Code 7 Digital


  • Kimi Karki - Eye For An Eye ( also on

    Vinyl) - Released: 18 August

  • Oiling Boiling - Two Faces (also on

    Vinyl) - Released: 25th August

  • Hangmans Chair/ Green Machine

    Split (Vinyl) - Released 3 August

  • Hangmans Chair - Hope///Dope///Rope

    Released: 4 August

  • Fresh - Fresh (also on Vinyl)

    Released 18 August

  • Chuck Norris Experiment - Chuck Me

    Released: 4 August

  • Demon Eye - Prophecies And Lies

    (also Ltd Ed Vinyl) - Released: 11 Aug

  • Eamonn McCormack - Like Theres No

    Tomorrow - Released: August 4th

  • Sir Bald Diddley amd His Rip Curls

    Flip Your Wig - Released: 4 August

  • Colin Stetson - New History Warfare

    Vol. 1 - (also on Vinyl) - Rel: 4 August

  • Jacobites - Old Scarlett (Ltd Vinyl)

    Released: 4th August

  • Alison O Donnell - Climb Sheer The

    Fields Of Peace (CD VERSION) Rel: 11 Aug

  • biG Grunt - In Session (Ltd ed Yellow

    Vinyl) - Released: 15th September

  • Tir na nOg - The Dark Dance

    (Limited Vinyl) - Released: 11 August

  • Rockpile - Live At The Palladium

    Released: 11 August

  • Sannhet - So Numb (also available on

    vinyl) - Released: 25 August

  • Eero Koivistoinen quartet - The Front Is

    Breaking - Released: 14 July

  • Ewigkeit - Cosmic Man

    Released: 14 July

  • Eero Koivistoinen Quartet - Labyrinth

    Released: 7 July

  • The Group - The Group

    Releaed: 7 July

  • Lourdes Rebels - Lolita

    Released: 7 July

  • The Go Go Cult - We Come from Planet Goo

    Released: 7 July

  • Kabbalah - Special Ascent

    Release: 7 July

  • Force - Discography 1981- 1984

    Released: 7 july

  • Alkana - Welcome To My Paradise

    Released: 7 July

  • Kristofer Astrom - The Story Of A Hearts

    Decay - Released: 7 July

  • Grand Collapse - Along The Dew

    Released: 7 July

  • Sula Bassana - The Ape Regards His Tail

    - original Soundtrack - Released: 7 July

  • Mikko Joensuu - Amen 3

    Released: 2nd June

  • Gravetemple - Impassable Fears

    (Vinyl only) - Released: 2nd June

  • Kristofer Astrom - From Eagle To Sparrow

    Released: 2 June

  • An Autumn For Crippled Children

    Eternal - Released: 16th June

  • Aegri Somnia - Endtime Psalms

    Released: 2nd June

  • Funker Vogt - Code Of Conduct

    Released: 2 June

  • The Parson Red Heads - Blurred Harmony

    Released: 9th June

  • Heavy Traffic - Plastic Surgery

    Released: 12 May

  • Nektar - Live In Bremen

    Released: June 2nd

  • Shindig 67

    Available Now

  • Alison O Donnell - Climb Sheer The

    Fields Of Peace - Released: July 14

  • Crystal Jacqueline - Await The Queen

    Released: July 14

  • Richard Bone - The Age Of Falconry

    Released: July 14

  • New Riders Of The Purple Sage -

    Powerglide (Vinyl) - Released: 9 June

  • Impetuous Ritual - Blight Upon Martyred

    Sentience - Released: 16 June

  • Loss - Horizonless

    Released: 2nd June

  • Fireside - Fantastic Four

    Released; 12 May

  • Fireside - Do Not Tailgate

    Released: 12 May

  • The Long Tall Texans - Headless

    (10" Vinyl) - Released: 19th May

  • The Satelliters - Zahstethomalex

    Released: 5th May

  • Ronnie D'Addario - First Years 1976

    - 1983 (3 cd Box) - Released: 5th May

  • The Chords UK - Heart Of The Matter

    Released: 5 May

  • Arctic Sleep - Passage Of Gaia

    Released: 5 may

  • Arctic Sleep - Arbors

    Released: 5 May

  • Tusmorke - Hinsides

    Released: 12 May

  • Sabbath Assembly - Rites Of Passage

    Released: 12 May

  • Extreme Noise Terror - Extreme Noise

    Terror - Released: 12 May

  • Various - Omaggio a Joe D'Amata

    (Limited 7inch) - Released: 2nd June

  • Various - Omaggio Al Maestro Ennio

    Morricone - Released: 2nd June

  • Full Of Hell - Trumpeting Ecstasy

    Released: 5th May

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This is a public service announcement brought to you by Mr. Moonlee of the infamous Moonlee Records:
"Back in 2004, my year long wish started to shape up. I was sipping a lemonade with a few of my friends (who happened to be in amazing bands such as Analena and Lunar) and told them: "You know what guys? That's it! I'm starting a record label and I'm making you my little helpers." Since my mother is Croatian, and father Slovenian that makes Moonlee Records Croatian/Slovenian label with it's headquarters in Slovenia. And that's how it pretty much all started up. Look at me and my label now, I have numerous releases out and counting...

The original idea was recruiting youngsters that were ready to take their whole music thing on a higher level and I ended up expanding my family faster than I imagined. Moonlee Records is one colorful family, army, team, group, clique: you name it, we are living it!

My bands range from atmospheric instrumental post rock to shining screamo to high endurance rock. There is no genre I'm looking down at or not potentially in to. To me music makes the world go 'round and I'm willing to check out each and every band on the planet. If you're in a band, or your sister's boyfriend's brother's girlfriend's older brother and baby sister are in a band, make sure to send their demo to my humble fort.

I have no plans, and nothing to prove either, all I can assure you is that my family will keep on growing. It might not be faster than now, but it better damn well keep the pace.

There you go. I shared a lil' something about me and my label; now it's time for you to share a lil' something about you and your passion."
Sincerely yours, Mr. Moonlee

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