Code 7 Digital


  • Gorgoroth - Under The Sign Of Hell

    Released: 1st Dec 17

  • The Tubes - Live At German TV Musikladen

    1982 - Released: 1st Dec 17

  • Mother Misery - Megalodon

    Released: 22 Dec 17

  • Three Seasons - Things Change

    Released: 1st Dec 17

  • Eero Koivistoinen With Philip Catherine

    Jazz Liisa 13 and 14 - Released: 1st Dec

  • Jess And The Ancient Ones - The Horse

    And Other Weird Tales -Released: 1st Dec

  • Salem's Pot - Live At Roadburn

    Released: 1st Dec

  • Subrosa - Subdued: Live At Roadburn

    Released: 1st Dec 17

  • Prurient - Rainbow Mirror

    Released: 1st December

  • Refused - This Just Might Be The Truth

    (VINYL ONLY) - Released: 10 Nov

  • Refused - Songs To Fan The Flames Of

    Discontent (VINYL ONLY) - Rel: 10 Nov

  • Sex Gang Children - Electric Jezebel

    the singles 82-83 - Released: 24 Nov

  • Chomper - Iron Pier (Vinyl only)

    Released: 10 Nov

  • Mordecai Smyth - The Major Of Toytown

    Is Dead - Released: 10 Nov

  • Various - Twelve String High Vol.2

    Released: 3 Nov

  • Opium Warlords - Droner

    Released: 3 Nov

  • Cobra Family Picnic - Magnetic Anomaly

    Released: 3 nov

  • Sospetto - Il Sonno Eterno

    Released: 3 Nov

  • Dead Neanderthals - Womb Of God

    (Vinyl) - Released: 24 Nov

  • Godflesh - Streetcleaner: Live At

    Roadburn 2011 - Released: 24 Nov

  • Jaya The Cat - A Good Day For The

    Damned - Released: 17th Nov

  • Eero Koivistoinen Quartet - Illusion

    Released: 3 Nov

  • Hard Girls - Floating Now

    Released: 6 Oct

  • The Palace Of Light - Beginning Here and

    Travelling Outward - Released: 6 Oct

  • Luther Russell - Selective Memories:

    An Anthology - Released: 6 Oct

  • Erik Voeks - So The Wind Wont Blow

    It All Away - Released: 6 Oct

  • Band Of Outsiders - Sound Beach Time

    Released: 6 Oct

  • Ronnie D Addario - Best Of 1986-2017

    Released: 6 Oct

  • Shindig! 71

  • Toby Twirl - Toby Twirl

    Released: 20 Oct

  • Brain Damage Meets Harrison Stafford

    Liberation Time - Released: 20th Oct

  • Lewis & The Strange Magics

    Evade Your Soul - Released: 20 Oct

  • Zone Six - Zone Six

    Released: 6 Oct

  • Strobe - Bunker Sessions

    Released: 6 Oct

  • Hallatar - No Stars Upon The Bridge

    Released: 20 Oct

  • Verneri Pohjola & The UMO Jazz Orchestra

    Agatha (Vinyl only) - Released: 27 Oct

  • Drunk In Hell - S/ t (VINYL ONLY)

    Released: 13 Oct

  • Slomatics - Futurians Live At Roadburn

    (VINYL ONLY) - Released: 6 Oct

  • Bell Witch - Mirror Reaper

    Released: 20 Oct

  • Mystery - Second Home

    Released: 15th Nov

  • Tony Mills - Streets Of Chance

    Released: 1st Sept

  • Neonsol - Another Day

    Released: 1 Sept

  • Room 1985 - Room1985

    Released: 1st Sept

  • Jesus And His Judgemental Father

    It Might Get Better - Released: 1st Sept

  • Gentle Brent - Just Dandy (vinyl)

    Released: 15th September

  • Daniel Wylies Cosmic Rough Trade

    Scenery For Dreamers (Vinyl) - 22 Sept

  • Monarch - Never Forever (on vinyl)

    Released: 22 Sept

  • Vacivus - Temple Of The Abyss

    (also on Vinyl) - Released: Sept 22

  • Necro Deathmort - Overlord

    (also on vinyl) - Released: 6 Oct

  • Mars Red Sky - Myramyd (Ltd Vinyl)

    Released: 4 August

  • Rockpile - Live At The Palladium

    Released: 11 August

  • Sannhet - So Numb (also on vinyl)

    Released: 25 August

  • Kimi Karki - Eye For An Eye ( also on

    Vinyl) - Released: 18 August

  • Oiling Boiling - Two Faces (also on

    Vinyl) - Released: 25th August

  • Hangmans Chair/ Green Machine

    Split (Vinyl) - Released 3 August

  • Hangmans Chair - Hope///Dope///Rope

    Released: 4 August

  • Fresh - Fresh (also on Vinyl)

    Released 18 August

  • Chuck Norris Experiment - Chuck Me

    Released: 4 August

  • Demon Eye - Prophecies And Lies

    (also Ltd Ed Vinyl) - Released: 11 Aug

  • Eamonn McCormack - Like Theres No

    Tomorrow - Released: August 4th

  • Sir Bald Diddley amd His Rip Curls

    Flip Your Wig - Released: 4 August

  • Colin Stetson - New History Warfare

    Vol. 1 - (also on Vinyl) - Rel: 4 August

  • Jacobites - Old Scarlett (Ltd Vinyl)

    Released: 4th August

  • Alison O Donnell - Climb Sheer The

    Fields Of Peace (CD VERSION) Rel: 11 Aug

  • biG Grunt - In Session (Ltd ed Yellow

    Vinyl) - Released: 15th September

  • Tir na nOg - The Dark Dance

    (Limited Vinyl) - Released: 11 August

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Meltdown Records

Meltdown Records is an independent metal label, started off as a hobby for two long time serving true blood metal fans. The label was originally going to be entitled Positive Outlook records, with a launch penned in for August/Sept 1994.The first release being a TORN/ONEFOLD (Now SCALPLOCK) SPLIT 7". The label didn't kick off due to lack of funds all round. Myself - Chris Hatton , played a part in a one time vibrant Birmingham punk and hardcore scene, putting on shows, zines, tape trading and all that malarkey and also playing in TORN,SHINEBOX, INTENTION. What better way to pay a tribute to that era/bands/scene, than to kick off the new label, with the TORN 4 track 7" we were never able to put to vinyl when we were together. Meltdown started off in the summer of 2003 with that TORN 4 track 7" - Intel (Melt 001). GODSIZE had the awesome limited edition (of 500) Rock And Roll Machine - brown vinyl 7" (Melt002) released Jan 2005. The next release should have been the Total F**king Meltdown CD (Melt 003) but due to a few problems, it's running a little late, but will see the light of day over the next month or so. Compilation releases will become common place for label. The next release then on, was the mighty OUT FOR BLOOD/ORGAN (U.S.) split CD (Melt 004).Released May 2005,to coincide with the hugely successful 'Hate Fuelled Abuse' tour 2005 - featuring the said bands plus the mighty GODSIZE. Following the split,Meltdown Records released in the U.K. the second full length CD by Atlanta heavy weights ORGAN with VOLUME OF HATE (Melt 005) – of which distribution has now been set up for. Meltdown Records will exist to put out material from excellent metal grind/thrash and hardcore bands - that we think are cool. Meltdown will remain an independent label. Meltdown will always wink an eye to the D.I.Y. scene. That's where we come from, that's where it all started. Future releases will are the debut CD from GODSIZE due June 2007,and also BLOOD OF THE ENEMY debut Sept 2007. The possibility to work with UK hardcore bruiser ASSERT,and also U.S. thrash legends HIRAX is imminent. Meltdown is also responsible for the annual Birmingham metal and hardcore festival ‘MELTDOWN’.

Product Image Item Name- Price
Godsize- Hymns To The Fallen (digi pak)

Godsize- Hymns To The Fallen (digi pak)



Organ- Volume Of Hate (cd)

Organ- Volume Of Hate (cd)



Slab- Betray The Past..Infect The Future

Slab- Betray The Past..Infect The Future