comes with a glossy print of one of Powell’s colourful pieces of hand drawn “fantastical” art and a four page bio booklet with rare pictures.

GREEN SEAGULL - "Scarlett Fever" - (Mega Dodo) - CD / LP - Out March 30TH.

Taking their name from a mis‐heard Rolling Stones lyric, GREEN SEAGULL are the latest band to burst out of London's burgeoning neo‐psych scene. Their harmony‐laden Baroque/freakbeat sound draws upon influences such as the Left Banke, the Kinks, and the Association.

The band formed in 2016 when Paul Nelson (New Electric Ride) approached Paul Milne (Hidden Masters / Magnetic Mind) to work on some songs together. A shared enthusiasm for late‐60s baroque psychedelia and 12‐string jangle soon blossomed into a prolific songwriting team, and before long the duo had more songs than they knew what to do with.

They were joined shortly after by Sarah Gonputh on keys and Elian Dalmasso on drums, and the newly‐minted quartet set about recording a demo in their rehearsal room on an old cassette 4‐track. These lo‐fi recordings pricked up the ears of Mega Dodo Records, who immediately signed the band for an album deal. Released in June 2017 their debut single 'Scarlet / They Just Don't Know' drew rave reviews from the likes of Shindig! Magazine and airplay from Mark Radcliffe, Gideon Coe, and Marc Riley on BBC 6 Music..

BIG BAD BRUTE - "The Great White" - (Transubstans) - CD - Out Feb 2ND.

BIG BAD BRUTE is a three-piece rock band from the southern plains of Sweden. They will leave an emotional skid marking the hearts of music fans who like heavy riffs, pounding drums and gnarly licks. With one foot in 70’s rock, one in 90’s alternative and a fingertip in 80’s hardcore, they’ve created what they call “a unique sonic blend”. In reality it’s a complete rip-off, but the band asks that you do not offend them by telling them or anyone else.

In early 2017 the band got in touch with Transubstans Records and the two agreed on working together. Out of the dozen songs from the pre-production, eight were selected and re-recorded for what was to become their debut album “The Great White”. While it’s no concept album, there’s certainly a thematic affinity among the songs, both musically and lyrically.

CHRIS CONNELLY - "THE TIDE STRIPPED BARE" - (Armalyte Industries) - CD - Out Feb 23rd.

Brand new solo album from one of the Alternative scene’s most enigmatic performers. Singer, song writer and author, Chris Connelly continues to make his mark on the Universe with his introspective and skewed look at life and love, in an album that echoes his earlier classic solo works ‘Whiplash Boychild’ and ‘Phenobarb Bambalam’.

Chris Connelly is a founder member of Finitribe, and member of such legendary acts as Ministry, Revolting Cocks, PTP, Pigface, Damage Manual, Malekko, Murder Inc. and many more. Chris has performed numerous sell out shows throughout 2017 with both Revolting Cocks and his David Bowie inspired tribute band Sons Of The Silent Age. Chris is featured in the upcoming Wax Trax documentary ‘Industrial Accident’.

Initial quantities of the album come with a free Polaroid image, signed by Chris himself...

CORRUPTED - 'NADIE' - (Throne Records) - LTD VINYL LP REPRESS - Out Feb 2ND.

Modest Japanese Doom purveyors Corrupted have spent years taking their favourite genre staples and refining them with nuance and fine subtleties. Still loud and unruly as you like the best of them, their Nadie EP is bat out of hell sludge brilliance from two decades ago, and it finally gets the remaster treatment.

With this debut recording, Corrupted expanded both sound/tuning and timing to the extreme. Often imitated, few times matched.

Noothgrush / Neurosis / Sunn O))) fans will find kindred spirits here!

Pressed at 45rpm for maximum power. Artwork composed with original war photography’s from Masahiko "Solmania" Ohno. Housed in a laminated gatefold sleeve, including a fold-out A2 poster.

OLD MOTHER HELL - "Old Mother Hell" - (Cruz Del Sur) - CD / LP - Out Feb 23RD.

There is nowhere to hide as a power trio. Musical shortcomings are easily exposed. Chinks in the sonic armour are painfully evident. The common utterance that “A band is only strong as its weakest member” couldn’t ring truer. Bands with a high number of members can easily mask its deficiencies - not power trios. Some of metal’s best three-man outfits —Destruction, Motörhead and Sodom — have the commonality that there is no weak links. The same applies for one of metal’s most exciting new power trios, Germany’s OLD MOTHER HELL.

Old Mother Hell was formed in 2015 from the ashes of another local thrash act, Hatchery, by Wener, bassist Ronald Senft and drummer Ruben André. The band recorded their self-titled debut album in May 2017 at Rama Studio Mannheim with producer/engineer Jens Siefert at the helm. The album’s six songs are smouldering; anthemic bodies of work, as Wener’s impassioned vocals and simple, yet powerful riffs work in perfect tandem with the Senft/André rhythm section. The end result is a striking balance between mountainous epic metal and a straightforward attack, with doom influences present, even as the band is playing pure, take-no-prisoners metal. And to top it all off, Old Mother Hell did things the old-fashioned way: Hammering the songs out in their rehearsal room, then recording them at Rama Studio Mannheim with little overdubs.

The band’s self-titled debut has already caught fire across Europe, with the album receiving “Demo Of The Month” and “Self-Produced Album Of The Month” in Rock Hard and Deaf Forever magazines, respectively. The positive reception couldn’t have come at a better time now that Italy’s Cruz Del Sur Music is handling the album’s exclusive digital,vinyl release and compact disc re-release. But alas, the journey has just begun for Old Mother Hell, who, in their brief existence, has already exceeded their own expectations.

Finally a mention for new label signing SIX TONNNES DU CHAIR and their excellent roster of Garage / Psych related artists. Their first batch of releases includes 7-inch belters from Garage duo THE MAKE OVERS, Jay Reatard / Ty Segall inspired San Antonio Punks THE BOLOS and surf-y / Cramps-y Swiss madmen THE SICK HYENAS. Definitely a label to watch out for in 2018...

Please remember that these, and many other, titles can be read about in depth - and also directly pre-ordered from retail – via our monthly online “Decoded magazine”
@ www.code7decoded.com - or head off to your local independent record store.

Also please don’t forget to check out the Code 7 Facebook page for the latest sounds and news updates @ www.facebook.com/Code7distribution

See you next month for a look at the musical doings for March 2018.



Happy New Year!!
Had enough already? –Pour yourself a drink, escape from the in laws and have a look at our first batch of new releases for 2018? ; then log on with your favourite specialist online retailer , and pre-order some of these new release highlights ..


A discovery of folk music from dark Britannica. ‘JOHN BARLEYCORN REBORN' explores seasonal birth, death and rebirth on this Limited 4LP Set. Originally released in 2007 on 2CD by Cold Spring and now in a 4 LP box with extensive booklet on Burning World Records in January 2018.

This compilation explores the darker side of British folk music, evoking the mystery of our ancient past and peoples, the strangeness of their beliefs, arcane traditions and the remnants of this carried down the centuries as folklore. The set has an extended booklet with articles, essays and explorations of the album’s concept.

The album was originally compiled as cooperation between Cold Spring and Woven Wheat Whispers. Curated by Mark Coyle and released on 2CD in 2007. Ten years later sees the compilation released for the 1st time on vinyl by Burning World Records. It's very limited so go online and Pre-Order NOW!


THE ANGELIC PROCESS were an ambient drone metal duo from Maicon, Georgia. Tragically founding member, K.Angylus, died in 2008. In the eight years they made music, they put out four LPs and Two EPs. "We All Die Laughing” gathers together their career on 6LPs. 6LP Box Set on Burning World Records.

With a sound that fuses the layered guitar drone of MY BLOODY VALENTINE, the epic sound and tribal thump of NEUROSIS, the emotional bloodletting of JARBOE/SWANS, and complex, yet fluidly shifting time signatures, THE ANGELIC PROCESS have forged new musical ground and over the course of numerous on labels all over the world, have refined and defined a sound that one person described as "the sound my soul makes".

Burning World Records is set to release a box set of the bands complete works in January 2018. Included in the box, titled "We All Die Laughing", set will be all material the band deemed fit for release. The box set will contain: … And Your Blood Is Full Of Honey LP (2001) / Coma Wearing LP (2003) / Sigh EP LP (2006) / We All Die Laughing LP (2006) / Weighing Souls With Sand 2LP (2007) - So 6 slabs of vinyl in total, all with new artwork by Maurice de Jong (Gnaw Their Tongues). Again this one is very limited so go online and Pre-Order NOW!


"ION" (Profound Lore) is the fifth full-length album from enigmatic Australian avant-garde death metal surrealists PORTAL.

"ION" is the band’s most intense and experimental release to date, an album not for the faint of heart and/or mind.

"ION" is the most intense and darkest PORTAL release to date, harking back to the feeling and vibe found on the band’s debut album “Seepia”.

With "ION", PORTAL will once again separate themselves from anything and everything going on in the death metal scene, pretty much not wanting to do anything with the metal scene in general.


Following the success of their mighty "For This We Fought The Battle Of Ages" release on Profound Lore it is high time that the stunning live set Salt Lake City doom/chamber-metal wonders SUBROSA playes at Roadburn in 2017 saw the light of day.

By all accounts the band levelled the place; "Set of the weekend? How about set of the year? Every Roadburn brings some landmark moment — at least one — and Sub Rosa (Photo by JJ Koczan) for me, Sub Rosa’s performance of “Mirror” was it. Lined up across the front of the stage, Rebecca Vernon led Sarah Pendleton and Kim Pack in harmonies while tapping one of Andy Patterson‘s drum sticks on the mic stand. It was gorgeous and devastating. Patterson backed on percussion, and though bassist Levi Hanna had that song off, his still‐plugged‐in low end gave heft to the rest of the band’s material, including set‐closer “No Safe Harbor,” which with bars of light shooting down from the rig above them proved just as heavy as their run-through of For this We Fought the Battle of Ages yesterday on the Main Stage. It was stunning. Something genuinely special.” - The Obelisk

Again this one is very limited so go online and Pre-Order NOW!


"Live At Roadburn 2015" is the first ever live album by SALEM'S POT after four studio albums on labels such as Easy Rider and Riding Easy Records.

Recorded at the prestigious Roadburn Festival 2015 in a packed Patronaat. Mixed and mastered by Marcel van de Vondervoort (Astrosoniq/Roadburn Festival). Stunning Artwork by Eric Lee (Swervedriver, Death Waltz, Blitzen Trapper). Vinyl version to follow in early 2018...

Salem’s pot delivers truly gritty and captivating heavy rock in high contrast technicolour: a sonic equivalent of the last house on the left, el topo and blood feast. similar to the way such films made up for their lack of flashy, expensive effects with dim lighting and implied violence, a hallucinogenic sense of true evil lurks in the dark corners of salem’s pot’s sound. lest we forget, the band’s name itself is a pun on Stephen King’s stark, modernized vampire masterpiece.

Again this one is very limited so go online and Pre-Order NOW!


Stunning new project from Niko Tsonev (Steven Wilson, Lifesigns) strictly limited to just 300 copies on 180g vinyl.

Stellar guest musicians including Craig Blundell (Steven Wilson, Frost, David Cross Band), Adam Holzman (Steven Wilson, Miles Davis), Theo Travis (Steven Wilson, No-Man, Porcupine Tree, The Tangent) and Grog Lisee (Die So Fluid) Encompassing a wide range of styles, from Jazz Rock through Prog to all-out driving Rock.

Extremely LTD LP pressing; this one is very limited so go online and Pre-Order NOW!


Augmented with a brass section, multi-instrumentalist Pete Jones - Camel, Francis Dunnery etc - offers the third instalment of his charming Genesis/Hackett influenced Tiger Moth Tales project. Tangent guitarist Luke Machin guests. Double heavyweight vinyl album with a lyric insert. Limited to 300 copies only.

Superb Genesis style Prog. Limited Double heavyweight vinyl audiophile LP. this one is very limited so go online and Pre-Order NOW!


"Skyscraper Souls" is the third studio album from the duo of Chris Braide and Geoff Downes.

Featuring new artwork from Roger Dean and guest appearances from Andy Partridge, Marc Almond, Tim Bowness, David Longdon (Big Big Train) and Kate Pierson (B52s), the album is the most traditionally Progressive DBA release to date.

Limited heavyweight transparent blue vinyl edition in a gatefold cover, with an insert containing two pages of notes about the tracks from Chris and Geoff.

This one is very limited so go online and Pre-Order NOW!


UK Americana pioneer ALAN TYLER will release his new solo album, "El Tapado", on 5 January through Hanky Panky Records. As chief songwriter in cosmic Camden cowboys THE ROCKINGBIRDS, back in 1992 Tyler brought country to UK indie music fans in thrall to grunge and Britpop, paving the way for the now-huge UK Americana scene. For the last 21 years Alan has also run Come Down And Meet The Folks, a fortnightly club that has been a cornerstone of the scene, hosting just about everybody who has ever played country and folk in the UK over the past two decades. In fact, his reputation and standing among his musical peers is so great that a campaign was recently launched on Facebook to have him honoured at the next Americana Music Association UK awards in February.

Now, however, after 25 years and 9 albums, on El Tapado Tyler has found a whole new way of working: writing and recording on a Teenage Engineering OP-1 programmable synthesiser. “Having this amazing technology at my fingertips has really pushed me along, got the creative juices flowing, and shown me a different way of writing and recording. I wouldn’t say I’ve gone electronica, exactly. Maybe it’s electronicana!”


Following its successful 2017 CD release this modern American classic receives an Audiophile LP release, as a numbered limited edition of just 300 copies, on heavyweight 180g vinyl with a lyric insert.

This is more Delaney & Bonnie than George & Tammy, revealing a further move away from Classic Country as they embrace Gospel and Country Soul, channelling the likes of Dan Penn, Micky Newbury, Goffin & King and Bacharach & David. Still Testifying may have been recorded in South London over the summer of 2016, but the warm southern winds of Muscle Shoals, Alabama, and New Orleans, Louisiana were clearly blowing along Tooting High Street, straight into the Gold Top Studio. And yet, the English north wind doth also blow, down from the Lancastrian and Yorkshire moors. Listeners may even feel the spirit of the Brighouse and Rastrick Brass Band echoing through some of these new songs too. Dalgleish and King have not completely overlooked their country music leanings; their re-knowned, country melancholy is still evident on some songs. The band's sound and musical landscape may have changed a little, but the core of My Darling Clementine remains the same: Two adults, a man and a woman, still married, still singing to each other, still singing about each other, still singing for (or against) each other. . . And still testifying.

“Still Testifying is a triumph” – Bob Harris, BBC Radio 2

“Where Gospel, Country and Southern Soul happily collide. Terrific” - Uncut, 8/10********

“The King and Queen of UK Country head south. Sublime country soul that advances the charms and depth of My Darling Clementine” – No Depression


Reissue of the third album from the justly acclaimed Belfast sludge/doom band, originally released in 2012. It boasts a mighty kraken on the cover and eight tracks (as the title suggests, if you know your Gaeilge). Slomatics are eyebrow-raisingly heavy despite eschewing a bassist, and display more idiosyncracy and character than most downtuners. If you’re into Melvins, High On Fire, Sleep, Conan, Yob and similar, and have missed this, rectify that sorry situation!

"‘A Hocht’ is an album that will be talked about for years to come and in my opinion is their career defining record..." - Sludgelord

"A head banging 16rpm groove, that sounds a little like ZZ Top on thorazine..." - Aquarius Records

LTD to just x 300 copies on red vinyl.


At the grand old age of 75, self-confessed 'late developer' the Bonzo's Lord Rodney has joined forces with Michael 'Sir Henry at Rawlinson End' Livesley to gather together a pandemonium of Parrots featuring The Rutles' John ‘The Admiral’ Halsey and The Mekons' Susie Honeyman - to record Rodney Slater’s Parrots debut LP of brand spanking new material in the Shed Studio, here in deepest darkest Hampshire. Lord Rodney and Sir Michael have taken a look at the post-truth world we all now live in and decided to forego the pleasure of their Dutch hoes for a few months and left their kitchen gardens to offer us the antidote - PARROTOPIA! - A true state of mind and a must for Rutles / Bonzos aficionados.


Originally from Newcastle, England, Toby Twirl was founded in 1968 and recorded three classic and now highly collectable singles for Decca in the late 1960s. The original members, Barrie Sewell (keyboard), Nick Thorburn (guitar), Stuart Somerville (bass), Dave ‘Holly’ Holland (vocals) and John Reed (drums) all hailed from the North East and played extensively in the North West from 1969 until 1971 when the group eventually disbanded. A very popular close harmony group, this long overdue debut long‐player mixes original songs with a selection of carefully curated hits of the day.

First time available on LP. 180 gram LP, printed insert, 60s style flap-back laminated sleeve. 100% mono as first intended!


Born in Dublin, Alison O’Donnell made her first single, 'Feeling High' for SNP's Simon Napier Bell and David Hemmings at the age of 15 with the cult folk‐rock band, Mellow Candle. The band appeared in concert with the likes of Genesis, Thin Lizzy, Donovan, The Chieftains and Steeleye Span. They signed to Decca's Deram label in the early 70s and gigged their album 'Swaddling Songs' in Ireland and Britain. In the mid 90s their highly collectable vinyl album achieved critical acclaim and is now ranked as a folk rock classic.

In recent years, Alison has collaborated with a number of bands including United Bible Studies, Mr Pine album, The Fieldmouse Conspiracy, contemporary electronic psychedelic band Big Dwarf and 'Songs From The Black Meadow', Compilation, (Black Meadow Song). Alison’s new album, "Climb Sheer The Fields Of Peace", is collaboration with Dave Colohan and mixes folk with electronica with remarkable effect. Acoustic guitars and snaky synths combine with O’Donnell’s vocals to send shivers down the backbone.

Limited edition 250 copies worldwide in an individually numbered picture sleeve.


Mordecai Smyth’s debut album ‘Sticky Tape and Rust’ was the very first release on the Mega Dodo label.

Since then he has been toiling on something rather different. But what, exactly? Well, the wait is over...and it is my unfortunate duty to inform you that "The Mayor of Toytown is Dead". But this is no cause for sadness: Mordecai is still very much with us, although the short, sharp numbers of those Sticky Tape days have gone. They're longer now but still with hooks aplenty ‐ accessible and challenging in the best tradition of progressive rock. Mordecai prefers it to be known as "regressive rock." He's also called upon the assistance of a wide pool of talents. Among them is Dave Lambert (Strawbs, The Fire) who contributes lead guitar to the album's opening and closing tracks.

Soon to be available on 180 gram LP in a lovely Gatefold sleeve.


62 Miles From Space is a two‐piece virtual music project founded in Moscow consisting of Neil Davidson (samples, programming) and Roman Kutnov (guitar, vocals). The fact that they lived in the same city is purely a coincidence however. Their music lives entirely on the internet and now on vinyl. They don't jam, they don't play live and mostly use virtual instruments, and their collaboration is centred around e‐mail.

As the name 62 Miles From Space suggests, their music doesn't correspond to a particular time or place of creation. It’s not part of any artistic narrative. Whether it was made last week, or 50 years ago isn't important. In an age where we can listen to practically any track in recorded history, instantly, at the push of a button, in any order and context, they visit the past and future only as tourists. Mega Dodo is releasing their debut 4 song 12‐inch EP later in the year. It will also be available as a download throughout the known universe.

Red vinyl 12-inch - Limited to 300 copies worldwide.


PictureHouse were a constant fixture on Irish radio in the 90’s, with a number of major hits. "How Can I Explain How This Came To Be?" is remastered and now
released on audiophile 180g vinyl, these songs have never sounded so good. Instantly catchy and appealing, this is a good-time album!

Extremely LTD LP pressing; this one is very limited so go online and Pre-Order NOW!

Please remember that these, and many other, titles can be read about in depth - and also directly pre-ordered from retail – via our monthly online “Decoded magazine”
@ www.code7decoded.com - or head off to your local independent record store.

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See you next month for a look at the musical doings for February 2018.


Welcome to December. We cannot keep up whether it is Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Tofu Tuesday or Fish Friday – we can however direct you to your local indie store or strongly advise that you log on with your favourite specialist online retailer , to order up on some of our December new release highlights before Christmas takes over…

PRURIENT – “Rainbow Mirror” – (Profound Lore) – 4CD Set - Out December 15th

“Rainbow Mirror”, the latest work from renowned noise-music artist PRURIENT, is a work comprised of 15 new time stretching PRURIENT tracks that explores the more glacial and meditative side of Dominick Fernow’s exploration of noise and power electronics. With a total running time of almost three-and-a-half hours, “Rainbow Mirror” will be released as a 4CD box-edition set through Profound Lore on December 15th 2017.

“Rainbow Mirror”, while not necessarily the direct follow-up to the landmark “Frozen Niagara Falls” milestone, marks the second conspiracy between Profound Lore and PRURIENT and stands as another singular landmark amongst the vast repertoire Fernow has amassed under the PRURIENT moniker. While familiar moments from “Frozen Niagara Falls” can be found within the massive scope of “Rainbow Mirror”, through the three-plus hour duration of this ambient noise marathon, “Rainbow Mirror” is a monolithic crawling cinematic noisescape that conjures the atmosphere of old-school PRURIENT noise histrionics while bringing in even more dynamics and structure through this very expansive and introspective new observation. The intense, unforgiving, trance-inducing aura of “Rainbow Mirror” is presented through waves of time-stretching electronics, layered counterpoint feedback, loops, and extended droning pulsating synth passages.

With only a very, very limited number of copies coming to the UK you will need to Pre-Order this from specialist online retailers NOW before they are all gone !

SUBROSA - "Subdued - Live At Roadburn 2017" – (Roadburn) CD - Out December 1st 2017.
Following the success of their mighty "For This We Fought The Battle Of Ages" release on Profound Lore it is high time that the stunning live set Salt Lake City doom/chamber-metal wonders SUBROSA playes at Roadburn in 2017 saw the light of day.

By all accounts the band levelled the place; "Set of the weekend? How about set of the year? Every Roadburn brings some landmark moment — at least one — and SubRosa (Photo by JJ Koczan) for me, SubRosa‘s performance of “Mirror” was it. Lined up across the front of the stage, Rebecca Vernon led Sarah Pendleton and Kim Pack in harmonies while tapping one of Andy Patterson‘s drum sticks on the mic stand. It was gorgeous and devastating. Patterson backed on percussion, and though bassist Levi Hanna had that song off, his still‐plugged‐in low end gave heft to the rest of the band’s material, including set‐closer “No Safe Harbor,” which with bars of light shooting down from the rig above them proved just as heavy as their run-through of For this We Fought the Battle of Ages yesterday on the Main Stage. It was stunning. Something genuinely special.” - The Obelisk

SALEM'S POT - "Live At Roadburn 2015" - (Roadburn) - CD - Out December 1st

The first ever live album by SALEM'S POT after four studio albums on labels such as Easy Rider and Riding Easy Records.

Recorded at the prestigious Roadburn Festival 2015 in a packed Patronaat. Mixed and mastered by Marcel van de Vondervoort (Astrosoniq/Roadburn Festival). Stunning Artwork by Eric Lee (Swervedriver, Death Waltz, Blitzen Trapper). Vinyl version to follow in early 2018...Salem’s pot delivers truly gritty and captivating heavy rock in high contrast technicolor: a sonic equivalent of the last house on the left, el topo and blood feast. similar to the way such films made up for their lack of flashy, expensive effects with dim lighting and implied violence, a hallucinogenic sense of true evil lurks in the dark corners of salem’s pot’s sound. lest we forget, the band’s name itself is a pun on Stephen king’s stark, modernized vampire masterpiece.


The Horse and Other Weird Tales" is the excellent third album from JESS AND THE ANCIENT ONES, and sees them take a magical mystery trip to the dark side of the sixties as seen through the eyes of modern‐day occult rock musicians.

This time the band went for an organic and human approach and produced a very old fashioned album, 9 songs and 31 minutes, recorded and mixed together with their live sound engineer. Groovy, heavy, psychedelic beat music? Hard death rock? Occult head exploding meltdown? All of them and more. “I cannot put a label on it, I just make it as it comes”, says band guitarist and composer Thomas Corpse, who also created the lysergic album cover art.

KAUKOLAMPI - "i" - cd / lp - (Svart Records) - CD/LP - Out December 1st

Opening with charismatic, Carpenter-esque sheets of synth, the pulse of this transportive record slows down to a swirling, cosmic stasis where time shrinks and perspective yawns wide open.

“I wanted to break all structure, to see if all form can be destroyed.” says K‐X‐P frontman, Timo Kaukolampi, of his debut solo album. a desire to deconstruct convention is not a new thing for kaukolampi, given that the finnish band have been blurring the lines between techno, krautrock, space rock and experimental electronica for the last decade and forging an idiosyncratic and unique sound truly of their own. recommended if you like Tangerine Dream or Tale Of Us.

OLAVI LOUHIVUORI - "Immediate Music" - (Svart Records) - LP - Out December 1st

Oddarrang band leader OLAVI LOUHIVUORI's solo album "Immediate Music" is an expansive piece of drone‐y harsh beauty. Recorded with the legendary With Pekko Käppi....

TEEMU & THE DEATHBLOWS - "Keep It In The Dark" - (Svart Records) - CD/LP - Out December 1st

This young garage group might well be the best emerging indie rock act from Finland. Their debut album "Keep It In The Dark" on Svart Records is lively, catchy garage with pop hooks and an oh so cool Velvet-y / Strokes‐y New York kinda sound.

SIINAI - "Sykli" (Svart Records) - CD/LP - Out December 1st

SIINAI are one of the most interesting contemporary bands coming out of Finland right now, and they just gifted the world with their third album, titled "Sykli". The group inhabit the rich tradition of synth-prog-psychedelic music, with arpeggiated electronics mixing with post-rocky instrumental structures, building up some fairly epic tracks for listeners to lose themselves in...

IRONIRD - "Ironbird" - (Transubstans Records) - CD - Out December 1st

Three years after IRONBIRD`s successful debut album 'Black Mountain', the band is strongly back with their second and self-titled effort. It contains eight airy songs filled with variation and 70’s feel. Heavy guitar riffs, soaring and melodic vocals, hard-hitting and pounding drums and groovy basslines are the key elements of the record. The release date for Ironbird is set to the 29th of September, Ironbird will be released on CD this December 1st.
If you are into 70’s hard rock this release is an absolute must have!

GUDARS SKYMNING - "V" - (Transubstans Records) - CD - Out December 1st

The mighty GUDARS SKYMNING is back with an earth shattering magnum opus! “V” is without doubt the heaviest and most progressive album in the 11 year long history of the band. Recorded in just over two days, “V” serves you an overpowering strong brew of hard rock, doom, prog, folk, and twin axe heaviness! As always GUDARS SKYMNING recorded most of the album live in the studio to deliver the true vibe of the songs to the fans.

MOTHER MISERY - ”Megalodon” - (Transubstans Records) - CD - Out December 1st

Finally it’s here! ”Megalodon”, the new and eagerly awaited full-length album from Swedish rockers MOTHER MISERY. The riffs, the melodies, the heaviness and grooves that will make you press repeat are simply there! With three full-length albums and one EP (Deadication, 2015) in the trunk, these Enköping veterans once again prove their steady position in the world of rock - and they won’t disappoint. So people, buckle up and enjoy the ride because here come the ME-GA-LO-DON!

LUCIFER WAS - "Morning Star" - (Transubstans Records) - CD - Out December 1st

The new Lucifer Was album, "Morning Star", marks twenty years since the release of "Underground And Beyond" in 1997, and also celebrates twenty great years together for Lucifer Was and Record Heaven/Transubstans Records.

For the occasion, the complete original 1972 line-up that recorded "Underground And Beyond" and the follow-up, "In Anadi’s Bower", is featured throughout, in addition to the present version of the band. "Morning Star" contains seven tracks and includes stand-outs like the hard energy blaster, A Forest Of Zaqqum Trees, Sunday Morning Griever, which shows Thore Engen’s genius as a songwriter and lyricist, and the 15:25 long heavy/prog/blues/psych/space-masterpiece Pure, co-written by Engen and singer Jon Ruder. This piece also has a distinct Nordic feel to it. The two-drummer attack is very present on this colossus of a composition.

THREE SEASONS - "Things Change" - (Transubstans Records) - CD - Out December 1st

In recent years, THREE SEASONS have made themselves known as one of the most exciting acts on the psychedelic blues rock scene.

The band's earlier work has been built on atmospheric melodies, intricate arrangements, and has often included musicians on Hammond organ or traditional Swedish folk music instruments. Their three albums have been celebrated by fans and media alike, resulting in several sold-out records, top placements on the charts, ecstatic reviews, and “Album of the Year” awards. But while this approach has undeniably been successful, the band is not content just staying the same. Things change, and rather than living on past achievements, the new Three Seasons album constitutes a renewal of the band's sound. The music has moved towards that of a hard-hitting, right-in-your-face power trio, and although the influences from the good old days are still clear, they take a whole new shape in the band's recent work. Sartez Faraj (lead vocals, guitar) and Olle Risberg (bass) have been joined by hugely experienced drummer Thomas Broman (ex. Glenn Hughes, John Norum, Michael Schenker etc.), and the band is now releasing the new album ‘Things Change’.

FRENCH BOUTIK & POPINCOURT - "Chantent The Jam" - 7" (Copasue Disque) - Out December 8th.

Two of France's top Beat / Mod combos cover The Jam on this excellent - and extremely limited - 7" single!

FRENCH BOUTIK chose “The Place I Love”, from the Jam’s immortal 1978 “All Mod Cons" album, with POPINCOURT opting for “Tonight At Noon” from the previous year’s “This Is The Modern World” sophomore album. Overcoming their understandable intimidation covering classics from their heroes, both acts managed to come up with their own personalized takes, and were satisfied enough with the result to propose a separate split 45 for vinyl fans in addition to the songs inclusion’ on the Specialized “Gifted” cd compilation. “The Place I Love” becomes French Boutik’s “L’endroit que j’aime,” a psyche pop hymn with church bells ringing in a misty cowboy and film noir filled dream, while Popincourt’s take on “Tonight At Noon” also has a dreamy feel with a more relaxed pace than the original, rearranged with subtle harmonies, organ and harpsichord.

THE TROYES - "Love Comes, Love Dies - The Complete Recordings" - Double LP - Ltd to x 500 worldwide (Lion Productions) – Out December 1st.

Essential Michigan garage/psych! propelled by their local chart-topper 'rainbow chaser,' battle creek quintet The Troyes entered the orbit of band leader ray Anthony (“Dragnet”, “Peter Gunn”), laying down a multitude of fuzztone laced tracks throughout 1966-1967 that, save for one 7” release on his Space records label, remained unreleased on vinyl— until now.

The Troyes exploded onto the music scene with 'rainbow chaser'. Sensing a new phenomenon, famed bandleader ray Anthony signed the group to his new rock label space records. His faith in the band was so big that nearly two albums worth of material were recorded at united sound (Detroit). Unfortunately, only two singles were issued. far-out psychedelia, unhinged fuzz and farfisa garage, moody haunting sounds, face melters (check out 'corn flake')—it's all here. Rare photos, radio surveys, newspaper articles, Troyes memorabilia, and the story of a band that could have been big.

"Had a Troyes lp come out in 1967, it would be well ensconced today as one of the top 5 best from the era" — Ugly Things ; A must for all Garage / Pebbles / Nuggets acolytes!

THE ANATOMY OF FRANK - "South America" - CD - (Beste! Unterhaltung) - oUT December 1ST

Recorded with Stephen Cope in a private farmhouse in the Ecuadorian mountains in 5 short weeks, as the band tackled anxieties of fear and loss head on. With a drip-feed of family and friends providing a source of inspiration during the recording sessions, the trio would take trips to the Amazon or spend time in the mountains to rejuvenate their spirit.
The result is a gem of a melancholic folk rock album reminiscent in places of both Sweet Billy Pilgrim and Sufjan Stevens...

THE TUBES - "Live at German TV - Musikladen 1981" - Double LP - (Sireena) - Limited Colour Vinyl 2 LP Set - out on December the 1st.

Following this year's successful DVD release the legendary German television appearance of The Tubes in 1981 now makes it to Vinyl!
A highlight of music television. April 1981, Musikladen director Mike Leckebusch had the idea and offered the band with Fee Waybill and cohort the chance to present their new album "The Completion Backward Principle" live on tv. The band were sure that "tv is king" and took their chance. with great effort (the band plus 3 dancers and several extras) this show on April 24, 1981 went on the stage and was broadcasted some weeks later - not only in Germany but also in several other European countries. the plan worked - the album became the most successful album of the band in Europe!

Sireena records it very proud to present this documentary on 2 lps for the very first time. Limited to 1000 copies in coloured vinyl! Complete with liner notes written by David Fricke from the US Rolling Stone magazine.
"This LP creation is superb. All Tubes fans need a copy." - Hi-Fi World.

DANIEL McGEEVER - "Cross The Water" - CD/LP - (You Are The Cosmos) - CD/LP - Out December 8th.

A Scottish musician, (from Edinburgh) best known as the guitar/vocals of the pop band THE WELLGREEN. He also plays in DELTA MAINLINE band. And every weekend, for years, Daniel plays covers in Edinburgh & Glasgow pubs.

Now, Daniel starts a solo career with his own songs. He has a wonderful voice... and he knows how to write very good Folk Pop songs.
Recorded and produced by Lewis Wilson, CROSS THE WATER, debut solo album, contains 11 great songs about love & death.

"NORDIC NOTES 100" - Nordic Notes 100" - DCD - (Nordic Notes) - Out December 8th

"NORDIC NOTES 100" is a well-priced Double CD introduction to the label and features 34 Songs from 34 Artists: including Tuuletar, Duo Malva & Priks, Okra Playground, Maija Kauhanen, Folk’Avant, Vassvik, Pekko Käppi and many more...

If you are a fan of all things Roots, Folk and World we advise you pick up a copy.

THE FUZILLIS - "Grind A Go Go Volume 1" - LP / CD - (Folc Records) - Out 1st December !

This nonstop, rock-and-roll grind-a-go go machine was formed in London in late 2014 and features the high energy rock and roll twang of guitar player Mr Dan Martin; the sleazy, growly tenor sax-tones of Thomas "T-Mag" Maguire; the thunderous jungle rhythms of Wilco “The Hammer” van Eijk and the low down tones of the boss of the bass, Mr Frankie Fuzilli Sr.

They mix up a sleazy atomic age r’n’r cocktail blending Link Wray and the craziest Las Vegas Grind tunes with a large shot of Grady Gaines' Upsetters, a dash of The Fabulous Wailers, a slice of Nick Curran and top it all off with the wildest titty twistin' tunes on the Planet Earth.

The Fuzillis... vintage, but not old fashioned… retro and fresh… one word instr-o-mental grind-a-go go party monsters who’ll make you twist till your toes bleed !

GORGOROTH - "UNDER THE SIGN OF HELL" - CD/LP Formats - Reissued on December 1st 2017

The original ’97 recordings finally made available again via Soulseller Records this December on CD / Black Vinyl LP / Picture Disc LP and White Vinyl LP formats : Driven by the masterful riffing, the raw and cold drums and vocals, the third and ever so unique masterpiece of GORGOROTH has been a breed apart ever since its original release back in 1997.

Now finally presented again with refreshed artwork and layout, supervised by founding member Infernus!

EVILFEAST - "Elegies of the Stellar Wind" - CD (Eisenwald) - Out on December the 15th.

The 5th full-length for Poland's epic one-man Black Metal outfit. On the successor to 2011`s lorded, 'Wintermoon Enchantment,' sole member GrimSpirit hasn`t changed much on the band`s majestic formula. Sprawling, epic keyboard arrangements paired with cold and harsh walls of guitars and dedicated vocals whispering of old times and solidarity. Unfolding its layers track by track, the album unlocks a dripping atmosphere. At times freezing in solitude, at others resolute melodic with choral pillars. Enhanced like never before, these elegies reach an almost monumental peak. But there is also something beyond the surface of a much dedicated 90`s black metal record. Over 60 almost time traveling minutes, the eerieness of a construction that seems to remove the listener from its usual aural sphere and what dwells around, away from the urban life and being. This new output seems to weave all elements and melodies together into a texture of essential black metal to surpass the longest of nights.

OSI AND THE JUPITER - "Uthuling Hyl" - CD (Eisenwald) - Out on December the 15th.

Osi and the Jupiter has been compared with musical groups such as Wardruna, Forndom, and Ulver by both fans and reviewers alike, an association that underlines the absorbing sonic soundscapes sculptured. 'Uthuling Hyl' is both the story of unheralded songs amongst the shadows of existence and a soundtrack to a journey across unknown realms ruled
by ancient Gods.

DEATH CULT - "Cult Of The Goat" - CD (Soulseller) - Out on December the 15th.

Raw Black Metal featuring Skagg (Gaahlskag, ex-Gorgoroth), Hoest (Taake,Gorgoroth) and Thurzur (Gaahlskagg, ex-Taake). Formed in the pits of Bergen, DEATHCULT consists of Skagg (Gaahlskag, ex-Gorgoroth), Hoest (Taake) and Thurzur (Gaahlskagg, ex-Taake). Ten years after the release of the debut it is now time for the sophomore album: “Cult Of The Goat”

TIM HOLEHOUSE / KALEB STEWART - Split Album - (Aaaaaaaah Real) - CD - Out December 1st

December sees the release of the splendid Split album from well-travelled UK blues artist TIM HOLEHOUSE and Gainesville, Florida based KALEB STEWART; formerly of highly regarded Florida punk act AS FRIENDS RUST. The release coincides with a Europe-wide tour in November/December featuring both Tim and Kaleb. Initial press limited to 500.

Please remember that these, and many other, titles can be read about in depth - and also directly pre-ordered from retail – via our monthly online “Decoded magazine”
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See you next month for a look at the first musical stirrings of 2018.



Welcome to November in Blighty. The month where we celebrate the man who probably entered the Houses Of parliament with more honest intentions than most people since!

Why not warm yourself up from the local fireworks do by getting down to your local indie store or get logging in with your favourite specialist online retailer to order up on some of our November new release highlights before people start talking about Christmas…

JAYA THE CAT - "A Good Day For The Damned" CD / LTD 180g LP (Bomber Music) - Out November 17th

are a US band from Boston now based in Amsterdam with a loyal worldwide following. Touring constantly, they play an original mix of reggae, punk rock and ska music, from booze fuelled anthems to chilled out dance tracks to political commentary. This will be their sixth album and the first new release in five years. The previous album has now sold in excess of 16k copies. Full UK headline tour in December ‘17 and February ‘18.

A must for fans of Sublime, Rancid, Skints, Bedouin Soundclash, Clash ,Sonic Boom Six, Specials etc...

GODFLESH - "Streetcleaner" CD (Roadburn Records) - Out November 24th

"Streetcleaner" is the much acclaimed debut album of Justin K. Broadrick’s legendary GODFLESH, and Roadburn is the Dutch festival renowned by fans of heavy music the world over. On this record, the two meet one another, with Godflesh playing a beefed-up version of the album in front of a rapturous live audience at the festival in 2011. Definitely a new flavour added to Streetcleaner here.


The rumours are true: after being licensed out to various labels as Epitaph, We Bite and Victory Records; the early Refused catalogue is now back again with its original label Startracks, who are quite rightly stoked to be re-releasing their first two classic albums on Vinyl this November!

The Debut Refused album "This Just Might Be the Truth" was originally released by Startracks in 1994 (Startrec at the time), The record established them as one of the leading hardcore bands and quickly gained attention both in Sweden as well as abroad. On point Left-wing political lyrics combined with NYC hardcore influenced music.

The second full-length release from Refused, "Songs to Fan the Flames of Discontent" was released in 1996 to uniform praise as the group’s worldwide following grew in both numbers and intensity. The First single was "Rather be dead", and is still seen as one of their true classics.

Grab these fascinating insights into the legendary band's earlier years!

DEAD NEANDERTHALS - "Womb Of God" LTD LP (Burning World Records) - Out November 24th

"Womb Of God" is another fearsome blast from DEAD NEANDERTHALS, the mercilessly intense trio who play noise-rock by way of two saxophones and a drumkit. They’ve had a really busy year, and they round it out with "Womb Of God”, their fourth (!) full-length album of 2017. Unhinged howls, deep-reaching baritone sax blasts, and pounding rhythms.

SOSPETTO - "Il Sonno Eterno" LTD CD / LP (Cineploit) - Out November 3rd

With its fourth full-length album, SOSPETTO – aka Christian Rzechak, also the man behind Cineploit recording artist Pan/Scan – discovers a different course to take through the world of cinematic music. After journeying through numerous genres on previous releases Sospetto's new output branches out into virgin territory: melodic themes wrap the listener in a web of sound, repetitive hypnotic rhythms lull you into a somnambulant, mysterious state of mind.

These eleven tracks tell the story of the various levels of consciousness triggered by insomnia. We accompany a young woman (singer Christine Marks, whose voice is the main focus of the album) on her lustful and suffering journey, a story that ends in the pyrrhic redemption of eternal sleep. In contrast to earlier records there is little horror or Giallo-themed music. Nevertheless, the typical Sospetto style can be heard in every moment. Acoustic suspense for an existential drama. Romantic, eerie and terrifying. Sospetto is beckoning you to the land of slumber...

THELEMA - "Stillife" LTD LP (Cineploit) - Out November 3rd

On its fifth release for the Cineploit label THELEMA – aka sonic alchemist Hans Jürgen – continues the journey into cinematic soundscapes developed over the past decade‐plus. Hypnotic harmonies combine with organic sounds from other worlds to create something akin to both Angelo Badalamenti's Twin Peaks soundtracks and heavy, melancholy trip‐hop. The new album features more prominent usage of vocals than on previous records, musical backdrop based around drums, violins and keyboards generating a haunting, mesmerizing atmosphere. Let Thelema guide you through this adventure of the senses, a perfect soundtrack for your autumn and winter listening pleasure.

OPIUM WARLORDS - "Droner" CD/LP (Svart) - Out November 3rd

After three wilderness years with doom gods SPIRITUS MORTIS and LORD VICAR, electronic warriors TÄHTIPORTTI, and black metal sorcerers AZ RAEL RISING, Sami Albert ”Witchfinder” Hynninen is back in business with OPIUM WARLORDS.

"DRONER" is the fourth Opium Warlords album, it and brings Hynninen’s uncompromising musical vision to its most sparse form. It is noisy lo‐fi riff music consisting only of particles unquestionably necessary; but at the same time with a musical spectrum that is very wide and open. It is experimental and avant-garde, still with roots deep in the very heart of heavy rock music. It is concrete blues, diving to the existence and the smallest molecular spheres of minimal riffs, and what seems to be an endless repetition of them. From these rather skeletal elements it occasionally reaches neo‐classical, even medieval spheres and death romantic chambers of apocalyptic folk.

AGNOSTIC FRONT - "Live In 85 - Nyc Stompin Crew" LTD LP (Street Justice) - Out November 3rd

AGNOSTIC FRONT is THE worldwide hardcore institution from New York USA. The guys have more than 30 years on the road, and are still touring with an explosive mix of metallic hardcore. They helped create the NY HARDCORE style, for a lot of people a life-style till the end.
"Live In 85 - Nyc Stompin Crew" is a Limited, numbered edition LP of just 444 copies (Black Vinyl) worldwide, with inner sleeve containing all the lyrics and rare pictures.

ONSIND - "We Wilt, We Bloom" CD / LP (Specialist Subject) - Out November 17th

Durham, political punks ONSIND return with their first album in 4 years!

'We Wilt, We Bloom' is a welcome return to decade long band Onsind. Recorded earlier in 2017 by Phil Booth at Nottingham's DIY hub, JT Soar, the new album sees the addition of bass, drums and extra vocals, courtesy of Naomi Stephens (who also plays in Martha), Jay Cavalier (Personal Best) and Claire Swift, expanding upon their usual acoustic sound. Politically the last 4 years have been rough time in the UK; stagnating wages, underfunding of the NHS and mental health services, soaring rents and house prices, an increase in inequality, concurrent Tory governments, Brexit. 'We Wilt, We Bloom' is an album which encapsulates the despair of living in modern day Britain as a young, left-wing, progressive. Onsind aren't offering an answer or futile sloganeering but here's an album which might leave you feeling a little less alone.

PURPLE HILL WITCH - "Celestial Cemetary" CD / LP (Church Within Records) Out November 24th

With their sophomore album "Celestial Cemetary" out on Church Within Records in November, Norwegian act PURPLE HILL WITCH hits a sweet spot in the metal triangle between Angel Witch, Black Sabbath and Hawkwind. It’s that alchemistic moment where psych, doom, NWOBHM, proto metal and rock is moulded and sculpted into a perfect entity.

Whereas their debut album had more of a stoner rock vibe to it, the new album takes the listener on a sheer proto doom journey past vast galaxies of swirling, Iommic riffs, blistering soli, driving drums and a steady surge of pulsating bass. What really strikes through on Celestial Cemetary is how much atmosphere and true feeling the band manages to cramp into the furrows of their sonic landscape – this album oozes with hallucinogenic visions of occult rituals and barren medieval country sides haunted by wicked witches. As such it leaves an even darker, more sinister imprint, and if there ever was an immaculate soundtrack for when going witch hunting across celestial cemeteries this would have to be it.

LORD VICAR - "The Gates of Flesh" - LTD LP - (Church Within Records) Out November 24th

The tracking of the album was undertaken by the core of the band – Kimi, Gareth and the legendary Lord Chritus, with bass duties being split between Kimi and Gareth. Sami is not featured on the album but has been taking care of bass for live shows.

Deliberately shorter than previous albums, the band sought to concentrate their trademark heaviness into shorter, punchier songs and fit the album onto a single vinyl LP. The result is an album that the band considers their most focused and intense release to date. Whilst this is definitely not a concept album, there is a loose lyrical theme relating to the pleasures and weaknesses of the flesh. Musically and lyrically the album covers a wide spectrum of textures from the fragile beauty of ‘A Woman Out Of Snow’ to the oppressive menace of ‘Leper, Leper’, with subtle details that reveal themselves to the listener with each subsequent listen. Now available on Doom friendly vinyl as a Gatefold LP - that comes with a special "pop-up" element!

TOXIC SHOCK - "TwentyLastCentury" - CD & LTD LP - (TCM) Out November 17th

Known from several quality releases (including the split with Iron Reagan) the Belgium powerhouse TOXIC SHOCK pushed their boundaries once again. No compromises! Working with the godfather of metal producing Flemming Rasmussen (Metallica & Co.) to get things right for BLASTING new album "Twentylastcentury". They combine all good things of end of the 80s with good old hardcore like Suicidal Tendencies did on their first two records. So you have Flanger Intros, loco-whispering, furious mosh-parts, fast circle pit parts. The LA-Mentality of late 80s Venice Beach. So if you dig razor sharp Guitars and cool groovy mosher like Leeway did you will did this 100% - Gangshouts, aggressive bass lines, crazy leads and a fitting singer makes this a must have for all crossover maniacs out there.

This is a real NECK BREAKER: A must for fans of Iron Reagan, Power Trip, Early Suicidals, Excel, Municipal Waste and D.R.I.

COBRA FAMILY PICNIC - "Magnetic Anomaly" - CD - (Sulatron) Out November 3rd

New Sulatron doings for you tenacious psychlords to dig into: Arizona's COBRA FAMILY PICNIC have been hanging around with all the best and brightest and most stoned contemporary psych bands, and now they follow up their EP with a full-grown album "Magnetic Anomaly". It's noisy and turgid and ever-so weird, going in for the long, hypnotic squalor of bands like Suicide and Les Rallizes Denudes. Garage messiness shrouded in a smoky fire.

V/A - "TWELVE STRING HIGH VOL. 2" - CD / LTD DLP - (You Are The Cosmos) - Out November 3rd

TWELVE STRING HIGH VOL. 2 is the second volume of this great series from the 'You Are The Cosmos' label.
Volume Two features 24 bands around the world playing 12-string electric guitars!

Featuring : ROB MARTÍNEZ / RONNIE D'ADDARIO / STARRY EYED & LAUGHING / THE CONNECTION / JACK ELLISTER / LOVE MINUS ZERO / THE PARTIES / THE HARMED BROTHERS / PERALTA / THE NATURALS / DIAMOND HANDS / STAR TRIP and ROBYN GIBSON. Fans of The Byrds, Big Star, Raspberries, Badfinger, Barracudas and classic Power Pop will find much to enjoy here!!!

THE PARSON RED HEADS - "Yearling + Murmurations" CD - (You Are The Cosmos) - Out November 3rd

THE PARSON RED HEADS are a country-tinged indie rock band from Portland, Oregon. Their influences range from classic acts such as Big Star, The Byrds and Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young through to ‘90s bands such as Teenage Fanclub, Luna and The Jayhawks. "Yearling" was their debut album, originally released in 2011 and "Murmurations", it’s follow up was originally released in 2012. This reissue CD features both albums, giving you a whacking 17 tracks.

SEX GANG CHILDREN - "Electric Jezebel - The Singles A & B Sides 1982-83" - CD - (Liberation London) - Out November 24th

15 tracks. First released exclusively through the band website in November 2016 and is now available for those who missed it.
This is the first time ever release of the bands complete singles collection 1982-83. The album also includes a new live studio recording of the 1982 cult classic, Deathworship In Eurasia. The CD booklet includes rare photos and lyrics.

Post Punk, Deathrock, Art House, Goth legends!

DEATH TOLL 80K - "Step Down" - CD / LP - (SVart) - Out November 17th

While not quite the Chinese Democracy of underground grindcore, DEATH TOLL 80K’s second album "Step Down" has been a few years in the making. Their debut "Harsh Realities" (2011) was a surprise hit in the murky world of underground grindcore, and the album has since been repressed several times and the band has toured the world extensively, playing major festivals such as Maryland Deathfest and Obscene Extreme.
Despite its exceptionally long production time, "Step Down" sounds anything but polished – listening to the album conjures up images of nuclear attacks and civilization downfalls. Step down seethes with politically charged fury against the status quo and with its reckless production values it is the perfect antidote to modern technical cleaned‐up grindcore.

ANGUIS DEI - “Ad Portas Serpentium” - MCD - (Svart) - Out November 17th

It represents the extremity of Hellish Orchestral Black Metal: harsh, majestic, and spectral soundscape based on Satanism, Demonology and the True Primordial Black Metal tradition. The formation of this sect occurred back in MMXIV anno bastardi. Then in early Novembre MMXIV, ANGUIS DEI’s first EP “Ad Portas Serpentium” shall proudly be unleashed by SVART Records. It shall features the following three sonic ceremonies on the circular laminas. I. Maythorns Over Uroboros II. Angela Krudeliis Ambitiosa Nokturniis III. Origin ~ The Lionel And in addition, “Ad Portas Serpentium” shall shortly be followed by the first full length entitled “Angeist”. ANGUIS DEI is rather an audible form of Black Magick for Satan and Satanists, than other flooding commercialised music products. It shall provide something invisible affecting on your invisible world. Prepare for entering the Gates and taking a dark journey into the malign realms of Satanik Magick...

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Welcome to a good old October in Blighty. It is the month when we always ponder who wrote the best song about Halloween? ; Everyone from the Dead Kennedys and Misfits
through to Donovan and Tom Waits have had a crack at it, but you just cannot beat Bobby Pickett's proto Black Metal classic "The Monster Mash" for our money! Anyway whatever your preference for all hallows eve ; why not get down to your local indie store or get logging in with your favourite specialist online retailer to order up on some of our October new release highlights before the clocks start a changing...

MYSTERY - "Second Home" - Double CD and DVD (Unicorn Digital) is out on November 17TH 2017.

The wait is nearly over, MYSTERY is proud to present its first Live DVD filmed and recorded live on April 3rd 2016 headlining the Prog Dreams V festival in the Netherlands , and is also available on Double CD. "SECOND HOME" has been recorded live on April 3rd 2016 headlining the Prog Dreams V festival in the Netherlands. This double album is the second live album from Mystery recorded at the legendary Cultuurpodium Borderij in Zoetermeer, a place Mystery now calls Second Home, The Album contains more than 2 hours of live music including 3 extras song also recorded at the Boerderij in 2015. This recording features the intensity and emotion of Mystery on stage as if you were there. Always at the forefront of the Progressive Rock Scene from Canada, MYSTERY continues the tradition of releasing albums with great production and musicianship. And has become the most popular Canadian prog band in Europe and the UK after Rush and Saga. MYSTERY includes Benoit Dupuis on keyboards, François Fournier on bass, Sylvain Moineau on guitar, Jean-Sébastien Goyette on drums, Jean Pageau on vocals, flute and keyboards and Michel St-Père on guitars.

BELL WITCH - "Mirror Reaper" Double CD and Double LP (Profound Lore) out October 20th 2017.

With their third full-length album “Mirror Reaper”, Seattle doom metal duo BELL WITCH have created their most enormous and encompassing work to date that will see its official release on 2xCD / 2xLP on October the 20th.
By taking their blueprint for minimalistic (the sole use of bass guitar, drums, and vocals), mournful, yet massive sounding doom to a new level with “Mirror Reaper”, BELL WITCH have attempted the unthinkable in the genre; a continuous 83 minute piece unfolding as a single time stretching track. Once again engineered and mixed by veteran producer Billy Anderson who claims “Mirror Reaper” as one of the milestones in his entire producing career, the duo of Dylan Desmond (bass, vocals) and Jesse Shreibman (drums, vocals, organ) have pushed the BELL WITCH sound even further beyond their landmark 2015 LP, the genre defining “Four Phantoms”.
While still harnessing that massive, overwhelming, monolithic crushing enveloping heaviness “Mirror Reaper” sees BELL WITCH explore even further the other aspect of their sound; the more meditative, melancholic, introspective, and sombre tones making these elements even more singular. With the addition of organ adding a new layer to BELL WITCH’s sound “Mirror Reaper” also sees honorary BELL WITCH member and guest vocalist Erik Moogridge (of Aerial Ruin) return once again offering an even more prominent presence with his vocals.
BELL WITCH, formed by Dylan Desmond (ex-Samothrace) and ex-drummer/vocalist Adrian Guerra (RIP) first made an immediate impact within the death/doom metal scene with their 2011 self-titled demo and would then partner with Profound Lore Records for the release of their debut album “Longing” in Nov 2012. The duo’s second LP, the acclaimed “Four Phantoms” released in April of 2015 would result in being recognized as one of the doom metal triumphs of that year. It was a turning point album which saw the band do even more extensive touring (in North America and Europe) and perform at many notable events and festivals such as Roadburn, Basilica Soundscape, Pitchfork Northside, Sled Island, and Psycho CA. Sept of 2015 would see a crucial turning point which saw Guerra leave the band and be replaced by current drummer /keyboardist/vocalist Jesse Shreibman. In May 2016 tragedy would hit with the untimely death of former and co-founding member Adrian Guerra.

SLOMATICS - "Futurians Live At Roadburn" - LTD Vinyl LP (Roadburn) out October 6th 2017.

JJ Koczan from the Obelisk about the SLOMATICS gig at Roadburn 2017 captured on this release: "The most pummelling tones I’ve heard over the course of the last three days. “Electric Breath,” “Return to Kraken,” “And Yet it Moves,” “Supernothing” — this is the stuff of lumbering, rolling, molten doom supremacy, and as they’re live records deep into a tenure that one hopes continues into perpetuity".
The band commented on their performance on the legendary festival beforehand: “To say we’re excited about playing Roadburn would be an understatement,” says guitarist David Majury. “Its funny how something like a music festival can take on almost mythical proportions, but if any festival has done so its definitely Roadburn! Weʼve had an association with the festival through our records being on Burning World Records, so it feels good to be finally hauling our fuzz pedals over to Tilburg.”
With Majury and Chris Couzens on guitar and drummer / vocalist Marty Harvey also handling synth, Slomatics defy logic with their sheer amount of low‐end output. As the follow‐up to 2014ʼs Estron and 2012ʼs A Hocht, Future Echo Returns (2016) was the third in a trilogy of albums, rounding out an extended story that the band purposefully leaves open for interpretation.
“Iʼm delighted weʼll be joining the 2017 edition of Roadburn,” echoes Couzens. “Weʼve seen some incredible performances in Tilburg over the years and been blown away how the locals embrace the hordes of music fans that descend on them. Itʼll be fantastic to join that special atmosphere as a performer in April!”
THE SLOMATICS set did not dissapoint and their performance was captured on this LTD LP!

DRUNK IN HELL - "DRUNK IN HELL" - LTD Vinyl LP (Burning World) out October 13th 2017.

It was starting to feel like the filth-mongering DRUNK IN HELL would never release an album but here we go. A doom metal band (but only for lack of better terminology) high on hate and skronk, they play their own bunch of broken parts to assemble euphoric half-stumbles of heavy. Much beloved by the Supesonic Festival crowd in recent years...Now you can hear them in the relative comfort of your own home rather than looking at them on a stage and being a bit afraid.
"DRUNK IN HELL is some 35 minutes long and feels like a power drill is being plunged through the top of your skull, right at that point where your fontanelle used to be. Feedback whines. A beast roars. Riffs, if one can call them such, grate endlessly and atonally against each other until you're screeching at your turntable, begging for everything to JUST STOP" - Collective Zine.

Sonically and socially, this record is an offence and an affront - Love it!

HALLATAR - "No Stars Upon The Bridge" - CD and LP (Svart) out October 20th 2017.

Although a brand‐new name, HALLATAR features among its ranks Swallow the Sun and Trees of Eternity guitarist Juha Raivio, Amorphis vocalist Tomi Joutsen, and former HIM
drummer Gas Lipstick. In fact, one could see Hallatar as an extension of Trees of Eternity, whose massively acclaimed debut for Svart, "Hour of the Nightingale", served as the swansong of vocalist Aleah Starbridge.

COVEN - "THE ADVENT" - CD and LP (Svart) out October 6th 2017.

COVEN is a Tokyo‐based Heavy Metal band inspired by the likes of Iron Maiden, lots of NWOBHM bands, Mercyful Fate, Metallica, Manowar and 80’s metal and classic Hard Rock. This great band displays expressive features, dramatic expansion, impressive oriental phrases, epic sing along chorus and captivating song writing and making old school sounds....

URARV - "AURUM" - CD and LP (Svart) out October 6th 2017.

While URARV recognizes the ancient heritage of Norwegian black metal, it also tramples across limitations. At the core of the project lies the idea of experimentation with various unorthodox tunings and curious sounds. “We want to tap into uncharted territories to see what lies hidden under the rocks and dead horses and beneath the cold vastness of uncertainty,” says Aldrahn. “We’re traveling to remote regions of metal music and mental space with this music. Although our message is one of emotional putrefaction, we want to help listeners find a way through the black hole.”

HARD GIRLS - "FLOATING NOW" - CD and LP (Specialist Subject) out October 6th 2017.

HARD GIRLS (whose name is a reverential nod to the Soft Boys, an early influence on the band) spent several years on the road touring with Say Anything, Modern Baseball, AJJ, and Cymbals Eat Guitars among others before returning to the Atomic Garden studio to record Floating Now with engineer Jack Shirley (Deafheaven, Joyce Manor). Their new record "Floating Now" doubles down on the bold, introspective post-punk that has become the band's calling card, while channelling a weird, insistent melodicism not unlike 90's giants Lou Barlow and Robert Pollard.

Alternating vocal duties, guitarist Mike Huguenor's lyrics are poetic and furious, while bassist Morgan Herrell favours a Bradbury-like style of folksy storytelling, but both cohesively explore themes of mortality, doubt, and the struggle to confront these fears. While the trio's hometown of San Jose, CA is poised to be the site of a sprawling new Google campus, it is already the poster child for the alienating class-divide of the new tech economy, embodied by soaring real estate prices and sweeping homelessness.

ROUGHNECK RIOT - "OUT OF ANGER" - (TNS) - Limited edition Orange Vinyl LP - Out October 6th 2017.

"Out Of Anger" the third album from Warrington Folk-punk’s ROUGHNECK RIOT is now available to pre-order as a limited edition Orange Vinyl LP.
The band have been making waves in the UK punk scene for the last few years rapidly expanding their reach playing tours and festivals from UK and across Europe. Influenced by traditional Folk music from around the world, we are reinventing and rewriting Folk music to make sense to our lives today.
“The Roughneck Riot generates a steam-rolling wall of melodic noise that hits you like a right hook. This is contemporary hardcore folk driven by youth and boundless energy. If this lot don’t make you smiles then you’re surely deaf or dead!” - R2/Rock’n’Reel Magazine

FAINTEST IDEA - "INCREASING THE MINIMUM RAGE" - (TNS) - Limited edition Translucent Slime Coloured LP - Out October 6th 2017.

Kicking around the streets of sea port market town Kings Lynn in one form or another since 2008, the rude boy street punks of FAINTEST IDEA will release their new album ‘Increasing The Minimum Rage’ on Translucent Slime Coloured Vinyl this Autumn.

What started out as a visceral punk band venting their political angst, Faintest Idea have slowly developed their own signature blend of street punk with horns as over time their two-tone, ska and reggae influences naturally bled through. They might have a different sound, but they’re still as pissed off as ever, with the current austerity measures from the Tory government raining misery over the country giving them plenty of ammunition. Throughout the album the lyrics tackle current global issues such as ecological destruction, the failures of capitalism, the seeming futility of voting and the rising problems with mental health.

ZONE SIX - "ZONE SIX" - (SULATRON) - CD - Out October 6th 2017.

ZONE SIX were founded in August 1997, When Dave (also known as Sula Bassana) got a concert request for Liquid Visions; but the band was not able to play the show. So Dave had the idea to form a new band just for the night; Zone Six. The idea behind was to play long tranceful space-rock improvisations. Dave formed the band with of Hans-Peter (guitar player of Liquid Visions) on guitar, Claus (who was playing the drums in Liquid Visions shortly before) on drums and himself on bass. The tracks were then recorded, in the rehearsal room of fellow band The Butlers, on 8-track compact tapes. During the next 3-4 days, Dave mixed and produced the sessions and recorded some overdubs and interludes in his little home-recording studio, and after that, all the material got jointed and this album was born.
Of this material, there was a very limited tape-edition, which was made for the first show in the beginning of September 1997. 1998, the music got supplemented by vocals and released as this debut album via Early Birds records, which has now been sold out for many years.
The original version without the vocals, which was not really released before (except for those very few self-released tapes in 1997), is now being released via Sulatron Records, to mark the band’s 20 years anniversary, on CD for the first time. A must for Space / Kraut Rock collectors.

STROBE - "BUNKER SESSIONS" - (SULATRON) - CD - Out October 6th 2017.

STROBE formed in 1990 and played their first gig in November of that year at a local pub in Hitchin, just north of London. In 1991, after a great live review by the Melody Maker, they started releasing several albums on different labels.
In 1994 Strobe decided to record an album with a ‘live’ feel. They recorded this material at the Bunker Studios in Bedford. It was recorded in one session in an empty rehearsal totally live with no overdubs. It is more representative of the band’s sound than any of their studio albums. Sulatron loved the raw sound, the 3-Guitar-lineup, the catchy melodies and the great atmosphere in the music and recordings in general....and have decided to release this previously unreleased album !


To gain some grasp of the genesis of this new project, that may seem surprising at first, let’s address what both artists have in common, rather that what differentiates them. Internationally recognized masters in the styles, respectively reggae & dub, that they are developing in parallel for almost 20 years, without never really meeting each other, the two protagonists strive to challenge their codes in an ever greater respect to their Jamaican roots: two decades furthering a relentless fight against musical orthodoxy, to the benefit of interbreeding’s that have always been major contributions to music — and arts in general — History. This is evidenced by jazz and Jamaican traditional music fusion in the case of Harrison Stafford, and notably with his amazing adventure with Groundation, as well as by Martin Nathan's countless experimentations, and over Brain Damage prolific discography, always digging in more unlikely and audacious directions...

From this unexpected collaboration stems the "Liberation Time" album, an LP that will delight many fans of the two artists’ works, all what builds their respective uniqueness being there so well intricated. Harrison Stafford unique voice supports, in a most elegant way, the delivery of a uniting message focused on self-empowerment through music and his universalist vision of Rastafarian faith. Brain Damage writing and production, on the other hand, appear always more subtle and personal, intellectualized yet visceral. Solid compositions, hit melodies and classy dub effects are among assets that will undoubtedly confirm "Liberation Time" as one of the most accomplished collaboration projects of this year.

CHOMPER - "MEDICINE MOUNTAIN" - (IRON PIER) - LTD Vinyl LP - Out November 10th 2017

"Medicine Mountain" is the debut album by Brooklyn, NY, noise-rock band CHOMPER, to be released October 6th, 2017 on the Iron Pier record label (Brooklyn). The band features members of rock greats – Mark Shue in Guided by Voices and Beech Creeps, Nick Chiericozzi and Mark Perro in The Men, and Russell Hymowitz in Dream Police and Junk Boys, to name a few – resulting in a pile-driving, psychedelic collaboration that will lay you flat.

Chomper was originally the brainchild of Shue, and brought into form by a fateful collision with old friends. Says Shue about Medicine Mountain’s MO: “We just wanted to push a simple, powerful energy forward. No over-thinking or hesitation.” Worse things could arise from the classic “we should jam together” bump-in – Chomper kicks up a racket that displays an uncommon joy and brotherhood between the members and a mutual enthusiasm for rock ‘n roll.

"Medicine Mountain" was recorded to two-inch tape in one day, with Travis Harrison (Guided by Voices, ESP Ohio) behind the boards. The sheer velocity of this process only seemed to bring out Chomper at its wildest, though shot through with a crucial dose of great songs and pop smarts. Just listen.

The Limited 12” vinyl is a must for fans of: The Men, The Stooges, Beech Creeps, MC5, Wipers, The Damned, Dead Boys...

TOBY TWIRL - "TOBY TWIRL" - (MEGA DODO) - CD - Out October 20th 2017

Originally from Newcastle, England, TOBY TWIRL was founded in 1968 and recorded three classic and now highly collectable singles for Decca in the late 1960s. The original members, Barrie Sewell (keyboard), Nick Thorburn (guitar), Stuart Somerville (bass), Dave ‘Holly’ Holland (vocals) and John Reed (drums) all hailed from the North East and played extensively in the North West from 1969 until 1971 when the group eventually disbanded. A very popular close harmony group, this their long overdue debut long‐player mixes original songs with a selection of carefully curated hits of the day.

Unreleased studio recordings. First time available on CD. Includes three bonus tracks including new studio versions of their Decca single Toffee Apple Sunday plus Let’s Spend The Night Together and a Hollies medley...


"Epitome Of Darkness" was the full-length debut album by the masters of total death metal from Sweden, REPUGNANT! This obscure death metal hammer started a whole new wave of Swedish death metal, when originally released in 2006.



Our Condolences" contains what happened in between. No tracks are re-mixed, nothing has been touched up. It's all straight from original tapes. These recordings feature legendary artists (members of BURZUM, IMMORTAL, HADES, THE BATALLION) in several unique line ups pioneering some of the oldest Norwegian black, deathrash and death metal!

This complete compilation, featuring ALL tracks Old Funeral ever recorded, follows Old Funeral from their rebellious youth through to an ending in darkness.



Spanish Heavy-Psych-Rockers LEWIS AND THE STRANGE MAGICS are back with their second full-length!

Formed in Barcelona during the summer of 2014 and influenced by a wide range of styles from Black Sabbath to The Beatles, they shortly after released their debut demo which received great reception from audience and critics alike. Only a month later the band signed with Soulseller Records to release the debut LP, “Velvet Skin”, in August 2015. With their new album “Evade Your Soul” the band offers a heavier and more psychedelic sound, highlighting melodic songs with fuzzy riffs, crazy keys, spiritual lyrics and a lot of groove. It was recorded, mixed and mastered by L'Antoine LV at La Musaranya, a studio from Olesa de Montserrat. The front cover and all the artwork has been created by Branca Studio.

RONNIE D'ADARRIO - "BEST OF 1986-2017" LP / "DON'T WAIT FOR YESTERDAY 1986-2017" 3 CD BOX SET - (YOU ARE THE COSMOS) - Both Out October 6th 2017

Two new RONNIE D’ADDARIO titles are out in October on the YOU ARE THE COSMOS label:

First up is the "Best of 1986 - 2017" LP - Published for the first time in a physical format, this LP gathers the very best from his last three albums: Time Will Tell On You (2011), A Very Short Dream (2015) and The Many Moods of Papa Twig (2017).

And next up is the "Don't Wait For Yesterday 1986 - 2017" 3-CD Box Set.
The Second Volume of Ronnie D'Addario's recordings! Available for the first time in a physical format ! This three‐disc box set contains the original albums 'Time Will Tell On You (2011), 'A Very Short Dream' (2015), and The Many Moods of Papa Twig (2017). Total: 47 tracks over the three discs. Lovely.

LUTHER RUSSELL - ""Selective Memories: An Anthology" - (Hanky Panky) - 2CD - Out October 6TH 2017

LUTHER RUSSELL is a songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist who was born in Los Angeles, California. His career began with DGC and American recording artists The Freewheelers twenty-five years ago. As a solo artist he has released an eclectic series of albums that range from folk-rock to power-pop…and even funk. His latest, The Invisible Audience, is a kaleidoscopic double-album which won raves across the board. As producer he has worked with many critically acclaimed artists such as Richmond Fontaine, Fernando, Sarabeth Tucek and Ned Roberts. Luther’s albums and production work for others have been praised by the likes of Uncut, Mojo, Word, BBC, Tape Op, L.A. Times, NME, The Quietus and more. His music has been featured on NBC, ABC, CBS, HBO and Showtime. Luther’s latest project is Those Pretty Wrongs, a duo with Jody Stephens of the legendary group Big Star. Their self-titled full-length was released on Ardent/Burger to ecstatic reviews and they’ve since toured three continents. Luther also co-wrote two songs for Weezer’s recent Grammy-nominated self-titled record.
A two-disc retrospective of his career entitled "Selective Memories: An Anthology" will be released this October year, as well as a new studio album, "Medium Cool". He is a Sagittarius.

"Luther Russell is a joy to listen to and a joy to play music with. He understands something in music that should never be explained. Luther's compass points to 1967 in much the same way mine does. An all-round good egg and righteous groover” —Robyn Hitchcock

BAND OF OUTSIDERS - "Sound Beach Time" - (Hanky Panky) - CD - Out October 6TH 2017

Back in April, legendary UK music journalist Kris Needs reviewed the new BAND OF OUTSIDERS single for Shindig!. In conclusion, he wrote: "The world will be a better place when their album is released later this year." Well the world just got a little better for Kris. And we hope, for you. SOUND BEACH TIME has finally been released.

The full album runs over one hour, comprising a dozen songs, including eight new tracks plus the four released last year as SOUND BEACH QUARTET. These songs run the gamut of the band's influences: from 60's British Invasion, psychedelia and folk rock; to 70's hard rock, glam, and punk; to 80's underground (post-punk to paisley); to 90's Americana. All produced by David Lee at his Sound Beach studio. The CD includes a booklet with lyrics and recording notes, photography by Andrew
Gardner and cover art by Valentina Elise. A classic and unheralded New York Guitar band.


As Stewart Lee points out in his notes for this long overdue reissue, the 80’s were different times. You had to live through them to “convey to the contemporary consumer the sheer unknowable mysteriousness of recently distant popular culture in the pre-internet age… Arthur Lee’s name was just a cryptic lyric in a Lloyd Cole single, Bert Jansch was ignored once a month in the back room of my local, and the idea that Nick Drake would one day soundtrack a Volkswagen Cabrio advert was absurd.”
You could describe THE PALACE OF LIGHT by simply mentioning those names or others like Scott Walker, the Go-Betweens and Cyrus Faryar. But while those references should be taken as a compliment, they can undermine the Palace of Light’s unique talent and greatness. At a time when drum machines and synthesizers ruled the airwaves, the music they recorded was unlike anything else on offer: the unashamedly epic vocals of Geoff Smith, the string quartet, the intricate acoustic picking and the twin guitar interplay that nodded to Television, Felt or Quicksilver Messenger Service. “Beginning Here And Travelling Outward” was light years ahead, in terms of content and production, of the debut recordings of virtually any other band of the era.

The album got some great reviews, but though the band played a bunch of live shows in London and did some more recordings no more music would be released as the Palace of Light. It’s now the 30th anniversary of the original release of “Beginning Here And Travelling Outward” and along with the remastered album, this Expanded Edition includes one rare B-side from the “City Of Gold” 12”; a bunch of previously unreleased studio recordings and demos recorded between 1987 and 1989; six live tracks recorded for a shelved mini-album on Bam Caruso (covers of Nick Drake, Tom Rush, Mickey Newbury, Tim Hardin…); the rare 1991”Catherine/Books single, privately pressed by the group and credited to Mabel Joy (reissued by Spring Records in 2011); and a brand new recording made last year by the original line-up.

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Welcome to a good old September in Blighty: the whack of leather on willow and ripples of applause on the Cricket pitch have been replaced by the baying of the football terraces once more – So whatever your Sporting preference ; why not get down to your local indie store or get logging in with your favourite specialist online retailer to order up on some of our September new release highlights before the nights start drawing in…

Formed in London 2007 by Matthew Rozeik and AJ Cookson, the duo that comprise NECRO DEATHMORT create an intriguing and alluring blend of electronic-based music that ranges and finds aesthetic within the confines of dark ambient, noise, synth driven beats, cinematic soundscape, and doom like heavy drone. NECRO DEATHMORT’s music seamlessly intertwines the aforementioned genre and styles that has led to the duo amassing an already impressive and prolific catalogue along with NECRO DEATHMORT crossing over with ease amongst audiences of such genres as electronic music, noise, and doom metal respectively.

NECRO DEATHMORT have seen decent consistency as well on the live front, having played with such artists as The Haxan Cloak, YOB, Oranssi Pazuzu, Dalek, Ulver, and Atari Teenage Riot to name just a few, along with playing such notable festivals as Roadburn, Supersonic, Amplifest, and Desertfest. NECRO DEATHMORT have also done remixes for Steven Wilson (of Porcupine Tree fame), Ulver, Obsidian Kingdom, and Vaee Solis and as of most recently appear on the new Steven Wilson solo album “To The Bone” as producers on the track “Refuge”, coincidentally the best track on the new Steven Wilson LP.
The band’s new release, “Overland”, their 8th full-length album and first for Profound Lore, continues where last year’s “The Capsule” left off yet presents itself as a different observation, one more dynamic and layered than its predecessor.

VACIVUS are one of the UK’s most promising new death metal bands who have been making impressions within the UK death metal scene for the last few years during a cycle of two recent EPs, “Rite Of Ascension” and the recently released “Nuclear Chaos” 7” respectively, and being pretty consistent on the live front as well. VACIVUS play a familiar style of dark brutal death metal that takes influence from classic old school U.S. death metal while finding its place within today’s death metal echelon fitting in amongst such bands as Dead Congregation, Blood Incantation, Grave Miasma, Cruciamentum, Phrenelith et al.
Their new full-length album “Temple Of The Abyss” (Profound Lore) shows immense musical growth in such a short time since the band’s initial inception in 2013. Musically “Temple Of The Abyss” (recorded and mixed at Priory Studios by Greg Chandler of Esoteric) captures all the essential elements inherent; the unrelenting brutality, dark brooding atmosphere, the infectious riffs and guitar shredding that lays down the backbone to a solid rhythm section making “Temple Of The Abyss” a death metal wonder to behold.
Alongside Profound Lore artists GRAVE MIASMA, and CRUCIAMENTUM, VACIVUS are the best new death metal band out of the UK completing the UK’s big three of death metal alongside the aforementioned acts.

With their new album “Never Forever” (Profound Lore) France’s premiere extreme doom metal band MONARCH continue their singular style of punishing ritualistic amplifier worship and take it even more towards melancholic territory with their new LP. Even more ghostly, atmospheric, and haunting than their predecessor, 2014’s “Sabbracadaver”, “Never Forever” sees MONARCH take even more form and shape with their songwriting while still harnessing that plodding, down-tuned, and crushing low-end sound of doom that has become their signature rhythmic backdrop to vocalist Emilie Bresson’s enchanting and spellbinding vocals. With the more melancholic tone and vibe of “Never Forever”, Bresson adapts her vocals in a more ethereal and delicate manner likewise, while still juxtaposing them with her otherworldly harsh shrieks.
Since 2002, MONARCH have been France’s most recognized and active extreme doom metal band, through countless touring all over the world (which has recently included multiple tours of Japan within the last few years) and delivering a myriad of releases on multiple respected labels of some of the most punishing amplifier worship that has befallen doom metal in the scene alongside the likes of such likeminded bands as Corrupted, Noothgrush, Burning Witch, and Khanate. This has earned them the reputation as one of the most recognized and respected underground extreme doom metal bands in the scene today.

DANIEL WYLIE'S COSMIC ROUGH RIDERS - "SCENERY FOR DREAMERS" vinyl LP is the BEST songs collection of the noted Scottish songwriter’s career to date and also the BEST produced. It is now available as a Limited Edition LP of just 500 copies (with no repress) for the “You Are The Cosmos” label.

After a couple albums under his own name and as the Pinecones, Brent Randall of Toronto is now using the moniker GENTLE BRENT, but he's still playing many of the instruments on his own (with help from a few friends here and there). A little less orchestral this time around, Brent is leaning more toward jangly power-pop territory ‐ think Harry Nilsson or Paul McCartney meets the Heavy Blinkers, Flashing Lights or even Jigsaw's own Michael Knight. His new “Just Dandy“ (You Are The Comsos) album has friendly, bouncy AM‐styled hits galore, and with eleven of 'em in under half an hour, you'll find lots of wonderful vocal harmonies and the catchiest songs you've heard in a while - Limited Edition LP of just 300 copies

The material recorded by Sun Dial approximately between 1990-1997 under their alter-ego QUAD has been among the most elusive prizes for fans of psychedelia, as it was issued many moons ago as an extremely limited LP in a clear plastic sleeve. It is an album certainly great enough to deserve such avid pursuit by fans of all sorts of psychedelia—mesmerizing, drugged-out and trippy at all times, with sitar and guitar floating in and out and up and down in the mix over some decidedly funky grooves. “Quad AKA NO 1” (Lion Productions) is now available on CD and if there was ever music for dj’s to sample, and yet also for heads to enjoy at home, this is it!

Queer feminist punks JESUS AND HIS JUDGEMENTAL FATHER release their sophomore full-length, It Might Get Better, out on Specialist Subject 1st September 2017. Based in Leeds, Jesus and his Judgemental Father specialise in melodic punk that combines high energy sing-alongs with shredding guitar and three-part harmonies, drawing influence from the likes of Against Me!,rvivr, Tegan and Sara, and Martha. Although not afraid of distortion, it never gets in the way of their message: being queer is great, stick with your friends. Following their self-released debut Kings and Queens back in 2012, It Might Get Better takes on a more nuanced sound. Energetic throughout, the album blasts through nine queer pop songs without neglecting the intricacies of layered guitars, vocal harmonies, and effects that blend blues rock solos seamlessly into pop anthems.

ROME IS NOT A TOWN emerged from Göteborg, Sweden debut with the one-side-only 7", "Stupid" in 2015, followed by the 12"EP "Careful Like You Cared" in 2016. With their alarming indie rock full of noisy guitars they have also started to build a formidable live reputation. “It’s a Dare” (Startracks) is the band's debut album, produced by Per Stålberg (Division of Laura Lee), Pelle Gunnerfeldt (Fireside, The Hives) and the band.
”It’s sort of post-Riot grrrl, post-No Wave, experimental music and completely engaging from beginning to end.” – Thurston Moore (Sonic Youth) - NME
"The Swedish quartet have that early 90s alt rock squall, fusing elements of Pixies, Sonic Youth, L7 into one unruly whole. Buzzsaw guitars are matched to wonderfully caustic lyricism, recalling everyone from Huggy Bear to the Replacements." - Clash Magazine

BEDROOM EYES - "Greetings From Northern Sweden" CD / LP (Stratacks) With his debut album, released back in 2010, getting raving press from the likes of Rolling Stone ("a strong songwriter"), Vice ("beautiful artist"), Der Spiegel ("marvellous songs blessed with harmony") and Swedish national radio P3 ("next big thing in Swedish pop") there's a lot of anticipation leading up to this new release. BEDROOM EYES sophomore album ’Greetings From Northern Sweden’ is wonderful, speedy and intriguing indie pop at its finest. There’s muddy guitars, delicate strings and classic indie melodies combined with the sound nordic mountains and winds that gives the album a special Swedish touch. Great indie pop in a Paul Westerberg meets Deathcab for Cutie vein...

THE KRYNG come from Holland and present their debut self-titled album (Teen Sound), mastered by Mr. Tim Warren himself, the man behind the legendary Crypt Records and the world-known “Back from the grave” Sixties garage compilation series. With a mix of Garage-Punk, echoes of Neder-Beat and Powerpop, these three Dutch guys deliver an instant underground garage classic. Take a whole lotta 60’s garage pop, some 70’s punk, a handful of 90’s indie-grunge-rock and mix them together and there you have it. What else can we add? Just go for it - 12 raw and catchy garage-pop songs that will get inside your head and never get out again.

Teen Sound Records, the Italian neo-Sixties label since 1997, presents the long awaited vinyl version of Italy’s THE BRADIPOS IV, one of the longest running act on the Surf Scene. With their almost twenty years of experience is considered one of the best surf-rock bans worldwide. Thirteen years ago Teen Sound released their classic and best album “Surf Session” on CD and now its reissue is finally out on vinyl. The classy release includes a full colour insert with a collection of fine pictures of the band taken live and on tour and a completely new artwork with a strong Del-Fi classic Surf releases influence. An instant Collectable item to own. Hurry up and grab it!

‘As The Tide Turns’ (TNS) is the new album from Hastings folk punk outfit MATILDA'S SCOUNDRELS. Blending traditional punk instruments with accordion, mandolin, tin whistle and gravelly vocals makes for an exciting mix of music which has had hundreds of bodies moving, feet tapping and beer flowing. "Angry pissed off folk-punk that will have you shaking your fist as well as tapping your feet." - London Celtic Punks. Highly RIYL - The Pogues, Roughneck Riot, Flogging Molly et al...

Punk rockers SATURDAYS HEROES are back with their third album "Pineroad" (The Sign). Sing along friendly highly melodic punk rock that is strongly rooted in the American song writing tradition with a huge amount of Swedish melodically heritage. The band have added more aggressiveness and are more "straight to the point" then on their previously albums at the same time as the band added tonnes of rock n roll and screaming guitars to make this their best album so far. For fans of: Street Dogs, Social Distortion and Bad Religion.

KABBALAH is a trio project from Pamplona, Spain signed by former members of Las Culebras, who after several records and a wide path through the rock national stages, initiate a new journey to darker ambients, with a predilection for the occult, witchcraft and spooky sounds. “Spectral Ascent” caused quite a stir on it's CD release back in July and has just received a deserved Vinyl release c/o the Twin Erath label - A must for fans of Blood Ceremony and Jex Thoth.

The worlds of occult metal and colossal doom collide on the HANDS OF ORLAC and THE WANDERING MIDGET split, set for a September 8 release via Cruz Del Sur Music.
Featuring four contributions from Italian/Swedish occult metal troupe HANDS OF ORLAC and one 18-minute epic from Finnish doomsters THE WANDERING MIDGET, the split finds two disparate, unique bands offering a glimpse into their dark and mysterious worlds on this split CD/LP via Cruz Del Sur.

MAUSOLEUM GATE’s 2014 self-titled debut album was not as much of a revelation as it was a reminder of how vintage metal should be played. Bucking virtually every modern production trend, the Finns greeted audiences with a warm analogue production sound, flanked by the star-gazing vocals of V-P Varpula and the classy twin guitar action of Count LaFey and Kasperi Puranen. Critical and fan acclaim soon followed, along with key festival appearances at Keep It True and Muskelrock, with many hailing MAUSOLEUM GATE as one of the most exciting new retro metal bands on the scene.
Three years removed from their debut, the Finns return with the six-song “Into a Dark Divinity”, which is set for a September 8 release via Cruz Del Sur Music. Capitalizing on the self-titled debut’s majestic sound, MAUSOLEUM GATE harnesses the keyboard dominated bravado of classic DEEP PURPLE and RAINBOW and blends it with the proto metal visions of MANILLA ROAD and early IRON MAIDEN.

ARGUS no longer needs an introduction. Three studio albums, three EPs, several European tours and US showcases and festival appearances have established the name of ARGUS as an established force in the Heavy Metal Universe. Yet, ARGUS is a band not content to rest on its achievements. This is a band that is still hungry - a growing and strengthening animal that shows no signs of slowing down any time soon. “From Fields of Fire” (Cruz Del Sur) features some real Heavy Metal gems: the infectious melodies and guitar-drive of “You Are the Curse” and “216”, the moody “Hour Of Longing”, the galloping sound of “As A Thousand Thieves” and the borderline epic, ever-shifting majesty of “Infinite Lives, Infinite Doors”.

"Roll For Initiative" (The Sign)is the debut album from Gothenburg’s HIGHRIDER. The boiling point of Scandinavian thrash, metal, 70´s, doom, punk and hardcore. A metallic and raw debut filled with Scandinavian high energy heavy metal. Gothenburg have always been a breeding ground for clashes of the extreme. Highrider is the new generation to develop the extreme Gothenburg sound into new directions...

HALLAS release their debut album “Excerpts From a Future Past” this October on The Sign Records. The Swedish quintet has adopted the progressive sound from their earlier release and their unique way of creating a powerful, catchy, yet complex sound and taken it a step further, calling their genre “adventure rock”. The Swedes were praised for their EP released in 2015 and their new concept album contains seven storytelling tracks about seers, a knight on a quest for answers and the fall of a once great city.

NIGHT’s third album "Raft of the World" (The Sign) contains nine ravishing rock hymns that shows a significant musical progression towards a more rock-based sound - without leaving their old NWOBHM attitude. With a modern take on classic rock combined with sinister lyrical themes the album invites the listener on an increasingly organic and diverse journey compared to its predecessors. For fans of Classic / Scandinavian rock...

"Streets Of Chance" (Battlegod Productions) is the fifth official solo album from ex-SHY/TNT front man TONY MILLS. As you would expect it's another gem of an AOR/Melodic Rock album for fans of SHY, TNT, SERPENTINE, etc...The album features special guest musicians Joel Hoekstra (WHITESNAKE / NIGHT RANGER), Tommy Denander (RADIOACTIVE, ALICE COOPER, PAUL STANLEY), Robby Boebel (FRONTLINE, EVIDENCE ONE, STATE OF ROCK), Neil Fraser (RAGE OF ANGELS, TEN), Eric Ragno (THE BABYS, JOE LYNNE TURNER, CHINA BLUE), Linda Mills (DOLLS OF DISASTER), and many more...

And finally…The progressive death pop band THE GREAT DISCORD are back with their sophomore album, entitled 'THE RABBIT HOLE’ (The Sign). The band features notable musicians who have worked with or are working with bands like GHOST, MCC (Magna Carta Cartel), TID, PG. LOST, DEAD SOUL, VANHELGD and many others. Returning from tours with GHOST, KVELERTAK, KATATONIA and GHOST BATH, they have wowed reviewers and concertgoers across Europe with their theatrically enticing and energetic performances.

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CODE 7 – AUGUST 2017

So Glastonbury, Wimbledon are done -and there are there are officially three months of BST left – So you had best get down to your local indie store or get logging in with your favourite specialist online retailer to order up on some of our August new release highlights before the nights start drawing in…

Please remember that these, and many other, titles can be read about in depth - and also directly pre-ordered from retail – via our monthly online “Decoded magazine”
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Brooklyn, NY instrumental post metal power trio SANNHET formed in late 2010 and since then have been recognized as one of the most promising bands within the genre. Their last album, their sophomore LP “Revisionist” (Flenser Records) that followed their promising debut, 2013’s “Known Flood” (Consouling Sounds), was praised across the board, one of the most celebrated albums in this specific genre of that year, and now with their new full-length album “So Numb” (Profound Lore), SANNHET have undoubtedly delivered their most transcendent album to date.
With “So Numb” the band enlisted respected producer Peter Katis (The National, Interpol, Japandroids, Kurt Vile) who was essential in helping the trio reach a new level with their sound, going beyond the typical trappings of post metal and expanding it even more into the realms that share an aesthetic with the likes of such genres as electronic, experimental, and ambient while still upholding the blueprint for the heavy and punishing SANNHET sound. With “So Numb”, the trio have created songs with a stronger focus on songwriting and on creating stronger and more memorable evocative melodies that permeate throughout the entire album making “So Numb” a listening experience like no other within the genre.
“So Numb” is the follow up to the acclaimed “Revisionist” album, surpassing it and creating a milestone within the post metal/metalgaze genre, and instrumental music in general. For Fans Of: Russian Circles, Godspeed You Black Emperor, Deafheaven, Alcest, Tim Hecker, The Haxan Cloak, Explosions In The Sky, Isis, Pelican, and Prurient.
Woodwind player COLIN STETSON can play powerfully while circular breathing for long periods, can draw multiphonics out of a sax with great skill, and can command an audience's attention with his focus and melodic improvisations. Stetson was born and raised in Ann Arbor, Michigan, where he became proficient on assorted saxophones, clarinet, and flute.
“New History Warfare, Volume 1” (Aagoo/AF) is Colin Stetson's first full-length solo recording. On this album, the vast musical experiences that Stetson has accumulated over a short period of time have been crafted into 12 songs that defy genres, establishing a sound that is Colin Stetson in full bloom.
His newest full length "All This I Do For Glory" was released to some acclaim last month and this older work has never been available in the UK before now...
ROCKPILE were a British rock and roll group of the late 1970s and early 1980s, noted for their strong pub rock, rockabilly and power pop influences, and as a foundational influence on new wave. The band consisted of Dave Edmunds (vocals, guitar), Nick Lowe (vocals, bass guitar), Billy Bremner (vocals, guitar) and Terry Williams (drums). Rockpile recorded four studio albums, though only one (Seconds of Pleasure) was released under the Rockpile banner. Two other albums (Tracks on Wax 4 and Repeat When Necessary) were released as Dave Edmunds solo albums, and one more (Labour of Lust) was released as a Nick Lowe solo album.
This is the very first time “Live At The Palladium” (Mega Dodo) has been available on CD. The Unreleased live US radio broadcast is an absolute cracker and includes ‘Cruel To Be Kind’, ‘I Knew The Bride (When She Used To Rock ‘n’ Roll)’ and ‘Girls Talk’ (known by many for Elvis Costello's own version, released as the B-side of his single "I Can't Stand Up for Falling Down" some years later...)
TIR NA NOG have been described as Alt Folk, Prog Folk, Psych Folk, and even Space Folk! But the duo, formed by Leo O’Kelly & Sonny Condell in 1970, transcends all these categories. What is not in doubt is that they are two of the most original and influential songwriters and performers Ireland has ever produced.
‘The Dark Dance’ released on CD in 2015 is their most recent studio album. Prog Magazine placed it in their top five best album of the year and called it “an acoustically mounted piece of great refinement, on a record often embellished by strings and moments of eastern promise'’. Classic Rock Magazine said: “Each of these deceptively serene songs has an underlying mysticism, an arcane quality that cannot be denied”. Only available until now as CD and download, Mega Dodo has had the album mastered for a vinyl release in a gatefold sleeve.
The You Are The Cosmos Vinyl Reissue of THE JACOBITES - "OLD SCARLETT" – LP is out this August. For the first time on Vinyl format, Old Scarlett (1995) by The Jacobites – (Nikki Sudden & Dave Kusworth) is probably their greatest love & death songs collection. An essential album and band! – First pressing comes with a 30 x 60 cm poster too!
The Svart Records Jazz reissue campaign continues apace with the CD and LP pressing of 1977 jazz funk cult classic OILING BOILING's "Two Faces".

Svart are proud to bring back one of the grooviest items from the Finnish jazz scene of the 70's, never before reissued. Drummer Matti Oiling's quintet's moods shift from mellow samba‐tinged rhythms to the odd, almost techno‐like beats of the closing number "Cyclops Dance".

"Eye For An Eye" is the second solo album from Reverend Bizarre / Lord Vicar guitarist KIMI KARKI.

Kimi Kärki is a Finnish cultural historian, guitar player and singer‐songwriter. Known for his versatile guitar playing and sombre compositions for Reverend Bizarre, Lord Vicar, Orne, E‐Musikgruppe Lux Ohr, and, most recently, Uhrijuhla, Kärki has developed his recognisable playing style within doom metal, progressive, folk, and electric ambient scenes. This variety of mostly underground styles reflects the open and intuitive approach to music, which is in the very heart of Kärki's craft. Available on Svart Records CD and LP.

PEKKA POHJOLA's last three studio albums (Changing Waters, Pewit and Views) have never before been available on vinyl, unti now. Licensed from Rockadilllo / Pohjola Records by Svart, this double LP of Changine Watere is first up and is limited to just 500 copies .
A counterpart of sorts to vocalist Keijo Niinimaa's older group Rotten Sound, MORBID EVILS have become known for exploring slower tempos and the lower end of the sonic spectrum, all topped with a fascination with the morbid realities of our hopeless existence. Having so far survived fluctuating line-ups, touring with Voivod and the impending global eco-catastrophe, Morbid Evils spent the best part of 2016 hidden in sweaty underground conditions perfecting their craft, working on the follow-up to their 2015 album In Hate With The Burning World.
Come 2017, the band emerges from the pit with a paean to death, split in six sections, each examining the subject from various positions. Titled Deceases, the album takes a bold leap from their sludge-death metalish origins and towards a more original, minimalist approach. The air hangs heavy as droning, buzzing walls of down tuned guitars grind against punishingly pummelling drums in slow motion and everything around us seems to be another step closer to death. While wallowing in the unpleasantries of life Morbid Evils manage to churn out something wholly original in the congested sludge metal genre - if a grind/drone hybrid existed, it might sound like this. With their down tuned slo-mo aesthetics, nasty black metal-ish buzzsaw guitar harmonies and a drone metal-like sense of space in music, Morbid Evils are on a path of their own. The album will be released on Svart Records on CD, LP and digital formats on August 25th, if the world doesn't end sooner.
DEMON EYE are back with their third offering and another dose of their own blend of Heavy Classic Rock, Proto Metal and Traditional Doom!
The new album "Prophecies and Lies" (Soulseller) was recorded by Mike Dean of CORROSION OF CONFORMITY in the band's hometown of Raleigh, North Carolina, and displays a strong musical progression with mighty riffs, haunting melodies and fist-raising anthems. DEMON EYE are bringing vintage heavy darkness for modern times and current day evils, giving their listeners dynamic songs to empower them against all adversaries.
TOTENGOTT - "Doppelganger" (Burning World) ; Darkness. Experimentation. Heaviness. Artistic integrity. A band that is born as a tribute to Swiss titans Celtic Frost should have all these concepts as a basic reference when working on their own music.
Formed in 2014 by three off-road musicians with a vast experience in metal, rock, and hardcore bands of Asturias (Spain), In less than three years, they have managed to form a solid base of fans in the metal underground scene of their area. This ode to darkness was depicted in the self-released Demo 2016, a three-song 3-minute-long recording that served as an introduction to TOTENGOTT. The band sold more than 200 copies of this demo and gathered a good number of praising reviews in the Spanish extreme metal scene.
Now they unleash their Vinyl LP "Doppelganger" on the world - and fans of prime time Celtic Frost need to hear this!
London punks, FRESH formed in 2015 when singer Kathryn Woods was just 17, the band quickly released a couple of home recorded EPs, mixing lo-fi acoustic songs and noisy, urgent pop punk with tracks that rarely pass the two minute mark. With their self-titled debut album for Specialist Subject, Fresh hone this formula even more. Written over the past two years this is 11 tracks of genuine teenage angst - trying to pass exams, dealing with depression, confusion about your sexuality and identity, and attending bible camp as an angry young atheist.
Taking a slightly less lo-fi approach the new full length was swiftly recorded over 3 days at The Ranch in Southampton (which has seen records made by likes of Creeper, Muncie Girls and Gnarwolves in recent years), clearly capturing the charm and urgency of the band.
SIR BALD DIDDLEY & HIS RIPCURLS is the latest project of Sir Bald Diddley, musical all rounder, who already brought us bands like his Rockabilly‐Combo “Hipbone Slim & The Kneetremblers”, “The Legs”, “The Beatseeking Missiles” or “The Kneejerk Reactions”. With The Ripcurls his path takes him to a Fratrock‐/Surf/Exotica/Teen‐Sound with a rich, versatile sound which adds up to a fantastic album that won’t leave your turntables so easily!

“Flip Your Wig” (Soundflat) has 16 fabulous tunes are covered in some great artwork by Chris Sick. But the record doesn’t only look good, but it definitely also sounds it. “Bird Stomp” almost sounds like the band’s very own take on THE TRASHMEN’s “Surfin’ Bird” while “Macho Combo Burrito” has a little bit of THE CHAMPS’ classic “Tequila” in it. With “There’s a Merkin Lurkin’” they deliver a very cool instrumental Tittyshaker with a dirty saxophone, exotic percussions and a surfy guitar. “Cut Throat” comes along as a fantastic surfer while “Fly Eyes” will blow your ears with its frantic piano and wild guitars. You’ll definitely start dancing to the fun Frat Rock‐songs “Run Gorilla” or “Gannet For Your Love”. The perfect soundtrack for a surfin’ beach party!

"Like There's No Tommorow"(Sireena) is an eighteen-track gem that showcases EAMONN McCORMACK as a sincere passionate singer who writes heart felt songs topped up by his World Class unique guitar playing that will send shivers down many a listeners spine.

The album features Jonathan Noyce on bass and Darrin Mooney on drums whom many will remember as Gary Moore’s Power house rhythm section and together they form the backbone to Eamonn’s exciting new Power Trio. Production duties were in the capable hands of the legendary Chris Tsangarides (Thin Lizzy, Black Sabbath, Depeche Mode and Mountain). Consisting of eleven full power electric tracks on disc 1 and seven acoustic based tracks on disc 2. In the past, Eamonn for sure paid his dues and sharpened his craft as he played, toured and recorded with everyone from Rory Gallagher to ZZ Top and Johnny Winter to Walter Trout, so it’s safe to say his Bona Fide’s are certainly in order. As a live performer, Eamonn has always been on top of his game and has rocked audiences all over the world leaving them with an experience few will ever forget. Now with this new release and brand new band Eamonn McCormack is set to rock the very foundations of the International Blues-rock circuit.

"Cherry Blossom Life" (TNS Records) is the third album from East Anglian hardcore bruisers, THE DOMESTICS. This record sees them drawing evermore on their Japanese, Swedish and USHC influences, integrating them further into their already ferociously defined sound. It’s fast, it’s rabidly pissed off, but it’s not just another formula hardcore record.

“Stellar…if you’re gonna play hardcore don’t fuck around. THE DOMESTICS got the memo…pissed beyond belief” Maximum Rock ‘n’ Roll

BAD NERVE is the brainchild of Jonas Lyxzen whom, if you know your Swedish HC history, has been a part of a bunch of classic Umeå bands like Abhinanda, Separation, DS-13, Insurgent Kid and so on. Jonas is joined by Melody Almroth (from the local band Trots) on bass and vocals and new comer Mårten Bläckberg on Vocals and Guitar. They’ve already managed to do a short European tour in 2014, a China tour in 2015 and they’ve released a criminally underrated 7” on Ny våg. Ny Våg and also a split 7” with Fanzui Xiangfa from China. Both these were released back in 2014.

Now they are back with a full-length album called "The Lost Ones" (Luftslott). 14 tracks of simple yet innovative and catchy punk rock that mirrors both the Umeå tradition and classic American Hardcore acts like Zero Boys, Bad Brains and Wipers.

MOMENT MANIACS were a side project in the late 90’s comprised of Marduk / Allegiance & Wolfpack / Anti Cimex members. Fronted by Tomas “Jonsson” of Anti Cimex / Wolfpack on vocals, T.F.P. is a punishing onslaught of filthy Swedish punk mixed with old school death metal.

“Two Fuckin Pieces” was recorded in 1998 at Abyss Studios by Peter Tägtgre (Destruction, Immortal, Dimmu Borgir, Hypocrisy etc.). Originally released by Distortion Records on CD in 1999, these ten songs of blistering chaos are now available for the first time on vinyl via Unrest Records.

After their 1986 demo was released in 1990 as the Death From Above EP, Per Lundström (Agoni) remained the only original member of DISCARD. He went on to recruit Mats Svensson from Asocial on guitar, along with two others to record this solid full- length D-Beat album, Four Minutes Past Midnight. Originally pressed by Ripping Records in 1993, FMPM will now see the light once again on Unrest Records with permission of Mats Svensson. Discard is one of the original D-Beat bands that played furious, bare bones and in-your-face Discharge infused hardcore punk. Even though they began as a Mob 47 side project with a couple of demos, compilations and one live performance, Discard had an impact on bands like Doom. By the time FMPM came out in 1993, the D-Beat epidemic had begun as bands like Disclose, Dischange or Disfear (and Disaster before them) were proudly carrying the banner of Discharge-worship, the patterns of which had been drawn by Discard in 1985. Discard continues to play a crucial role in punk history as they influence the distorted sounds of D-Beat bands to this day. Re-mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege Studios (Portland, USA), this classic repress comes in a gatefold jacket with an embossed and glossed logo / title.

To round off the month Western Star has two great compilations:

"THE BEST OF BRITISH PSYCHOBILLY VOL. 1" – CD features 26 tracks by the best names in British Psychobilly - A great way to get to know the bands on the thriving Psychobilly scene!

And "IT’S A ROCKABILLY RIOT VOL.2" - CD features 26 tracks by the best names in British Rockabilly like Darrel Higham, Jack Rabbit Slim etc.

Many new, unreleased tracks. Most bands on the compilation are gigging busy names, most of which are headliner acts. Again a great way to get to know the bands on this thriving underground Rockabilly scene!

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CODE 7 – JULY 2017

July 2017 has rolled around and it looks like the 'British Summer' has been and gone already - however you can create your own sunshine by getting down to your local indie store or logging in with your favourite specialist online retailer to order up on some of our July new release highlights…

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"The Ape Regards His Tail" (Sulatron) is SULA BASSANA's first soundtrack album. 60 minutes of totally spaced out and minimalistic music for the Sci-Fi feature- film “The Ape Regards His Tail" (by film maker Michael Yates).
The music was produced on Synthesizers, String-Ensembles, Mellotron, Organ, E-Guitar and E-Piano. It shows the mellow and relaxed, but also deep, dark and melancholy side of Sula Bassana. Wide and floating soundscapes combined with deep melodies and spaced out sounds: Close your eyes and watch a movie inside your head, constructed by those tunes and your mind. Composed, performed, mixed and produced by Sula/Dave Schmidt (of Electric Moon, Zone Six, Krautzone) in late 2016 and early 2017. Cover artwork by Lulu Artwork! Mastered by Krautrock legend Eroc (ex Grobschnitt).

EWIGKEIT “Cosmic Man" (Svart) sees IN THE WOODS vocalist Mr Fog resurrects his solo project!
Fresh from helping to resurrect In The Woods, prolific underground metal artist James Fogarty then immediately began to reconstruct his long‐running solo effort Ewigkeit and record the new album Cosmic Man, which is set for international release on July 14th via Svart Records.
With a history of creating novelty, James' newest Ewigkeit release is not without its own enigma. Lyrically melding the motifs of Terence McKenna and the psychedelic counter‐culture with the music of the various rocks, metals, and alloys, Cosmic Man takes you from the haze of the early '70s via a NWOBHM detour, followed by a refuel and oil‐change at extreme metal. From then on, it's out with the star‐charts for a left turn at Alpha Centauri and straight down the inter‐galactic highway toward the transcendental object at the end of time.

The highly anticipated second album from Cardiff hardcore punks GRAND COLLAPSE "Along The Dew" (Tns) does not disappoint and perfectly follows on from the bands frantic debut "Far From The Callous Crowd". "Along The Dew" delivers everything you want from Grand Collapse; it’s aggressive with loads of energy, massive riffs and non-stop anger. Propaghandi, Tragedy and His Hero Is Gone fans will find much to like here. One of the best intelligent underground UK Hardcore bands for years. Needed now more than ever!

Unrest Records is proud to announce "Burning The Blindfolds Of Bigots" the new album by WARWOUND. Boasting Damian Thompson (Sacrilege), Rat (Varukers), Ian Glasper (Stampin’ Ground), and Stevie James (Hellkrusher), what do you seriously expect? A bass and drum driven beast layered with acute riff laden rhythm and leads, while Rat's vocals are as visceral as ever! - This powerhouse Warwound line-up does not rest on the sounds of their past demos and have strengthened their delivery creating a surgically tight heavyweight metallic punk crossover
fiend of an album. "Old School D-Beaters bring a revitalized sound" say Down For Life Magazine and we could not have put it any better ourselves…a truly blistering album.

KABBALAH is a trio project from Pamplona, Spain signed by former members of Las Culebras, who after several records and a wide path through the rock national stages, initiate a new journey to darker ambience, with a predilection for the occult, witchcraft and 'spooky' sounds...“Spectral Ascent” (Twin Earth) will be out on CD in July 2017 and is a must for fans of Blood Ceremony and Jex Thoth.

Twin Earth Records are pleased to announce that they will release "Black Magic" the debut EP by Swedish doom merchants ALASTOR this July…the band are cryptic about their background and have revealed little info about who they are, preferring only to state "DIE IN FIRE!" which should tip you off on how they sound. This limited Vinyl LP is a must for fans of Electric Wizard, Eyehategod and Sleep.

Fast-forward 50 years to 2012, and Boston Garage legend TRAVIS PIKE located three of the long out of print film "Feelin’ Good’s original five reels, successfully restoring 6 music sequences, which he subsequently posted to YouTube, so at least some of “Feelin’ Good” can now be seen and appreciated by a wider audience than its original (limited) theatrical release would have allowed. State Records are very pleased to be able to present these 2 fine tracks for the first time on vinyl,
officially authorised and sanctioned by Travis himself, as a limited edition seven-inch single in glorious MONO! - Limited to 500 copies on 7” vinyl with front-laminated flip back sleeve; previously unreleased material, officially authorised by Travis Pike and on the cult State Records imprint.

TOTENGOTT - "Doppelganger” (Burning World) Darkness. Experimentation. Heaviness. Artistic integrity. A band that is born as a tribute to Swiss titans Celtic Frost should have all these concepts as a basic reference when working on their own music.
Formed in 2014 by three off-road musicians with a vast experience in metal, rock, and hardcore bands of Asturias (Spain), in less than three years, they have managed to form a solid base of fans in the metal underground scene of their area. This ode to darkness was depicted in the self-released Demo 2016, a three-song 3-minute-long recording that served as an introduction to TOTENGOTT. The band sold more than 200 copies of this demo and gathered a good number of praising reviews in the Spanish extreme metal scene.
Now they unleash their Vinyl LP "Doppelganger" on the world - and trust us; fans of prime time Celtic Frost looking for new blood need to hear the album ASAP!

35 Years of RAW POWER history and finally they find their way to the 'Demons Run Amok' label.
New album "Inferno" is the perfect proof that RAW POWER are still one of the finest European thrash/hardcore bands of all time.
A brand new thrash/metal-hardcore album from the legendary RAW POWER that will crush your skull like a ton of bricks. It’s 15 songs of fast, intense kick-you-in-the-face thrash from a band that’s been going strong and pushing the limits of hardcore and thrash since the early ‘80’s!
As was ever the case; total anger and disdain for the harshness of this world and the people who make it so corrupt fuel the fire of RAW POWER. Italy's most famous Punk band - responsible for the seminal 'Screams From The Gutter' album way back in 1985 - and along with Holland's B.G.K. , one of the few European Punk/HC bands to make a serious impression on the burgeoning U.S. Hardcore scene of that time.

KRISTOFER ASTROM‘s catalogue finally reached the present with "The Story Of A Heart’s Decay" CD/LP (Startracks) this July. Originally released 2015, this is his latest and finest album, and the first one with his new band. One of the first and leading Swedish singer/songwriters in the northern blues wave the ex-FIRESIDE singer's solo career reaches a definite high point on this album; with the work recalling so many great singer songwriters both past and present: Neil Young (check out the Harvest-style sleeve), Nick Drake, Elvis Costello, Ryan Adams, Springsteen, Jay Farrar, and Jeff Tweedy can all be heard at points. Highly recommended.

JIMSONWEED - "Invisible Plan" – LTD LP with Gatefold jacket. Black vinyl, 300 copies made.
Along with Kingston Wall earlier in the 1990s and HIM later in the same decade, Jimsonweed was an integral part of the Helsinki rock scene. Their brand of organic heavy metal was original enough to attract local followers but too original to make it internationally. The band had a wild stage reputation, yet managed to capture their psychedelic Indian-flavoured stoner metal on only one full length album. This is that album. Released on CD only in 1996, the album’s vinyl debut comes in gatefold covers and either black or green vinyl, both limited editions. The last LP side has three extra songs, all of which are previously unreleased.

"We Come From Planet Goo (Full Head Hunter Session)" (Western Star) is the third album from UK Psychobilly/Garage band THE GO GO CULT. These guys have played all over Europe and UK and have a busy year ahead. This is their 3rd and best album to date and is long awaited on the scene.

And finally Svart Records campaign of classic Scandinavian Jazz continues...

First up is THE GROUP’s - “THE GROUP" which has a Double CD and Double LP reissue.

Svart presents a heavily extended reissue of The Group’s only album, originally released on Finn levy’s prog rock imprint Hi‐Hat in 1978. Now a double; the 2nd LP features an extended studio session with the Sibelius academy orchestra, and the extra 7″ have two studio outtakes from the original album.

Followed by the EERO KOIVISTOINEN QUARTET‘s - "LABYRINTH" - Double CD and Double LP reissue.

For this heavy duty reissue of Koivistoinen’s 1977 album we went back to the original multitrack tapes and discovered a heap of alternate takes that were left unmixed at the time. Koivistoinen selected the best and most interesting alternate versions of each track and a new, fresh mix was prepared specifically for this release. The first Disc in this package is the original studio album (Love Records 1977), remastered for vinyl at Finn vox. The second Disc contains the alternate takes,
including two versions of the studio outtake Meat & Potatoes.

And to finish; EERO KOIVISTOINEN QUARTET - "THe Front Is Breaking" - LP reissue.

Eero Koivistoinen's rare 1976 album "The Front Is Breaking" is reissued on Vinyl. Yes siree; the Eero Koivistoinen reissue project continues with his Love Records albums. This 1976 fusion diamond has never before been reissued on vinyl, so it’s finally time to throw those CD reissues away and get in
the groove.

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CODE 7 – JUNE 2017

June 2017 has rolled around and the Monster Raving Loony parties are on the rise… for a bit of light relief get down to your local indie store or specialist online retailer this month to check out some of our June new release highlights…

Please remember that these, and many other, titles can be read about in depth - and also directly pre-ordered from retail – via our monthly online “Decoded magazine” @ www.code7decoded.com - or just head off to your local independent record store.

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GRAVETEMPLE - "Impassable Fears" - CD / LP - (Svart) out June 2nd 2017.

Experimental, shamanistic free rock ritual by men from Mayhem and Sunn O)))

Imploding, abstracting, and distorting the concepts of ceremony, volume, and density since 2006, surrealist, esoteric, and experimental rock band Gravetemple (Oren Ambarchi, Stephen O'Malley and Attila Csihar) return with a new album, Impassable Fears, recorded at Orgone with Jaime Gomez Arellano.

On "Impassable Fears", Gravetemple have refined and diversified their nuanced form of all‐consuming, abstract death metal‐inspired heaviness. The essence of their otherworldly vocal exhortations, the maelstrom of frenetic beats and heavy guitar sounds are ever‐present, as is the sheer power of their delivery. Yet "Impassable Fears" is far from unrelenting; there's shifting dynamics, revealing an abundance of unexplored sonic detail, across all intersections, deftly balancing minimalist and maximalist sounds with finesse.

Six doomed years in creation since their debut LP “Despond”, Nashville, Tennessee melancholic death/funeral doom metal band LOSS have completed work on their anticipated masterwork of pure doom death worship “Horizonless”, one of the most anticipated death/doom metal releases of the year set for release on Profound Lore this June.

Reaching further into the void and traveling even more beyond the realms of hopelessness and despair “Horizonless” is a journey devoid of all hope and redemption, one where heartbreak, total death and never ending despondency prevails. Ultimately “Horizonless” will easily become realized as LOSS’ most accomplished work yet.

Produced and engineered by Billy Anderson (Pallbearer, Bell Witch, Neurosis, Red House Painters) in the band’s hometown, giving LOSS their most monumental sound yet, “Horizonless” (which also features guest vocals from Wrest of LEVIATHAN) forges the LOSS’ sound tapestry into more vast and sprawling territory; heavier, darker, more melancholic, and sorrowful. Where “Despond” laid down that foundation that gave LOSS the reputation as the saddest and bleakest band in the death/doom metal movement, “Horizonless” forges that funeral march onwards towards ruin, decay, and utter oblivion.

LOSS’ previous/debut album “Despond”, released six years ago, was one of the most praised death/doom metal albums of 2011 and introduced vocalist Brett Campbell, from then unknown band PALLBEARER, who made a guest appearance on the album and was people’s introduction to his vocals and to PALLBEARER respectively.

"Horizonless" is a must for fans of Pallbearer, Asunder, Bell Witch, and Mournful Congregation...

Australia’s IMPETUOUS RITUAL follow up their last album “Unholy Congregation Of Hypocritical Ambivalence” and their debut “Relentless Execution Of Ceremonial Excrescence” LP with their new musical abomination of ambient death metal surrealism “Blight Upon Martyred Sentience” (Profoune Lore) which takes their unhinged vortex-like death metal chaos into much more abstract, cavernous, and otherworldly realms.

With a sound even less conventional and even more weirder and alien than its two predecessors, “Blight…” harnesses a much darker atmosphere (if one could even imagine that would be possible),sometimes veering off into abstract noise and dark ambient, creating a much more depraved, violent, torturous and malevolent audial canvas like no other band in extreme death metal today. One could say that with the even stranger and warped sound picture that IMPETUOUS RITUAL have painted with “Blight…”, that the band have transcended and inverted the genre of death metal unto something of their own vision unparalleled.

IMPETUOUS RITUAL feature two members of PORTAL amongst the lineup.

Boisterous indie rock outfit from Gothenburg, Sweden ROME IS NOT A TOWN are endorsed in/on the NME this month by none other than noted Sonic Youth guitar mangler THURSTON MOORE

What Thurston says: “They’re a young band of women and I heard about them because my daughter did some sleeve-work for them. It’s sorta post-Riot grrrl, post-No Wave, experimental music and completely engaging from beginning to end.”

The band's LTD 7" 'Stupid' and LTD 12" 'Careful Like You Cared' are available now on Startracks with a full album to follow in late 2017.

Born in Dublin, ALISON O’DONNELL made her first single, 'Feeling High' for SNP's Simon Napier Bell and David Hemmings at the age of 15 with the cult folk‐rock band, Mellow Candle. The band appeared in concert with the likes of Genesis, Thin Lizzy, Donovan, The Chieftains and Steeleye Span. They signed to Decca's Deram label in the early 70s and gigged their album 'Swaddling Songs' in Ireland and Britain. In the mid 90s their highly collectable vinyl album achieved critical acclaim and is now ranked as a folk rock classic.

In recent years, Alison has collaborated with a number of bands including United Bible Studies, Mr Pine album, The Fieldmouse Conspiracy, contemporary electronic psychedelic band Big Dwarf and 'Songs From The Black Meadow', Compilation, (Black Meadow Song). Alison’s new album, "Climb Sheer The Fields Of Peace", is a collaboration with Dave Colohan and mixes folk with electronica with remarkable effect. Acoustic guitars and snaky synths combine with O’Donnell’s vocals to send shivers down the backbone.

The limited edition LP Of "Climb Sheer" - 300 copies worldwide - Is available on Mega Dodo this month.

CRYSTAL JACQUELINE was born in Wiltshire, England and from an early age she developed a love and a talent for music. In 2010 she recorded her first album and was a founder member of The Honey Pot. She has released several singles and albums for the Fruits de Mer and Mega Dodo labels and has developed a reputation as one of the best female vocalists on the neo‐psych scene.

Her latest album for Mega Dodo, "Await The Queen" is a gorgeous album of rich psychedelic textures and lighter acid‐folk melodies, it mixes both with ease to deliver a sensual mix of textures and sonic landscapes that make it an immersive sonic experience. Her haunting vocals combined with the song writing skills of her producer, Icarus Peel, to once again produce one of those albums that you hear once, play again, and before you know it, an entire day has gone by and you’ve still not heard enough.

RICHARD BONE (born February 3, 1952 - Atlanta, GA) has been creating music since his early teens. He began his professional musical career by creating soundtracks and scores for off-Broadway companies working in experimental theater. In 1979 he released with his band Bone the single Pirate the Islands/Headlines Have It before joining the legendary new-wave band Shox Lumania in 1981. Richard then recorded a 7" entitled Digital Days/Alien Girl independently and was subsequently signed to the UK based label Survival Records where he released several LPs, EPs, singles and contributed to various compilation albums. His 1983 single Joy of Radiation reached #1 on the Hong Kong dance music charts.

Richard created the Quirkworks Laboratory Discs label in 1991 allowing him freedom to create music of a more experimental nature and retain control of his musical direction. Since then Richard has released over twenty-five recordings of new material, several collaborations and contributed to many compilations. Of the new material recordings, three quickly rose to the #1 placement on industry charts and those three, along with several others, have also received numerous other honours. "Age Of Falconry" is available on Mega Dodo this month.

Founded in Bremen by Tom "The Perc" Redecker, from the beginning the project became a multimusical association, which knows no boundaries and seems to feel comfortable in every genre , regardless of whether it is prog-, Kraut-, punk-, jazz- or folkrock. It's not surprising that numerous musicians from such diverse bands as Amon Düül II, Die Ärzte, Grobschnitt, Boa's Voodoo Club, Lokomotive Kreuzberg, Pankow, Rockhaus, Mojo Club, Emsland Hillbillies - to name only a few - joined THE ELECTRIC FAMILY in the studio and on stage. Their new album "Terra Circus" is their finest work yet and is out on CD/LP via Sireena this June.

KRISTOFER ASTROM has been around, both metaphorically and literally. His hardcore punk band Fireside was the first Swedish band to ever play the Lollapalooza Festival and released their seminal 1995 "Do Not Tailgate" album on Def American - notching up a Grammy nomination in the process.

In 1998, Astrom was given a guitar, trust and studio time and has since released ight albums and several EPs under his own name. Spanning folk, country, pop and rock, these records explore both human relationships and, quoting his third album’s title, the condition of “northern blues”. Sometimes with Hidden Truck or The Rainaways next to his name, sometimes singing duets with musicians such as Britta Persson and Maria Taylor. Sometimes releasing two records within one year and sometimes disappearing for three years.

If you haven’t heard Kristofer Åström this important Swedish Singer-Songwriter mines the same vein as seminal American perfomers such as Neil Young and Springsteen, but also has a touch of introspective Nick Drake, but won't be typecast as a singer songwriter - sharing the same eclectic tendencies of his American contemporary Ryan Adams

We are proud to now be handling his Startracks back catalogue in the UK.

The first batch are available this June : 2001's "NORTHERN BLUES" and "LEAVING SONGS", "LOUPITA" from 2004, "SO MUCH FOR STAYING ALIVE" (2005), "RAINAWAY TOWN" (2007)
"SINKADUS" (2009) and 2011's acoustic masterpiece "FROM EAGLE TO SPARROW".

MOMBASA - "SHANGO OVER DEVIL'S MOOR - LIVE AT STAGGE'S HOTEL 1976" (Sireena) is a steamin' set of live recordings (with remastered sound) made during a 1976 performance at the Stagge's Hotel in Osterholz-Scharmbeck, Germany. MOMBASA was a European-African band, put together by American trombonist Lou Blackburn in 1973. All of the group's albums, dating back to 1975-1981, were recorded in Germany and showcase a brilliant mixture of jazz and African styles.

Three Great new full length releases from cult Rockabilly label Western Star available this June.

RUSTI STEEL AND THE STAR TONES - "Don’t Take The Rhythm From The Blues" - CD

4th album by established UK band. One of Western Star’s best sellers. This band have been busy on the circuit for years and are well respected. They play all over the UK and overseas festivals.

THE DEVILS DEUCE - "Supercharged" - CD

Debut album by hot, upcoming young Rockabilly/Psychobilly band. After gigging relentlessly in the pubs, this tight outfit have broken into the festival circuit and have signed to Western Star. Their debut vinyl EP gained a lot of airplay and attention , their first CD album is expected to gain even more of both...

THE BULLETS - "Somethin’ Real Good" - CD

3rd album by TOP UK Rockabilly band. This band have done well and sold well. They’ve played all over Europe and UK and have a busy year ahead. This is their 3rd and best album to date and is eagerly awaited by the Rockabilly community.

THE PARSON RED HEADS fourth full length record, "Blurred Harmony", is a 44‐minute distillation of everything the band has musically cultivated, internalized, and learned over their past 13 years writing and playing together. From the pedal steel soaked cosmic jangle of album opener “Please Come Save Me”, the Paisley Underground riff‐driven “Coming Down”, the ambient, harmony‐bathed ballad “What Have I Become”, all the way to the four‐part power‐pop suite that closes the record, Blurred Harmony could be looked at as an aural‐primer of the band’s various musical loves and influences, projected through the lens of the band’s trademark sound. Available as a LTD LP in gatefold sleeve (with CD) and CD on the 'You Are The Cosmos' label.

MOUNTAIN - "LIVE IN MELLE" - DOUBLE CD (Sirena) - Music by Mountain is high-pressure hardrock in perfection. Songs like „Mississippi Queen“, "Nantucket Sleighride“, "Theme From an Imaginary Western“ and "Blood of the Sun“, to name only a few, belong to the memorable classics of rock music that even decades after their creation haven’t lost any of their vibes and fascination. Founded in 1969 by Felix Papplardi (bass), Leslie West (guitar), Corky Laing (drums) and Steve Knight (keys), the band has a turbulent history, as is expected of a formation existing for such a long time. Mountain in its original line-up only existed for three years but during that time the band was unusually productive and successful and even won three gold discs. After briefly renaming the band and multiple changes in line-up, the band can be experienced here with founding member Laurence "Corky“ Laing of the band and his colleagues Phil Parker and Joe Venti. The gentlemen on this CD can prove that their music still belongs to the best there is and it can be enjoyed here by fans of harder tunes. This CD was recorded during the “German Sleighride Tour” at Kulturwerkstatt Melle-Buer, Germany. It is part of a live
CD collection that is presented and continuously extended by Sireena Records in cooperation with ON STAGE

NEKTAR - "LIVE IN BREMEN" - DOUBLE CD (Sireena) - In 1969, a band was formed that still is one of the most important and most famous progressive and art-rock formations in the world: NEKTAR. Founded by the Brits Roye Albrighton, Allan Freeman, Ron Howden and Derek Moore in Hamburg, the band quickly became world famous and turned into a legendary idol for other musicians at that time. Their terrific live performances have contributed to this reputation, which aside from elaborately created music also offered opulent light installation and slides projections. Even though the gentlemen in 1973 slightly selfironically put the headline “NOT the number one German band in England but the number one English band in Germany“ on one of their posters, they already were stars in all of Europe and the USA. The long-playing records “Remember The Future” and “Down To Earth” achieved gold status, to describe their tours as “well attended” would be a shameless understatement. But as life goes, after some ups and downs in the early 1980ies, the band broke up. Luckily not forever, because in 2001, Albrighton, Freeman and Ray Hardwick revived the band Nektar. And with enormous success until today, as many fans in the world can confirm.

This 2CD set was recorded in 2015 at a concert hosted by the well known Meisenfrei Blues Club in Bremen and is the next issue of a live-collection that is presented by Sireena Records and ON STAGE. It is also the last concert of NEKTAR with its founder Roye Albrighton, who died on July 26, 2016 after a long illness

After two years of careful crafting, the debut album of FELLWARDEN ‘Oathbearer’ is now ready to be proudly unleashed by Eisenwald. Six stirring hymns of strident ambience and powerfully emotive songwriting. A heavily layered, textured release, ‘Oathbearer’ at once convokes the essence of contemporary acts such as Drudkh and Negura Bunget whilst simultaneously channelling the spirit of the old masters – Summoning, Bathory, Abigor, (early) Emperor and (early) Ulver. An epic debut album from one of the UK`s finest.

BLAZE OF SORROW's fifth album ‘Astri’ (Eisenwald) is a fitting tribute to what the band has achieved so far in their career as well as offering a further development of their sound. Delicate acoustic guitars and sibilant, whispered vocals are contrasted with raging chords and furious percussion to deliver a truly immersive and atmospheric experience. Taking cues from legendary acts such as Agalloch and Katatonia, Blaze of Sorrow paint paeans to melancholy on waves of searing melody in a beguiling blend of dark folk and raging extreme metal. The encroaching autumnal twilight and desolate lamentations to the lost are what Blaze of Sorrow call home – and they invite you to join them. RIYL : Alcest, Agalloch or Katatonia.

GODS FORSAKEN - "In A Pitch Black Grave" - CD/LP (Soulseller) - Total Swedish Death Metal ! - From the members of Just before Dawn comes death metal legion Gods Forsaken. Driven by the urge to play filthy old school Swedish death metal with no frills, the trio set out to record an album that takes the best parts of the late 80s, early 90s metal scene. Expect an arsenal of raw, buzzsaw driven death metal from members of bands like Blood Mortized, The Grotesquery and Wombbath.

MAIM - "Ornaments Of Secerity" - CD/LP (Soulseller) - Ascending from the grave, MAIM return with album no. 3. The long overdue successor to the 2011 “Deceased to exist” album is finally upon mankind. Now stripped down to a duo, MAIM are back, more relevant than ever presenting one putrid death metal hammer, beware the ORNAMENTS OF SEVERITY!. For fans of Repugnant, Autopsy, etc

Please remember that these, and many other, titles can be read about in depth - and also directly pre-ordered from retail – via our monthly online “Decoded magazine” @ www.code7decoded.com - or just head off to your local independent record store.

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Good Luck to you all.