Here we go with our October highlights, music to listen to whilst Brexit trundles on and on .
Don’t forget you can read about these and the rest of our October releases in more detail on Decoded and don’t forget to check out all things vinyl on the C7 Vinyl site.

Profound Lore unleash 2 prime examples of Death Metal in the form of the latest from Vacivus – Annihilism released on CD and LP on Oct 25th . This UK band are among the elite of the UK death metal scene today. Second up is from Pacific Northwest doom/ death metal outfit Mortiferum with the follow up to the praised 2017 Altar Of Decay. The new album Disgorged From Psychotic Depths is out Oct 11 on CD and LP.
Soulseller have a limited edition silver vinyl run on 3 Gorgoroth classics- Under The Sign Of Hell, Antichrist, and Pentagram all out on the 11Oct and limited to 500 for the world. Don’t sleep on these!!!

Remember The Goodies? Well you need to check out the 3 cd set of specially composed Goodies soundtrack music. Limited stock on these. The Goodies – The Cricklewood Tapes out 4th Oct.
Chris Pope and The Chords UK-The British Way Of Life 2019 Ep- now on limited edition vinyl out 4th Oct.

Misty Lane have a great Nederbeatcompilation out entitled” Silver Girls and Indian Pipes” LP only . Plus if its Garage Punk you need to check out the latest from Soundflat – check out Decoded for The Smoggers, The Cha Cha Chas, Vlad and The Impalers and Las Aspiradoras.

Finally from Cineploit – a superb reissue from Rashomon-Ashcan Copy – Film Music Vol III, out of print for years and previously only available as a 150 copy edition, its one to seek out if imaginary soundtracks are your thing with elements of Jazz noir, Noise, Folk, Psychedelia, Prog .CD and LP on this.

Until next month, take care and good luck.