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  • After Crash - #Lostmemories

    Released: 10th Feb 17

  • Dookoom - NO!

    Released: 3rd Feb 17

  • Extreme Noise Terror - Extreme Noise

    Terror (Vinyl) - Released: 3rd Feb 17

  • Pillorian - A Stygian Pyre

    (Ltd Ed 7 INCH) - Released: 10th Feb

  • Minimal Orchestra - Laikas Take Off

    Released: 3rd Feb

  • Bathsheba - Servus

    Released: 24 Feb 17

  • Abhorrence - Totally Vulgar - Live At

    Yuska - Released: 10 Feb 17

  • Wigwam - Live Music From The Twilight

    Zone (2lp) - Released: 3rd Feb 17

  • Nova - Atlantis

    Released: 3rd Feb

  • Lisa Ronson and The Last Day Sect

    Tales Of The City (Ltd 7 inch) - 3rd Feb

  • Mark and The Clouds - Cumulus

    (Cd and Vinyl) - Released: 10th March 17

  • Complicated Man Of Leisure - Im Sorry If

    I Did Something - Released: 3rd Feb

  • Book Of Wyrms - Sci-Fi / Fantasy

    Released: 3rd Feb 17

  • Sula Bassana - Organ Accumulator

    + Disappear - Released: 17th Feb

  • The Steppes - Drop The Creature (Vinyl)

    Released: 17th Feb

  • Spirit - Live At The Ash Grove Volume 1

    Released: In Stock

  • Parade Ground - A Room With A View

    Released 13th Jan 17

  • The Go Go Cult - Best Of The Go Go Cult

    Released: 13th Jan 17

  • The Flight Of Sleipnir - Skadi

    (also on vinyl) - Released Jan 20th 17

  • Mosaic - Old Mans Wyntar

    Released: 20th Jan 17

  • Magnet - Feel Your Fire (also on vinyl)

    Released: 27 Jan 17

  • Psychedelic Witchcraft - Magick Rites

    And Spells - Released: 27 Jan 17

  • Freedom - Black On White (Vinyl Only)

    Released: 13th Jan 17

  • Merzbow - Escape Mask

    Release: 13 Jan 17

  • Rainbowlicker, I Saw The Light, But I

    Turned It Off - Released: 20th Jan 17

  • Pizzatramp - Blowing Chunks

    Released: 2nd Dec 16

  • Psychedelic Witchcraft - The Vision

    (limited Purple vinyl) - Rel: 2nd Dec

  • Kofi Bakers Cream Experience

    Live In Bremen - Released: 2nd Dec

  • French Boutik - Front Pop

    Released: 2nd Dec

  • Dub Invaders - Mission Completed

    (3 CD SET) - Released: 2nd Dec

  • Ash Borer - The Irrepassable Gate

    Released: 2nd Dec

  • Worm Ouroborus - What Graceless Dawn

    Released: 2nd Dec

  • Virta - Hurmio

    Released: 2nd Dec

  • Eero Koivistoinen and Umo Jazz

    Orchestra - Artic Blues - Rel: 2nd Dec

  • Soft Kill - Choke

    Released: 4th Nov

  • Sun Dial - Made In The Machine

    Released: 4 Nov

  • Sherpa - Tanzlinde

    Released: 4 Nov

  • The Lounge Kittens - Just The Tip

    Released: 4 nov

  • Petrol Girls - Talk Of Violence

    Released: 18th Nov

  • The Zipheads - Z2: Rampage

    Released; 11 Nov

  • Napalm Death - Smear Campaign

    (limited splatter vinyl) - Rel: 4 Nov

  • Various - Jazz- Liisa 1 and 2 Unisono

    Quartet/Taivaantemppeli - Rel: 7 Oct

  • Various - Pop- Liisa 3 and 4

    Wigwam/Taivaanvuohi - Rel: 7 Oct 16

  • Trees Of Eternity - Hour Of The

    Nightingale - Released: 11 Nov

  • The Orange Drop - Stoned In Love

    Released: 18th Nov

  • Various - Trip Wave 2: Russian

    Psychedelic Music - Released: 4 Nov

  • Hifiklub Vs Fatso Jetson - Double

    Quartet Serie # 1 - Released: 4 Nov

  • Marc Heal - The Hum

    Released: 11th Nov

  • Beelzefuzz - The Righteous Bloom

    Released: 14th Oct 16

  • The Soulbreaker Company - La Lucha

    Released: 23 Oct

  • Marc Heal - Adult Fiction EP

    Released: 7 Oct - Limited Marble Vinyl

  • The Tubes - Live At German Tv

    Released: Oct 7th

  • Electric Moon - The Doomsday Machine

    Released: 7 Oct

  • Crazy Horse - Crazy Moon

    Rel 30th Sept- Limited numbered vinyl

  • Brinsley Schwarz - Live Favourites

    Released: 7 oct

  • biG Grunt - In Session ( limited vinyl)

    Released: 7 Oct

  • Auroch - Mute Books

    Released: Oct 21st

  • Soft Kill - Choke

    Released 4 Nov - Also on Vinyl

  • Seremonia - Pahuuden Aanet

    Released: 30th Sept

  • Jess and The Ancient Ones

    (plus 4 Bonus tracks) - Rel: 30th Sept

  • Fox 45 - Ashes Of Man

    Released: 2nd September

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This is a public service announcement brought to you by Mr. Moonlee of the infamous Moonlee Records:
"Back in 2004, my year long wish started to shape up. I was sipping a lemonade with a few of my friends (who happened to be in amazing bands such as Analena and Lunar) and told them: "You know what guys? That's it! I'm starting a record label and I'm making you my little helpers." Since my mother is Croatian, and father Slovenian that makes Moonlee Records Croatian/Slovenian label with it's headquarters in Slovenia. And that's how it pretty much all started up. Look at me and my label now, I have numerous releases out and counting...

The original idea was recruiting youngsters that were ready to take their whole music thing on a higher level and I ended up expanding my family faster than I imagined. Moonlee Records is one colorful family, army, team, group, clique: you name it, we are living it!

My bands range from atmospheric instrumental post rock to shining screamo to high endurance rock. There is no genre I'm looking down at or not potentially in to. To me music makes the world go 'round and I'm willing to check out each and every band on the planet. If you're in a band, or your sister's boyfriend's brother's girlfriend's older brother and baby sister are in a band, make sure to send their demo to my humble fort.

I have no plans, and nothing to prove either, all I can assure you is that my family will keep on growing. It might not be faster than now, but it better damn well keep the pace.

There you go. I shared a lil' something about me and my label; now it's time for you to share a lil' something about you and your passion."
Sincerely yours, Mr. Moonlee

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