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  • Jack Rabbit Slim - Despedida

    Released: 22 June

  • Fatso Jetson/ Yawning Sons/ WaterWays/

    Legends Of The Desert - rel: 4 May

  • The Perth County Conspiracy

    (CD and LP) - Released: 27 April

  • Wand/ Darto - Split 7

    Released: 4 May

  • Philippe Petit and Friends - On Top

    (LP and CD) - Released: 4 May

  • Uada - Cult Of A Dying Sun

    Released: 25 May

  • Witch Mountain - Witch Mountain

    (on cd and vinyl) - Released: 25 May

  • Peter Brotzmann - Hot Lotta

    (on cd and vinyl) - Released: 11 May

  • Various - Dance For Your Life- Rare

    Finnish Funk and Disco 76-86 -Rel 18 May

  • Wayfarer - World's Blood

    Release: 25 May

  • Soft Kill - Savior (also on vinyl)

    Released: 11 May

  • The Ace Cafe 1938- 2018 - 80th

    Anniversary album (2 cd set) - Rel:6 Apr

  • Star Sponge Vision - Crowley and Me

    Released: 27 April

  • Wobbler - Hinterland

    Released: 6 April

  • Sonic Boom Six - Cardiac Address

    Released: 6 April

  • Spear Of Destiny - Tontine

    Released 6 April

  • Fireside - Fantastic Four (Vinyl)

    Released 27 April

  • Soft Hearted Scientists - Take Time To

    wonder In A Whirling World - Rel: 27 Apr

  • John Howard - The Hidden Beauty 1973

    - 1979 (VINYL) - Released: 27 April

  • John Howard -Kid In A Big World ( Vinyl)

    Released: 27 April

  • Edward Vesala Ensemble - Jazz Liisa 18

    Released: 30 March

  • Satan In Love - Rare Finnish Synth Pop

    and Disco 1978- 1992 - Rel: 27 April

  • Sammal - Suuliekki

    Released: 9 March

  • High Tone - Dub To Dub (Vinyl)

    Released: 30 March

  • The Perc Meets The Hidden Gentlemen

    Praha - Released: 2nd March

  • Somali Yacht Club - The Sea

    Released: 2nd march

  • Gorgoroth - Antichrist (Various formats)

    Released: 2nd March

  • DeStijl - Debut

    Released: 9 March

  • Whitefoxx - Come Pet the Foxx

    Released: 2 March

  • Andi Sex Gang - Achilles In The Euro

    Zone - Released: 2nd March

  • Shoot - On The Frontier (Vinyl only)

    Released: 2nd March

  • Sula Bassana - Dark Days

    (Back in Print) - Released: 2nd March

  • Goz of Kermeur - Greatest Hits

    (Vinyl only) - Released: 2nd March

  • Jeff Rosenstock - Post- (also on vinyl)

    Released: 23 March

  • Pillow Queens - State Of The State

    (Vinyl) - Released: 16 March

  • Of Father and Bone - Bestial Hymns Of

    Perversion (also on vinyl) - Rel: 23 Mar

  • Three Cane Whale - Palimpsest

    (Ltd Vinyl) - Released: 16 March

  • Robert Reed - Theme From Doctor Who

    (Ltd Vinyl) - Released: 2nd March

  • The Zombies - Still Got That Hunger

    (Vinyl) - Released 16th March

  • Old Mother Hell - Old Mother Hell

    Released: 23 Feb

  • Chris Connelly - The Tide Stripped Bare

    Released: 23 Feb

  • The Black Watch - The Gospel According

    To John - Released: 2nd Feb

  • Various - Real Delusions- The Finnish

    Speed And Thrash Metal - Released: 2 Feb

  • Goblin - Dawn Of The Dead - Live In

    Helsinki 2017 (Limited Vinyl) rel: 9 feb

  • Green Fever - Scarlet Fever

    Released: 30 March

  • Seven That Spells - The Death and

    Resurrection Of Krautrock - Rel: 23 feb

  • Old Tower - Stellary Wisdom

    Released: 9 Feb

  • Insect Ark - Marrow Hymns

    (Also On Vinyl) - Released 23 Feb

  • Spectral Lore/ Jute Gyte - Helian

    Released: 19th Jan

  • Mare Cognitum - The Sea Which Has

    Become Known - Released: 19 Jan

  • Alan Tyler (The Rockingbirds)

    El Tapado - Released: 5th Jan

  • King Salami - 14 Blazin' Bangers

    (Ltd Vinyl) - Released: 12 Jan

  • Toby Twirl - Toby Twirl (Ltd Vinyl)

    Released: 9 Feb

  • Mordecai Smyth - The Major Of Toytown

    Is Dead (Ltd Vinyl) - Released: 9 Feb

  • 62 Miles From Space - Time Shifts

    (Ltd 12 Inch) - Released: 9 Feb

  • Flashback 9

    In stock now

  • Rodney Slater's Parrots - Parrotopia!

    Released: 19 Jan

  • Deathcult - Cult Of The Goat

    (LP Gatefold) - Released: 12 Jan

  • Portal - Ion (also on Vinyl)

    Released: 26 Jan

  • My Darling Clementine - Still Testifying

    (Ltd Vinyl) - Released: 22 Dec

  • PictureHouse - How Can I Explain How

    This Came To Be? - Released: 22 Dec

  • Moonparticle - Hurricane Esmeralda

    (Ltd Vinyl) - Released: 12 Jan

  • Tiger Moth Tales - The Depths Of Winter

    (2 lp set limited) - Released: 22nd Dec

  • Downes Braide Association - Skyscraper

    Souls (Ltd Blue Vinyl) - Rel: 22nd Dec

  • Slomatics - A Hocht (Vinyl)

    Released: 23rd Feb

  • The Angelic Process - We All Die

    Laughing (6 LP Box set) - Rel: 26th Jan

  • Various - John Barcleycorn Reborn - Dark

    Britannica (4LP BOX) - Released: 26 Jan

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Old School Metal Records

There was a time when metal ruled the world. A day when almost every band had an original, killer sound. Today that era is called Old School.

But Old School does not mean that it is gone, and that's what Old School Metal Records is all about. We are a new record label determined to find and promote those bands that know how to craft a great song with talent and skill, rather than with technology and effects.

We are after those bands that have an attitude, that live, wear, sweat and breath metal, not those who pose it. We remember and miss the times when our necks hurt from headbanging; our minds flew many miles away from listening to intelligent, brave, determined lyrics. We miss those days where it was all about becoming a better musician day by day instead of looking to a bank account on a daily basis.

Nowadays metal has been tainted so we need the taste of old blood again, specially in a world that is turning down to be more hypocritical and trendy. Nowadays old school metal seems to be fading away and soon it can be forgotten. That's why we are here, to bring back the furious, rabid angst of pure metal, to revamp that feeling that alone helped to develop a sound, a mystique that still drives our daily life. We are here because if we were not metalheads, we do not know what our lives would be.

We are after that pure raw non fabricated aggression relayed onto guitars, bass and drums that crafted the souls and essence of millions of people. In metal we trust, therefore, Old School Metal Records is born.

Old School Metal Records is a record label based out of California, United States. We are a multicultural, multiracial independent effort with the primary mission of bringing back something that we miss, and that we believe still has a place in this world.

Old School Metal Records - Bringing it to you Oldschool Style!

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Anger As Art- Disfigure

Anger As Art- Disfigure



Anger As Art- Hubris Inc

Anger As Art- Hubris Inc



Anger As Art- Self titled

Anger As Art- Self titled



Chaosfear- Image of Disorder

Chaosfear- Image of Disorder



Chaosfear- One Step Behind Anger

Chaosfear- One Step Behind Anger



Hexan- State Of Insurgency

Hexan- State Of Insurgency



Kryptos- The Gemini

Kryptos- The Gemini



Laaz Rockit- City's Gonna Burn ( Expanded and Remastered)

Laaz Rockit- City's Gonna Burn ( Expanded and Remastered)



Laaz Rockit- Live Untold DVD

Laaz Rockit- Live Untold DVD