Code 7 Digital


  • Arthur Lee And Love - Coming Through To

    You (4 cd box set) - Released: 4th Dec

  • Final Step - Three Sails

    Released: 4th December

  • Spectral Lore - Gnosis

    Released: 4th December

  • Night Viper - Night Viper

    Released: 4th Dec

  • Jess And The Ancient Ones - Second

    Psychedelic Coming - Released: 4th Dec

  • Extreme Noise Terror - Extreme Noise

    Terror - Released: 4th December

  • Thelema - Beyond The Truth

    Network Tribute - Released: 18th Dec

  • Videogram - Camp Blood

    Released: 18th Dec

  • Videogram - Pre-Cert

    Released: 4th Dec

  • Zoltan - Pantasm/Tanz der Vampire

    Released: 18th December

  • Napalm Death - Time Waits For No Slave

    (Red vinyl) - Released: 6th Nov

  • Napalm Death - Smear Campaign

    (Ltd Red Vinyl) - Released: 6th Nov

  • Malady - Malady

    Released: 13 nov

  • Janek Schaefer - World News

    Released: 6th Nov

  • Horrendous - Anareta

    released: 6th Nov

  • Lost Breed - World Of Power - - The Lost

    1989 Album - Released: 6 Nov

  • Sunder - Sunder

    Released: 6th Nov

  • Smokey Bastard - Back To The Drawing

    Room - Released: 13th Nov

  • Paul Roland - Bitter and Twisted

    Released: 6 Nov

  • Us and Them - Summer Green and

    Autumn Brown - Released: 6 Nov

  • Various - The Super Rare Doo Wop Box

    5CD SET - Released: 6 Nov

  • 3 ( Emerson, Palmer , Berry)

    Live In Boston '88 - Released: 6 nov

  • Death Hawks - Sun Future Moon

    Released: 13th Nov

  • Lisa Ronson - Emperors Of Medieval Japan

    Released: 6 Nov

  • Gorgoroth - Quantos Possunt ad

    Satanitatem Trahunt - Rel: 6th Nov

  • Mystery - Delusion Rain

    Released: 13 Nov

  • Bauda - Sporelights

    Released: 23rd Oct

  • Nadja and Vampillia - Imperfection

    Released: 9th Oct

  • Pigs - Wronger

    Released: oct 2nd

  • The Chords UK - The Chords UK EP

    Released: 23 Oct

  • Sam Russo - Greyhound Dreams

    (Vinyl) - Released: 9th Oct

  • Bob Malone - Mojo Deluxe

    Released: oct 2nd

  • Brain Damage - Walk the Walk

    Released: Oct 16th

  • Brinsley Schwarz - Live Favourites

    (vinyl only) - Released: Oct 16th

  • Filiamotsa - Like It Is

    Released: Oct 9th

  • Zulus - II

    Released: Oct 9th

  • Alucarda - Raw Howls

    Released: 9th Oct

  • Seamount - Nito Jesus

    Released: 9th Oct

  • The Offenders - X

    Released: 16th Oct

  • Giobia - Magnifier

    Released: 2nd Oct

  • Baron - Torpor

    Released: 23 Oct

  • Vhol - Deeper Than The Sky

    Released: Oct 23

  • Original Soundtrack - The Legend of The

    7 Golden Vampires - release Oct 30

  • Mighty Baby - Slipstreams - (Deluxe

    Vinyl package) - Released. In stock

  • Freedom - Freedom At Last (Vinyl)

    Released: 11 Sept

  • The Standells - Bump

    Released: 4 Sept

  • Lewis & The Strange Magics

    Velvet Skin - Released: 11 Sept

  • Travelin Jack - New World

    Released: 11 Sept

  • Krautzone - The Complete Works

    Released: 11th September

  • Beatify Junkyards - The Beast Should

    Love - Released: 18th September

  • The Skints - Part & Parcel (Limited Viny

    Released: 4 Sept

  • Shabda - Pharmakon/ Pharmakos

    Released: Sept 25th

  • Shindig! #49 - Not Now!

    Released: Sept

  • Skepticism - Ordeal

    Released: 18th Sept

  • Speedtrap - Straight Shooter

    Release: 11 September

  • Sabbath Assembly - Sabbath Assembly

    Released: 11 September

  • Majeure - Termination Shock

    Release: 11 sept

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Stage Fright Records

Stagefright Records was founded as a subsidiary of Born A Nonentity Records in September 2004. The label’s remit is to scour the world looking for any bands that are willing and able to push boundaries in any genre of music, bands that constantly strive to stay one step ahead of the herd, or bands so rich in quality that it’s impossible to pass them by. We work with only a small number of artists at a time, as we believe that this way we can give as much concentration, love and passion to each and every artist signed to us. We try to build a very personal relationship with our artists on the basis of trust, in the hope that when our artists are gradually known, they do not disappear at the first sign of vast money waved at them by larger labels. Whether its Death Metal or Folk, Pop or Trance music, we will give it our all if you give us the mutual respect and dedication we will give to you. It may or may not work because that's life, but we like to think that our way of working with you and our artists is something that many other labels are not offering these days and is a definite advantage to not only succeed, but to carve in a name that people will remember in years to come.