Code 7 Digital


  • Fireside - Fantastic Four

    Released; 12 May

  • Fireside - Do Not Tailgate

    Released: 12 May

  • The Long Tall Texans - Headless

    (10" Vinyl) - Released: 19th May

  • The Satelliters - Zahstethomalex

    Released: 5th May

  • Ronnie D'Addario - First Years 1976

    - 1983 (3 cd Box) - Released: 5th May

  • The Chords UK - Heart Of The Matter

    Released: 5 May

  • Arctic Sleep - Passage Of Gaia

    Released: 5 may

  • Arctic Sleep - Arbors

    Released: 5 May

  • Tusmorke - Hinsides

    Released: 12 May

  • Sabbath Assembly - Rites Of Passage

    Released: 12 May

  • Extreme Noise Terror - Extreme Noise

    Terror - Released: 12 May

  • Various - Omaggio a Joe D'Amata

    (Limited 7inch) - Released: 2nd June

  • Various - Omaggio Al Maestro Ennio

    Morricone - Released: 2nd June

  • Full Of Hell - Trumpeting Ecstasy

    Released: 5th May

  • Peter Bjargo - Animus Retinentia

    Released: 7 April

  • Daniel Wylie - Best Of The Solo Years

    (2004- 2014) - Released: 7 April

  • Green Peppers - Retrospectively Yours

    (Vinyl Only) - Released: 7 April

  • Devil - To The Gallows

    Released: 21st April

  • Alastor - Black Magic

    Released: 7 April

  • Electric Moon - Stardust Rituals

    Released: 7 April

  • Shindig! - Shindig! 65

    Out Now

  • Daxx & Roxane - Ticket To Rock

    Released: 7 April

  • Cosmosquad - The Morbid Tango

    Released: 14 April

  • Black Magic Six - Choose Death

    Released: 7 April

  • Oranssi Pazuzu - Kosmonument

    (DOUBLE VINYL) - Released: 14 April

  • Oranssi Pazuzu - Muukalainen Puhuu

    Released: 14 April

  • Foreseen - Grave Danger

    Released: 28 April

  • The Insektlife Cycle - Vivid Dreams

    Parade - Release: 5 MAY

  • The Smith Street Band - More Scared Of

    You Than You Are Of Me - Rel: 7th April

  • Gorgoroth - Destroyer

    Released: 3 March 17

  • Al Tarba - La Nuit Se Leve (CD and LP)

    Released: 3 March 17

  • Neux - Fell Off The Deep End ( LP )

    Released: 3rd March 17

  • Arms and Sleepers - Life Is Everywhere

    (2LP) - Released: 3rd March 17

  • Wipers - Box Set (3cd Set)

    Released: 3rd March

  • The No-Things - Here Come...

    Released: 3rd March 17

  • Various - Soundflat Records Ballroom

    Bash Compilation Vol.10 - Rel: 3rd March

  • The Dahmers - In The Dead Of The Night

    (CD and LP) - Released: 24th March 17

  • Alunah - Solennial (Cd and LP)

    Released: 17 March 17

  • Medusa - Rising From The Ashes

    Released: 24 march 17

  • Elder - Live At Roadburn 2013 (LP red)

    Released: 3 march 17

  • Orange Sunshine - Live At Roadburn

    LP ONLY - Released: 5 MAY 17

  • Gnod - Live at Roadburn

    Released: 5 May 17

  • Fuoco Fatuo - Backwater

    Released: 7 April 17

  • Artificial Brain - Infrared Horizon

    Released: 21 April 17

  • Robert Earley - Themes For TV Drama

    Music of Robert Earley(Ltd 10") -3rd Mar

  • Edwin Astley - The Baron - Original

    Soundtrack ( LP ONLY) - out 3rd March 17

  • Brinsley Schwarz - Its All Over Now

    (CD and Ltd LP) - Released 7 April 17

  • Pillorian - Obsidian Arc

    Released: 10 March 17

  • After Crash - #Lostmemories

    Released: 10th Feb 17

  • Dookoom - NO!

    Released: 3rd Feb 17

  • Extreme Noise Terror - Extreme Noise

    Terror (Vinyl) - Released: 3rd Feb 17

  • Pillorian - A Stygian Pyre

    (Ltd Ed 7 INCH) - Released: 10th Feb

  • Minimal Orchestra - Laikas Take Off

    Released: 3rd Feb

  • Bathsheba - Servus

    Released: 24 Feb 17

  • Abhorrence - Totally Vulgar - Live At

    Yuska - Released: 10 Feb 17

  • Wigwam - Live Music From The Twilight

    Zone (2lp) - Released: 3rd Feb 17

  • Nova - Atlantis

    Released: 3rd Feb

  • Lisa Ronson and The Last Day Sect

    Tales Of The City (Ltd 7 inch) - 3rd Feb

  • Mark and The Clouds - Cumulus

    (Cd and Vinyl) - Released: 10th March 17

  • Complicated Man Of Leisure - Im Sorry If

    I Did Something - Released: 3rd Feb

  • Book Of Wyrms - Sci-Fi / Fantasy

    Released: 3rd Feb 17

  • Sula Bassana - Organ Accumulator

    + Disappear - Released: 17th Feb

  • The Steppes - Drop The Creature (Vinyl)

    Released: 17th Feb

  • Spirit - Live At The Ash Grove Volume 1

    Released: In Stock

  • Parade Ground - A Room With A View

    Released 13th Jan 17

  • The Go Go Cult - Best Of The Go Go Cult

    Released: 13th Jan 17

  • The Flight Of Sleipnir - Skadi

    (also on vinyl) - Released Jan 20th 17

  • Mosaic - Old Mans Wyntar

    Released: 20th Jan 17

  • Magnet - Feel Your Fire (also on vinyl)

    Released: 27 Jan 17

  • Psychedelic Witchcraft - Magick Rites

    And Spells - Released: 27 Jan 17

  • Freedom - Black On White (Vinyl Only)

    Released: 13th Jan 17

  • Merzbow - Escape Mask

    Release: 13 Jan 17

  • Rainbowlicker, I Saw The Light, But I

    Turned It Off - Released: 20th Jan 17

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