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  • Yuri Gagarin - Yuri Gagarin

    Released: 1st December

  • Sheavy - Best Of Sheavy

    A Misleadsing Collection - Rel: 1st Dec

  • Avenger - The Slaughter Never Stops

    Released: 1st December

  • Caves - Leaving

    Released: 1st Dec

  • Kool Keith - Teddy Bass Presents

    El Dorado Driven - Rel: 24th November

  • Rich Robinson - Woodstock Sessions Vol 3

    Released: 1st Dec

  • Conan Slomatics - Conan Vs Slomatics

    (Limited Vinyl) - Released: 1st December

  • Bog Oak - A Treatise On Resurrection

    And The Afterlife - Rel: 1st December

  • Sony Simmons and Moksha Samnyasin

    Nomadic (also on vinyl) - Rel: 1st Dec

  • Lotus - Rervm

    Released: 1st Dec

  • White Willow - Storm Season

    (Expanded Edition) - Rel: 8 December

  • Agalloch - The Serpent and The Sphere

    (deluxe double vinyl) - Rel:1st December

  • Old Man Gloom - The Ape Of God I and II

    Released: Nov 17th

  • Low Roar - Low Roar

    Released: 3rd Nov

  • The Dualers - Back To Paradise

    Released: 24 Nov

  • Kadavar - KADAVAR-Remastered

    Released: 3rd Nov

  • The House Of Capricorn - Morning Star

    Rise - Released: 10 nov

  • Sleep Of Monsters - Produces Reason

    Released: 10 nov

  • Jess and The Ancient Ones - Castaneda

    - black vinyl - Released: 17 Nov

  • Wicked Snakes - Sleep Dance

    Released: 24 Nov

  • Jason Feathers (Justin Vernon and

    Astronautalis) - De Oro - Rel: 3rd Nov

  • Zoltan - Sixty Minute Zoom

    Released: 24th Nov

  • Larry Miller - Soldier Of The Line

    Released: 24 Nov

  • Full Of Hell - Full Of Hell & Merzbow

    Released: Nov 24th

  • Menace Ruine - Venus Armata

    Released 20th OCT

  • Dawnbringer - Night Of The Hammer

    Released: 27 Oct

  • L'ira Del Baccano - Terra42

    Released: 6 oct

  • Acid Mothers Temple - Live in Tolosa

    Released: 13 Oct

  • Sky Picnic - Her Dawn Wardrobe

    Released: 13 oct

  • keys - Ring In The Changes

    Released 6 oct

  • The Youth - I'll call Your Bluff

    Released: 27 Oct

  • The Jigsaw Seen - Old Man Reverb

    Released: 13 Oct

  • Arms and Sleepers - Swim Team

    Released: 27 Oct

  • Hypnos - Hypos

    Released: 6 Oct

  • Kayo Dot - Coffins On Io

    Released: 13 OCT

  • Holy Holy - We Are King / Holy Holy

    - limited 7 vinyl - Released: 15th sept

  • Mystery - Tales From The Netherlands

    Released: 13 Oct

  • Witch Mountain - Mobile Of Angels

    Released: 6 Oct

  • Krist Mort ( Feat. Lamia Vox) - Inlumaeh

    (Deluxe Book Edition) - Released: 1 Sept

  • Vampillia - Alchemic Heart (lp)

    Released: 29 Sept

  • Wolf Blood - Wolf Blood (LP with bonus

    cd) - Released: 29th Sept

  • My Brother The Wind - Live At Roadburn

    13 (2lp set Plus Cd) - Released: 1 Sept

  • The Skints - Out My Mind (12")

    Released: 1st Sept

  • Truckfighters vs Witchrider - The Return

    Of The Fuzzsplit Volume one - 1st Sept

  • Luigi Porto - Scimmie - LP and Cd set

    Released: 8 Sept

  • Three Winters - Chroma

    Released: Sept 15th

  • White Willow - Sacrament

    (Expanded Edition) - Released: 15th Sept

  • White Willow - Ex Tenebris

    (Expanded Edition) - Released: 15th Sept

  • Heat - Labyrinth (also on vinyl)

    Released: 25th August

  • Jerry Rogers - Point of Contact

    Released: 4 August

  • Botanist - VI: Flora

    Released: August 11

  • New Town Kings - Pull Up and

    Rewind (Vinyl only) - Released:14th Jul

  • Autumns Dawn - Gone (also on LP)

    Released: 29th August

  • Omar and The Howlers - Blues Bag

    Released: 24 Aug

  • Ommadon - V (vinyl)

    Released: 4 August

  • Pallbearer - Foundations Of Burden

    Released: 25 AUGUST

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Gods Child Music

Gods Child Music was form in the summer of 1999, starting as Hong Kong's only independent record distribution store that catered to the needs of the Hong Kong's Indie Rock / Hardcore / Metal enthusiasts alike.

Gods Child has brought down several international bands such as 100 demons, FC Five, etc., giving them the chance to showcase their talent to Hong Kong's local scene. Armed with the desire to further help the scene that we love, we have decided to turn the record store to a record label. With our mission of releasing materials from bands that we believe need to be heard by our community regardless of what their race is or where they come from, we have so far worked with bands such as Arkangel (Belgium), L' Esprit Du Clan (Belgium), Deadsoil (Germany), FC Five (Japan) among others and will work in the future with the likes of Asunto (Chile), Through The Discipline (USA), Cassandra (Malaysia). We doesn't limit our dedication on releasing music we also try our best to have our bands tour in countries that might not be appealing to bigger name bands. One can rest assure that we will not stop searching for bands from all the sides of the world to give you inspiring, genre bending, sincere music. Hardcore/Metal is what fuels us so we will do our best to spread it.

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