Code 7 Digital


  • Kristofer Astrom - Quadrilogy

    (2 LP Set) - Released: 7 sept

  • Gleewood - Sweet, Sweet Time

    Released: 28th Sept

  • Pistol Star - Netherworld Orange

    Released; 28th September

  • Us And Them - On Shipless Ocean

    Released; Sept 14

  • Somali Yacht Club - The Sun +1

    Released: 7 Sept

  • Abhorrence - Megalohydrothalassophobic

    (also on vinyl) - Released: 14 Sept

  • Superfjord - All Will Be Golden

    (also on vinyl) - Released: 21 Sept

  • Teksti-TV 666 - Aidsttu Tulevaisuus

    (also on vinyl) - Released: 14 Sept

  • Lowlives - Burn Forever EP

    (VINYL ONLY) - Released: 21 Sept

  • Chris Pope and The Chords UK

    Nowhere land - Released: 21 Sept

  • Infernal Coil - Within A World Forgotten

    (also on Vinyl) - Released: Sept 14

  • Gevurah - Sulphur Soul

    Release Sept 14

  • Melody Fields - Melody Fields

    Released: 3rd August

  • Hollow Earth - Out Of Atlantis

    Released: 3rd August

  • Me and My Kites - Like a Dream Back Then

    Released: 3rd August

  • The Vipers - Outta The Nest (LP)

    Released: 3rd August

  • Reverend Bizarre - In The Rectory Of

    Bizarre Reverend - Released: 24 August

  • Wigwam - Dark Album Expanded

    Released: 24 August

  • Day Is Over - Day Is Over

    Released: 24 August

  • Innumerable Forms - Punishment Made

    Flesh - Released: 17 Aug

  • Mystery - Lies And Butterflies

    Released 17 Aug

  • Muncie Girls - Fixed Ideal

    Released: 31 Aug

  • Theatre Of Hate - Kinshi (cd and Vinyl)

    Released: 6 July

  • Gorgoroth -Pentagram (Cd and Vinyl)

    Released: 6 July

  • Pillorian - Obsidian Arc (Limited Vinyl)

    Released: 6 July

  • 3Sixty - #truestories

    Released: 6 July

  • 3rd Trip - Scale Of Confusion

    (Vinyl and Cd) - Released 6 july

  • The Imajinary Friends - The Imajinary

    Friends (cd and vinyl) - Released:6 July

  • Naxatras - III ( CD /Vinyl)

    Released: 6 July

  • Neil McKeown and Rick Wilson

    Listening For The Place - Rel: 6 July

  • Vanished Souls - Vanished Souls

    Released: July 6

  • Nicholas Merz (Darto) - The Limits Of

    Men (Vinyl) - Released: 6 July

  • Ptarmigan - Ptarmigan (Vinyl Only)

    Released: 6 July

  • Pussy - Invasion (Vinyl Only)

    Released: 6 July

  • Icarus Peel's Acid Reign - The Window On

    The Side Of Your Head - Released:27 July

  • Sun Dial - A compendium Of Space

    Soundtracks - Released: 15 June

  • Jacobites - God Save Us Poor Sinners

    (Vinyl Only) - Released: 6 July

  • Velvet Crush - Free Expression

    (Vinyl Only) - Released: 6 July

  • Dorian Sorriaux (Blues Pills)

    Hungry Ghost - Released: 29 June

  • The Kumari - The Kumari

    Released: 25 May

  • Pelagos - Revolve

    Released: 8 June

  • Mr Bison - Holy Oak (also on vinyl)

    Released: 8th June

  • Don't Worry - Who Cares Anyway??

    (Also on Vinyl) - Released: 22nd June

  • The Brains - No Brain, No Pain

    Released: 1st June

  • Kyros - Vox Humana (Vinyl)

    Released: 1st June

  • Sons Of Alpha Centauri - Continuum

    (Vinyl) - Released: 1st June

  • Various - La Discoteque Psychedelique

    (Vinyl only) - Released: 1St June

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Stage Fright Records

Stagefright Records was founded as a subsidiary of Born A Nonentity Records in September 2004. The label’s remit is to scour the world looking for any bands that are willing and able to push boundaries in any genre of music, bands that constantly strive to stay one step ahead of the herd, or bands so rich in quality that it’s impossible to pass them by. We work with only a small number of artists at a time, as we believe that this way we can give as much concentration, love and passion to each and every artist signed to us. We try to build a very personal relationship with our artists on the basis of trust, in the hope that when our artists are gradually known, they do not disappear at the first sign of vast money waved at them by larger labels. Whether its Death Metal or Folk, Pop or Trance music, we will give it our all if you give us the mutual respect and dedication we will give to you. It may or may not work because that's life, but we like to think that our way of working with you and our artists is something that many other labels are not offering these days and is a definite advantage to not only succeed, but to carve in a name that people will remember in years to come.